It’s time for the “King of the Ring.” Who will jump to the next level?

RAW: King of the Ring Fan Script

1: Show opens: A throne and crown are on the Titan Tron stage.


Please welcome Miss USA Rima Fakih!

Rima comes out to the Titan Tron with a scroll. She unrolls it.


Hear ye, hear ye

Universe of the WWE

I, Miss USA, Rima Faikh

Proclaim tonight to be the night we see

The man who can truly be

The King of the WWE.

2: “King of the Ring” Quarterfinal: Alberto Del Rio over US Champion Daniel Bryan via Submission.

  • Bryan injures his arm on a Suicide Dive allowing Del Rio
  • Afterword, Michael Cole leaves the Broadcast Booth to taunt Bryan as he’s helped to the back by officials.

3: Backstage: Chris Jericho tells John Morrison that if he doesn’t win “King of the Ring” his singles career will be an “abysmal failure.”

4: “King of the Ring” Quarterfinal: Ezekiel Jackson over Drew McIntyre.

Cut to commercial.

5: Backstage: Daniel Bryan is nursing his shoulder when the Bella Twins come to console him.

  • The Miz enters and taunts Bryan and the Bellas.
  • Bryan gets up to defend the Bellas’ honor and Miz attacks his shoulder mercilessly.
  • Alex Riley enters, puts a dog collar on Bryan, chains him to a door, and stomps his shoulder along with Miz.
  • The Bellas throw themselves on top of Bryan so they stop.
  • R-Truth enters and clears them away with a chair.

6: “King of the Ring” Quarterfinal: John Morrison over “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

7: Wade Barrett and the Nexus come to the ring.

  • Wade cuts a promo on the Undertaker claiming he’ll be at SMACKDOWN to take what will be his.
  • Otunga cuts a promo about Orton.
  • John Cena interrupts with Darren Young and Justin Gabriel. They challenge three members of the Nexus to a match later in the evening.

Cut to commercial.

8: “King of the Ring” Quarterfinal: Sheamus over Kofi Kingston.

9: Backstage: David Otunga and Tag Team Champions Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver volunteer to face Cena.

10: The Miz comes to the ring and challenges anyone in the back to a match.  “He-Man” Chris Masters accepts.

11: The Miz over “He-Man” Chris Masters

Cut to Commercial.

12: Miss USA Rima Fakih comes to the ring and announces that starting next week the top eight Divas will be participating in a “Queen of the Ring” tournament where the winner will be crowned by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

  • The King announces his excitement.
  • Sting’s music starts playing and he comes to the ring accompanied by former “Miss California” Carrie Prejean.
  • Sting says Carrie’s a real beauty queen and that Rima should “hit the bricks.”
  • The King stands up for Rima.
  • The GM chimes in through computer and books Sting and Lawler for later.
  • Sting tells the King that he’s going demonstrate on him what he’s going to do to Cena at “Endgame.”

13: Backstage: Aksana is tending Cody Rhodes’ face.


Oh your poor face. I hope you feel better.


Thanks gorgeous.


Your family. You act inappropriately but still family.


Look we both know you don’t really love my brother. You’re only with him to keep your citizenship. C’mon we both know you want me.

Goldust enters and attacks Cody until Dusty Rhodes comes in and breaks them up.

14: “King of the Ring” Semifinals: John Morrison over Alberto Del Rio.

15: “King of the Ring” Semifinals: Ezekiel Jackson over Sheamus via count out.

16: Backstage: Natalya is feeling down. Eve enters and asks her what’s wrong. Natalya answers that she’s still upset about losing the Divas Championship. Eve tells her the cheer up because she’ll have an opportunity in the “Queen of the Ring” tournament.

  • Layla and Michelle McCool enter and say she lost because she’s Canadian and they will win “Queen of the Ring” because they’re “flawless.”

17: John Cena, Darren Young, and Justin Gabriel over David Otunga and Tag Team Champions Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver- Gabriel pins Tarver.

  • Randy Orton comes out of the crowd and attacks Otunga.

18: Melina, Gail Kim, and Natalya over Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Tamina-Melina pins Tamina.

  • After the match, Divas Champion Awesome Kong comes to the ring to attack the winners. Melina and her engage in a brawl that ends with Melina clotheslining Kong over the top rope.

19: Husky Harris over Tyson Kidd

Cut to commercial

20: Backstage: Santino sings to Tamina “I Gave My Love A Chicken.”

  • Jericho comes by and smashes his guitar.
  • Santino says he should’ve “Sang Fozzy Bear.”

21: R-Truth comes to the ring and challenges a member of Nexus. Heath Slater accepts.

22: R-Truth w/Eve over Heath Slater via DQ- Ted DiBiase attacks Truth.

23: Backstage: The King is ready for his match.

Cut to commercial.

24: Sting w/ Carrie Prejean over Jerry “The King” Lawler w/ Rima Fakih via Submission.

  • Carrie accompanies Sting. Rima accompanies King.
  • After the match Sting refuses to break the hold.
  • Carrie and Rima plead with Sting to break the hold.
  • Cena makes the save.
  • Cena celebrates with Carrie

Cut to commercial.

25: “King of the Ring” Final: Ezekiel Jackson over John Morrison.

  • Jericho comes out to the ramp and shakes his head in shame.
  • Rima crowns Jackson who is immediately attacked by Sheamus.
  • Sheamus throws him off the Titan Tron and grabs the microphone.


Word of advice fella, a warrior always beats a king!


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