This is late but it’s been a busy week. The Slammy’s Re-booked as “Endgame” approaches…

RAW is the Slammys

1: David Arquette presents the “Shocker of the Year” Award to Wade Barrett and the Nexus for “The Nexus’ First Strike.”

  • Wade Barrett (with the WWE and World title belts) and the Nexus accept the award.  Barrett announces that he still has the belts and soon he and the Nexus will officially bury the career of the Undertaker.
  • David Otunga takes the microphone and cuts a promo on Randy Orton and how on Sunday he’s going to give everyone a shocker by ending Randy Orton’s career
  • Randy Orton comes out and says on Sunday, Otunga will be the one riding the stretcher.
  • The light’s go on. And the Undertaker appears on the Titan Tron.
  • The Undertaker gives Barrett the ultimatum once again. Return his property or suffer the consequences.

Cut to commercial.

2: “Despicable Me Award” goes to Sting for joining the Nexus. The award is presented by US Champion Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins. Sting accepts it and tells Bryan he’ll see him later tonight in the ring. Bryan smiles.

3: Backstage: Tag Team Champions Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver are warming up when the power is cut. When the lights are on they are knocked out and a pair of boots stands over them. The camera pans up and the mysterious assailant is carrying a branding iron with the Undertaker’s symbol.

4: Ted DiBiase w/Maryse over Kofi Kingston

5: Backstage: Michael McGillicutty finds Sheffield and Tarver branded with the Undertaker’s symbol. The light’s go out and McGillicutty screams.

Cut to commercial.

6: R-Truth w/Eve over Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guererro

7: Santino wins Best Musical Performance of the Year for performing “I Gave My Love A Chicken” to Tamina. When the Usos come out, Santino gives her the Slammy as a Christmas gift.

8: Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu over the Usos w/Tamina

Cut to commercial.

9: Dusty Rhodes comes to the ring and calls out Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Goldust brings Aksana.


My boys. This feud has gone on for too long. And while I know the two of you will settle your differences at “Endgame,” but I submitted a request to the General Manager and have been given permission to try to put an end to this.


Dad, no offense but shut up, I’ve got a lot I have to get off my chest. First of all, Aksana you have no idea about the man you married. You have no idea what his sick, twisted, antics have done to his family. Did you see what this disgrace used to do on national television? Do you know how he made our mother cry? Do you how he made our father hang his head in shame? What about Terri, Dustin? Dakota? I remember her calling our house in tears when you were acting like the gimp. And there was me. Do you know how many fights I got in at school to defend my family’s honor because of this clown? Aksana, he’s a disgrace, but don’t worry you don’t have to tie yourself to the black sheep anymore…

Goldust wallops Cody. Officials break it up and Dusty announces he’ll be the referee of their match on Sunday.

Cut to commercial.

10: Chris Jericho comes out and cuts a promo on John Morrison. He says if he loses to Morrison he’ll leave the WWE. Morrison comes out and promises to make him tap to his own finisher.

11: John Cena wins “Quote of the Year” for calling Sheamus, “Paddy Tanninger, the Caddy Manager.” Cena accepts the award when Sheamus appears on the Titan Tron


Hey Paddy, nice to see ya!


Funny Cena. Betcha think yeh’re real clever. It’s too bad I’m not dere tonight fella. ‘Cause I’d make yeh ‘xperience déjà vu by puttin’ yeh through a table again like I did last year, only this time…


Yeah, I know it rhymes big woop, wanna fight about it? And yes Sheamus anytime you want to go I’m willing, but tonight’s not good for me. I got to deal with the Crow on Sunday, but I have a friend who wants to talk to you, don’t you Ezekiel?

The Titan Tron splits in half and Ezekiel Jackson shows up on the other half.


Hey Sheamus. I guess the GM felt after last week that having the both of us in the same building would be disaster. Maybe for you, not me because this Sunday I’m going to smack that beard right off your pasty face! See you then.

Cena makes a comment about the exchange before he is blindsided by Sting.

Cut to commercial.

12: The Miz and Alex Riley call out the Bella Twins and ask them what they see in Daniel Bryan.

  • The Bellas tell Miz they like Bryan because his nice, well spoken, and respects them, unlike the Miz who is a blowhard and Riley who’s a tool.
  • Miz and Riley get a little aggressive with the Bellas, telling them that Bryan is a dog-faced dweeb who’s going to the doghouse at ”Endgame.” The Bellas respond that dogs are cute unlike Miz.
  • Miz and Riley get angry until US Champion Daniel Bryan comes out.
  • Bryan calls Riley a tool and tells Miz he’ll be in the doghouse on Sunday in their “Dog Collar Match.”
  • Bryan tells Miz and Riley he’d love to beat them up tonight but he has to make Sting tap out later, but he does know two people who could do the job for him.
  • Bryan introduces Intercontinental Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Pound For Pound Champion Kaval.

13: The Miz and Alex Riley over IC Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Pound For Pound Champion Kaval.

14: Backstage: John Cena is being iced down by medics, says he will compete tonight.

15: “Queen of the Ring” Semifinal: Natalya over Layla.

Cut to commercial.

16: Backstage: Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Husky Harris find their fallen Nexus comrades branded with the Undertaker’s symbol. Harris and Slater show their scars from last weeks branding. Barrett is not intimidated.

17: John Cena over Jack Swagger via Submission with the Scorpion Deathlock.

  • Sting watches from the rafters.

18: “Queen of the Ring” Semifinal: Michelle McCool over Gail Kim.

  • They announce that Michelle McCool won Diva of the Year.

Cut to commercial.

19: Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker win “Match of the Year.”

20: Eve wins the Diva Battle Royal.

  • The Divas target and eliminate Divas Champion Awesome Kong together.

21: David Otunga w/ David Arquette over “He-Man” Chris Masters via DQ when Randy Orton attacks Otunga. Orton and Otunga brawl out of the arena.

Cut to commercial.

22: Stan Lee wins “Guest Host of the Year” while The RAW Production Staff Walking off the show wins “Oh My” Moment of the year, and LayCool win “Knucklehead Moment of the Year.”

23: Wade Barrett and the Nexus (except Otunga) come to the ring.

  • Barrett calls the Undertaker a coward and says he should come and take the belts away from him like a man.
  • The Undertaker comes on the Titan Tron screen and offers Barrett one last chance to return his property. Barrett refuses. Undertaker tells him to “Rest in Peace.”
  • The phrase is a subliminal trigger for the branded Nexus members who attack Barrett.

Cut to commercial.

24: Backstage: The Nexus is back to normal and wondering why they attacked Barrett.

25: Sting over US Champion Daniel Bryan w/ the Bella Twins via Submission with the “Scorpion Death Lock” in a non-title match.

  • Sting attacks Bryan with the bat as the Bellas look on in horror.
  • Cena makes the save

Cut to commercial.

26: John Cena wins “Superstar of the Year.”

  • Cena takes his award and calls Sting to the ring.
  • They brawl as the show ends.

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