Ellefson Returns to Megadeth

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ellefson Returns to Megadeth

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  1. James Elenrich says:

    The MULLET IS BACK! J/kidding..

    I think this a work-for-hire type of arrangement that Mustaine setup that might be temporary. Sort of like when Izzy Stradlin returned to Guns N Roses to make guest appearances on their 2006 tour. Axl controls all things GNR is the same way that Megadeth works now through Mustaine.

    Anyway, Megadeth these past few months has been *really* interesting. Mustaine isn’t having a great time with his label, Roadrunner right now and is blaming them left and right for the low sales of Endgame when it dropped off the chart without a second thought.
    The RIP tour is nothing more than a pure cash grab after 2 Slayer tours that were advertising the “big 2? blew up in Mega Dave’s face. And next fall it could all blow up yet again if Araya still isn’t heathy. You got all this working against Megadeth PLUS the fact that he’s near retirement and he’s had a bad back. The band could fold tomorrow like it did in 2002 with his fake arm injury. But in this case, his medical ailment is apparently very real.

    Since Musterd was just bad mouthing him in the press as recently as a few weeks ago. They say time heals wounds and its been almost 8 years, but is Junior really waiting to come back so quickly? And all that even after a lawsuit that blew up in his face?

    Something else is at work here that they’re not telling us. There’s too much bad karma on both sides and I think Junior came back, money that Mustaine put forth did more than a little of the talking than just a recommendation from his current work-for-hire drummer.

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