RAW 12/6/2010 Fan Script

1: SMACKDOWN Recap: Wade Barrett and Nexus attack the Undertaker and steal the World and WWE Championship belts.

2: The Nexus comes to the ring.

  • Wade Barrett proudly displays the World and WWE Championships as trophies won from the Undertaker.
  • On the Titan Tron, Undertaker warns Barrett to return his property or else.

3: Tag Team Champions Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver over Chris Jericho and John Morrison.

  • Afterword, Jericho brutally attacks Morrison blaming him for the loss.

Cut to commercial.

4: Backstage: US Champion Daniel Bryan is teaching the Bella Twins to make a Vegan meal. Alex Riley enters and throws dog food in his face.

5: Darren Young and Justin Gabriel over the Usos- Gabriel pins Jey with the 450 Splash.

  • During the match, Santino comes out and holds a boombox playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” over his head to woo Tamina ala. “Say Anything.”
  • Gabriel catches Jey with a kick, setting him up for the 450 Splash.

6: Backstage: Nexus’ locker room. The lights go out when they come on Husky Harris is missing. Wade Barrett orders the Nexus members to search the building for him.

7: “Queen of the Ring” Quarter Finals: Natalya over Alicia Fox via Submission with the Sharpshooter.

Cut to commercial.

8:”Queen of the Ring” Quarterfinals: Layla over Kelly Kelly.

9: US Champion Daniel Bryan over Alex Riley via DQ

  • The Miz does commentary with Michael Cole and they crack jokes about Bryan’s dogface.
  • Miz throws dog grooming powder in Bryan’s face forcing a DQ.

10: Sheamus comes to the ring.


Hail to the High King! Last week, some fella named Ezekiel Jackson claimed the throne of “King of the Ring” after sneakin’ by me wit’ a technicality. Problem is a true King, a Warrior King is a conqueror. A man whose prepared to defend his crown anytime, anywhere, ‘gainst any man. Ezekiel Jackson was not ready to defend his crown and turned his back. A true King is ready to defend his throne or he falls. And you fell, fella. A true King inspires fear. A true King rules by fear! I rule by fear! I retired Triple H, the so called “King of Kings.” I slain the animal Batista. I was WWE Champion. I inspire fear in everyone in that locker room. I am the High King of the WWE. So, Ezekiel Jackson, get out here and kneel to your conqueror!

Ezekiel Jackson comes out and confronts Sheamus.


Sheamus, I will never kneel to you, so you can forget about that. What I am going to do is tell you a story. I went to school with a kid like you. Big kid, vicious kid, ill-tempered, feared by everybody. He loved beating on people. Wedgies, dunking heads in toilets, stealing lunch money, giving guys black eyes, slamming heads into lockers he did it all. He would just look at people and they would tremble. Guys avoided making eye contact with him, for fear of the consequences. Like you, Sheamus, he was a bully. A bully who thought just because he was bigger then everyone that they should fear him. Want to know what happened to him, Sheamus? Someone new moved into town. Someone bigger, stronger, faster, meaner! And you know what this new kid did to the bully? He beat him so hard, so viciously, that the bully went home crying to his mommy. You want to know who that new kid was Sheamus? That kid was me! And you what I see in front of me? A bully that’s met his match!

Jackson slaps Sheamus in the face.

An enormous brawl ensues between the two. Officials and security guards are getting knocked out, it’s bedlam.

Cut to commercial.

11: Backstage: The Police arrive and are led to the ring area by WWE Officials. The Police taze Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson and separate them.

12: “Queen of the Ring” Quarterfinals: Gail Kim over Rosa Mendes.

13:Backstage: David Otunga and Heath Slater are searching for Husky Harris when suddenly Randy Orton appears and drives a stretcher into Otunga.

  • Slater tries to pull him off but is RKO’d onto the concrete.  
  • Orton presses the stretcher into Otunga’s abdomen.
  • Orton exits and a pair of dark boots stand over Otunga and the fallen Slater. Otunga gasps in fear.

14: “Queen of the Ring” Quarterfinals: Michelle McCool over Kaitlyn.

15: R-Truth and Eve come to the ring and says Ted DiBiase cannot beat him without Maryse. He challenges DiBiase to a cage match at “Endgame” to keep the ladies from interfering. DiBiase accepts.

Cut to commercial.

16: Backstage: Wade Barrett is with the remaining members of Nexus wondering what happened Otunga, Slater, and Harris. They decide to remedy the situation themselves.

17: Santino Marella over Jey Uso w/ Tamina.

  • Santino and Tamina continue their flirtation.

Cut to commercial.

18: Wade Barrett and the remaining Nexus members come to the ring.

  • Wade orders the Undertaker to come out and explain what happened to Otunga, Slater, and Harris.
  • The lights dim and bells toll.
  • Druids wheel out three caskets and open them.
  • Inside the caskets are Otunga, Slater, and Harris each one branded with the Undertaker’s symbol.
  • The Undertaker appears on the screen and tells Wade Barrett to return the belts to SMACKDOWN or there will be more brandings including one on Barrett himself.

Cut to commercial.

19: John Cena comes to the ring and cuts a promo on Sting. Suddenly Sting appears on the Titan Tron.


Bravo, bravo John, another straight to video performance. I know John, I know you put your heart into everything and you never quit, well until “Endgame” at least, but I’m sorry to say you don’t have ‘it’! Sure, you’ve got a helluva body, you can talk a good game but in the end you’ve got nothing. You may be the face of this company but you’re not a legend, you’re not an icon. You’re a guy who came in at the right place during the right time who caught the eye of people who don’t know a wristlock from a wristwatch. And while they aren’t able to see it, those people that chant “Cena Sucks” are certainly able to see that you’ve done nothing to earn your spot. You’ve beaten no one worthy of making you a legend. Austin beat Shawn, Rock beat Hogan, Hogan beat Andre, I beat Ric Flair!  Who have you beaten John? Triple H? The boss’ son-in-law, that’s a real accomplishment a legend in his and the companies mind, not a true one. The sad thing about you John is you’re a marketing tool. Your face looks great on a lunchbox but when it’s show time John, you can’t cut the custard. And you know what happens to marketing tools that can’t cut the custard? They fade away. When the people see you’re all style and no substance John, they’ll kick you to the curb, and when they kick you to the curb so will the WWE. Me? I’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ve proven myself. I’ve beaten legends like Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, and Hulk Hogan. I have nothing to prove by beating you. I’ve done it before I’ll do it again. You John still have to prove yourself and unfortunately for you, the bark is bigger than the bite. So long John.

Suddenly, a fake Sting sneaks up behind Cena. Cena catches him and gives him the Attitude Adjustment then puts him in the STF. The fake Sting taps as the show ends.


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