“Survivor Series” approaches and the teams are taking shape as John Cena’s troubles only get worse...

RAW 11/8/10 Fan Script

1: The Nexus is in the ring.

  • Wade Barrett says it feels good to be back in England and that tonight he’s going to make his homecoming matter by beating the son of the “British Bulldog”, David Hart Smith.
  • David Otunga calls out John Cena and challenges him to a “Lumberjack” match with his team and the Nexus surrounding the ring. Cena accepts.
  • Wade Barrett gets the microphone again and announced that there has been a change of plans for the “Survivor Series”, Cena has to find a team to face the entire Nexus, including new members Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris. Making the match seven on seven. Cena is worried.

2: John Morrison over Sheamus via DQ- Sheamus gets frustrated and attacks the referee. Morrison knocks Sheamus out of the ring to save the ref.

Cut to commercial.

3: Backstage: Ted DiBiase approaches an irate Sheamus and hands him a fistful of bills. Ted hopes Sheamus does the “right thing”.

4: Pre-tape: Unified Champion Sting live via satellite at his home. Sting is holding the WCW “European Cup”.


Hello England, I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you tonight but since the Undertaker is at home nursing those Scorpion stings, I figured I should rest up as well.  You see what I’m holding in my hands? It’s one of my most prized possessions, the WCW European Cup. I won this by defeating some of the finest wrestlers that England, Europe, and WCW had to offer. Has the Undertaker ever defeated the finest Europe has to offer? Has he ever beaten anyone outside of the WWE? No, he hasn’t. You see I don’t need cheap parlor tricks to make me feel confident, Undertaker. My trophies, my awards, are all I need to know I can beat you. Now, I have something to say to you, Undertaker, but I’m going to wait until next week, when we make it official. When we sign the contract for our Unified Championship match at “Survivor Series”.  You need to know why this match is over before it started. You need to know whom I’m fighting for and why. And next week and the entire WWE Universe will find out why your defeat will be the final nail in the WWE’s coffin.

Suddenly Sting’s wife enters. She is frantic with fright, telling Sting to go to the front yard. Sting rushes out to find the Undertaker’s symbol being burned into his lawn.

Cut to commercial.

5: Chris Jericho over Alex Riley- Riley submits to the Walls of Jericho.

6: Backstage: Edge is on the phone with someone when John Cena enters.


Edge look. I know we’ve had our differences in the past but I really need your help. I need you to join my team at “Survivor Series.” If I don’t find two more teammates my career is forfeit. You and I have had legendary matches, and I know you have your issues with Heath Slater, please, for the WWE’s sake, Edge, join me.


Let me think about this Cena. Me team up with you for the WWE’s sake? Is it for my sake or yours John? Because the way I see it, if your team loses my career in the WWE is over, whereas if I flat out refuse it’s only you who has to go. So, let me think about this. My answer is…no!

Edge leaves. Wade Barrett enters.


Tick tock, John. Tick tock.

7: Santino and Vladmir Kozlov come to the ring dressed as British noblemen for tea.

  • William Regal takes offense to this and confronts them.
  • Santino spills tea on Regal’s britches.
  • Regal attacks Santino. Koslov tries to protect him but Zach Ryder and the Usos interfere.
  • Goldust and “He-Man” Chris Masters come to the rescue.
  • Santino forms a team, the “Santourage” and challenges Regal and the others to a match at “Survivor Series”

8: R-Truth w/ Eve vs. the Miz w/ Ted DiBiase and Maryse-No contest.

  • DiBiase interferes only to be stopped by US Champion Daniel Bryan.
  • Alex Riley assists DiBiase in attacking Bryan, prompting Jericho and Morrison to appear.
  • Both teams brawl until the final member of Miz’s team reveals himself; Sheamus.

Cut to commercial.

9: Wade Barrett over David Hart Smith

10: Backstage: Cena is warming up for his match.

11: Eve and the Bella Twins over Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Tamina

Cut to commercial.

12: John Cena over David Otunga via DQ with Nexus and Cena’s team as lumberjacks.

  • Wade Barrett interferes.
  • Cena’s teammates come to his aid and a wild brawl ensues.
  • Nexus wins with the numbers and Barrett reminds Cena he needs two more teammates or he forfeits.
  1. lewis bishop says:

    i,ve been wiating for more of the scripts to come out please write back and tell me when you are doing more

    • Todd Matthy says:

      I recently completed the entire angle. You can read it under the “Sting in WWE” category.

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