Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s this week’s script…

RAW 11/23/10 Fan Script

1: Recap of “Survivor Series”. The Undertaker defeats Sting for the Unified Championship.


2: Show opens. Michael Cole is in a neck brace as a result of Daniel Bryan’s kick to the head from “Survivor Series.” They announce that tonight will feature Qualifying Matches for next week’s  “King of the Ring” tournament.


3: King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Sheamus over R-Truth w/ Eve- Sheamus hits Truth with a Brogue Kick.


Cut to commercial.


4:Backstage: Chris Jericho confronts John Morrison about participating in the “King of the Ring” tournament without his consent. Jericho believes it will jeopardize their upcoming Tag Team title shot. Morrison tells him not to worry.


5: King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Ezekiel Jackson over Alex Riley.


Cut to commercial.


6: King of the Ring Qualifying Match: John Morrison over William Regal.


7: The Nexus comes to the ring.

  • Wade Barrett announces he will challenge the Undertaker for the Unified Championship at “Endgame.”


Cut to commercial.


8: King of the Ring Qualifying Match: US Champion Daniel Bryan w/ The Bella Twins over Ted DiBiase w/Maryse.

9: Backstage: Sting, without his make up, arrives.


10: Randy Orton over Heath Slater via DQ- David Otunga attacks Orton, working over the leg Orton injured at “Summer Slam.”


11: The Miz over Goldust w/Aksana.

  • “Dashing” Cody Rhodes propositions Aksana distracting Goldust for Miz to hit the skull crushing finale.


12: Cut to commercial.


13: Backstage: Randy Orton searches for David Otunga.


14: Sting comes to the ring and takes the microphone.


One year ago, I came to the WWE with a purpose. The purpose was to prove to the WWE Universe, and myself, that I am the best man to ever step into this ring. And throughout this year I’ve done just that. In the past year I have won the Royal Rumble, headlined “Wrestlemania”, and unified the two world championships. All this while righting an injustice perpetrated on the future of this business. I took a group of “sports-entertainers” in the Nexus, and molded them into wrestlers. I molded them in a formidable force that dominated this company. And it is with great pleasure that I wholehardedly endorse Wade Barrett, as the man who will take the Unified Championship away from the Undertaker. As for me, I’ve done what I’ve set out to do and there is nothing left for me here. So long WWE, it was fun…no it wasn’t.

John Cena’s music plays and he makes his entrance.



No. No Sting. You’re not getting off that easy.


Really John? This again? I’ve beaten you what? Three times already? When are you going to get it through your thick skull that you can’t beat me? That I beat you for the Unified Championship?


It’s about much more than that. I will regain the Unified Championship, I already know that, but to get another shot at you, Sting? That’s something I may never get again. You used to be a man of class Sting and I know that man of class still resides in you. So I’m appealing to you Stinger. I’m appealing in the name of all the Little Stingers, in the name of the C-Nation and the WWE Universe, give me one more match and I will prove that I can beat you.


Why should I? I’ve accomplished all I set out to accomplish. What can you offer me that I haven’t done?


Stinger, what are the words I live by? Never give up. And I have never given up or run from a challenge. How about I give you the chance to say that you’re the man who made John Cena give up. At “Endgame,” how about you and me in an “I Quit” match? If you make me quit, you will truly have accomplished all there is to accomplish in the WWE. So how about it?


Cena, at “Endgame” it’s showtime!


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