At long last we close the book on the year that Sting was in the WWE. How will he go out? With a bang or a whimper? Also, as a bonus I booked the “Tribute to the Troops” show.

Give thanks and Support Our Troops especially during the Holiday season by visiting the USO’s website.

RAW 12/20/10 Fan Script

1: Recap of “Endgame” with Cena making Sting submit and the two embracing in respect.

2: The Miz’s music hits and he comes out with Alex Riley.

  • The Miz tells his “fans” that his jaw is fine and it doesn’t matter that he didn’t regain the US title from Daniel Bryan. He’s above it.
  • The Miz tells the crowd that after his match he was visited by three ghosts; One told him about his past as the biggest star to come out of the “The Real World”, the second told him about his present as the “Greatest US Champion of all time”, finally the third told him about his future winning the “Royal Rumble”, headlining “Wrestlemania,” ending the Undertaker’s streak, and becoming the Unified Heavyweight Champion because he is the Miz and he’s “awesome!”
  • Randy Orton interrupts and a match is made for later.

3: Backstage: The Bella Twins are waiting for US Champion Daniel Bryan to give him his Christmas presents. He gives each of them a present and they accompany him as they leave for the ring.

Cut to commercial.

4: US Champion Daniel Bryan w/ the Bella Twins over William Regal via Submission.

  • Afterword, Bryan gets a kiss from both of the Bellas and faints via “Nature Boy” face drop.

Cut to commercial.

5: Backstage: Tamina is dancing on Santino’s back singing “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’” and inadvertently hurts Santino’s back before their match with Ted DiBiase and Maryse.

6: Santino Marella and Tamina over Ted DiBiase and Maryse

  • Santino sells a back injury though out the match.

7: Backstage: Maryse chastises DiBiase for losing tonight to Santino and for his loss last night to a guy who thinks he’s a cartoon character (“He-Man” Chris Masters)

8:Backstage: “He-Man” Chris Masters calls Eve, Teela and gives a Christmas present. It is a Teela action figure.

  • Chris tells Eve that he never celebrated Christmas on Eternia until two children came through a wormhole.
  • Eve gently tries telling Chris that he’s taking the He-Man gimmick a little too far.
  • Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu tell Chris he needs to warm up for their match later.
  • Chris leaves and Eve asks Henry and Tatsu to talk to him about the “He-Man” thing.

9: Sting comes out in the street clothes.

  • Sting says that last night he realized the strength of the WWE and apologizes for throwing in with Nexus.
  • Sting thanks the WWE Universe for their support over the past year and that he was happy to finally give wrestling fans the dream matches they deserved.
  • Wade Barrett and the Nexus interrupt.
  • Barrett says that since Sting lost the Unified Championship and lost to Cena, he is a disgrace who has forgotten that “you’re either Nexus or against us!”
  • Sting tells Wade that he has his wrestling gear in the back and would be more than happy to give “the student a shot at the teacher.”
  • Wade Barrett accepts.

Cut to commercial.

10: Beth Phoenix and “Queen of the Ring” Natalya over LayCool.

11: John Cena comes out, gives Sting props, and talks about how great it is that Nexus is falling apart. He is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. After making fat jokes with the King about Vickie, Dolph challenges him to a match.

12: Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero over John Cena.

  • Cena makes Ziggler tap out while the referee is distracted by Vickie.
  • Ziggler hits the Zig Zag pinning Cena.
  • Afterword while Cena is talking to the referee CM Punk hits Cena with a chair.

Cut to commercial.

13: Backstage: Josh Matthews interviews Cena about what happened. Cena says Teddy Long granted him a rematch for SMACKDOWN.

14: Backstage: “King of the Ring” Ezekiel Jackson bumps into John Morrison and tells him he’s headed for SMACKDOWN. Morrison thanks Jackson for teaching Sheamus a lesson.

15: “He-Man” Chris Masters, Mark Henry, and Yoshi Tatsu over the Uso Brothers and Zack Ryder.

16: Randy Orton over the Miz w/ Alex Riley via DQ- Riley interferes.

Cut to commercial.

18: John Morrison over Heath Slater.

  • After the match, Morrison is attacked by Sheamus.

Cut to commercial.

19: Sting over Wade Barrett via Submission with the Scorpion Deathlock.

  • Nexus surrounds the ring for the duration of the match, attacking Sting when he’s thrown outside as punishment.
  • John Cena leads the RAW locker room to counter Nexus.
  • After the match the entire RAW roster hoists up and says “Thank you Sting”

Tribute to the Troops

1: Taylor Swift sings the National Anthem.

  • After the anthem, she thanks the troops for their service and wants to dedicate a song to them but is interrupted ala Kanye West by the Miz.
  • John Cena and Rey Mysterio defend her honor but are attacked by Alberto Del Rio, Miz, and Wade Barrett.
  • Cena says he and Mysterio will see them in a match later that evening and they have a mystery partner.

2: Big Show comes to the ring with “Dirty Diddy Money” and the Divas. They distribute presents to the soldiers and wish them a Merry Christmas.

3: “He-Man” Chris Masters wins a Battle Royal and calls the soldiers the true “Masters of the Universe”

4: President Bush thanks the troops for their service.

5: Miss USA Rima Fakih comes to the ring to announce the next match.

6: The Hart Dynasty over Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver to regain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

7: Cedric the Entertainer does a stand up bit.

8: IC Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels over US Champion Daniel Bryan and Kaval.

  • All three men do and kick out of each others finishers
  • Daniels catches Kaval in a small package.

9: Team LayCool and Divas Champion Awesome Kong over Natalya, Beth Phoenix, and Melina.

  • After the match LayCool makes a comment about Kong’s weight, resulting in choke slams for Michelle and Layla.

10: Unified Champion the Undertaker over Jack Swagger.

11: The Miz, Wade Barrett, and Pound for Pound Champion Alberto Del Rio make their entrances followed by John Cena and Rey Mysterio with Taylor Swift.

  • Taylor announces their mystery partner, Sting.

12: John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Sting over The Miz, Wade Barrett, and Pound for Pound Champion Alberto Del Rio.

  • Barrett submits to Sting’s Scorpion Deathlock.
  • After the match Shawn Michaels and Triple H join Sting, Cena, and Mysterio and thanks the troops for their bravery and service.


So ends the fanfic of Sting’s tenure in WWE. As for the future, I don’t have that planned out yet but here’s a rough sketch of what would happen in 2011 if I were still booking in this universe.

-Cena will get revenge on Ziggler before embarking on feud with CM Punk.

-John Cena will win the Unified Championship at “Wrestlemania,” most likely beating Sheamus.

-Nexus will split, most likely a feud between Otunga and Barrett.

-Ezekiel Jackson will have a “Bill Goldberg” style winning streak on SMACKDOWN, eventually winning the IC title from Daniels in a “Battle of the Undefeated Superstars” at “Wrestlemania.”

-CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kaval, Daniels, and when he debuts Tyler Black (or Seth Rollins) will form a stable.

-The Miz will, after becoming a “Royal Rumble” Finalist, win “Money in the Bank,” pin Cena in a tag match, and challenge him at “Summer Slam” for the Unified Championship.

–       Cena and Miz will have a competitive back and forth match

–       Cena will win and show good sportsmanship by offering the Miz his hand.

–       Miz will accept and appear to turn face before clobbering Cena with the “Money in the Bank” briefcase.

–       Miz will hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena on top of the briefcase then announce he’s cashing in “Money in the Bank.”

–       After a second Skull Crushing Finale, Miz will win the title and claim he beat Cena in record time for a long reign.


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