The road to “Survivor Series” kicks off with a dream come true; Sting challenging the Undertaker. Will the Phenom accept? That and He-Man debuts?

RAW 10/25/10 Fan Script

1: Recap of “Bragging Rights” where Cena makes Barrett tap out in War Games, Sting beats Kane, and the Undertaker returns.

2: Show opens- The Nexus, without Unified Champion Sting, is standing in the ring.

Wade Barrett:

John Cena, you have got to be the stupidest individual to ever set foot in the WWE. You knew disobeying my direct orders would get you fired. And yet you decided to do so. Now, I know you’re back there John and I am ordering you right now to come out here and accept your punishment like a man!

Cena’s music hits and he comes to the entrance ramp.


Hey Wade, how’re you feeling?

Wade Barrett:

You think this is funny Cena? Don’t you realize I hold your career in my hands? Two words to the GM and you are gone from the WWE. Now, before I pass judgment on you, I want to know, Why John? Why did you sacrifice your career?


Wade, being in WWE is the most important thing in the world. These fans are the reason I wake up in the morning. And I swore to myself, and to these fans, that I would never give up and never give in. That is until I was placed in a compromising position when I lost to you and was forced to join the Nexus. I tried to keep my word but the indignities I suffered, the attacks on my friends you forced me to do, it was too much, and I decided I don’t want my fans to see a broken John Cena, I want them to see the John Cena they know and love, the John Cena who never plays by no one’s rules but his own, and if that meant the end of my career then so be it! I may be going out but I’m going out with dignity.

Wade Barrett:

Well John you’re in luck. Because I’ve decided no to let the GM fire you. No, I’ve got something special in mind for you. Something that will make you wish you were fired…


Wade, I’m sorry to interrupt but you don’t seem to remember the Nexus’s code. You know that rule of ‘if you lose you’re out’ I made you tap out last night therefore unless you avenge your honor by beating me in a rematch you’re out of the Nexus. So, tonight Wade it’s on, you and me one on one, loser leaves the Nexus. Do you accept or do the rules not apply to you?

Wade Barrett:

I accept. And mark my words Cena, after tonight you won’t have a career to go back to!

Cut to commercial.

2: Backstage: Chris Masters enters the production truck. He hands the production crew a CD.

3: Vickie Guererro comes out with Kaitlin and complains about her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler not having a match last night at “Bragging Rights”. She introduces Dolph and he challenges anyone from the back to face him. US Champion Daniel Bryan accepts.

4: US Champion Daniel Bryan over Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrerro- Dolph taps to the LaBelle Lock.

5: Backstage: Unified Champion Sting arrives in the Nexus’ locker room. Wade Barrett tells him about what Cena did but he doesn’t care. He has a major announcement to make tonight.

Cut to commercial.

6: The Hart Dynasty and Divas Champion Natalya w/Bret Hart over The Usos and Tamina- Natalya makes Tamina submit to the Sharpshooter.

7: Backstage: John Morrison asks Chris Jericho if he’s okay after the Nexus’ attack last night. Jericho says he’s fine and will be back in action next week.

8: Sheamus over Santino- Sheamus hits Santino with the Brogue Kick.

  • Afterword, Sheamus begins kneeing Santino.
  • Suddenly, the “He-Man” theme song plays and Chris Masters comes out dressed as He-Man.
  • Masters challenges Sheamus.
  • Sheamus gets an early advantage but Masters “hulks up” by shouting “I have the power!” and tosses Sheamus out of the ring.

Cut to commercial.

9: The Miz comes the ring with Alex Riley.  He calls himself the reason Team RAW won “Bragging Rights” and was victorious in “War Games”.  He says he will be assembling a team for “Survivor Series” that everyone on the RAW Roster is eager to join.

Eve comes out and mocks the Miz. Miz tries to steal a kiss from her but R-Truth interferes. The GM announces a match between the two will start now.

10:  The Miz over R-Truth via DQ- John Morrison and US Champion Daniel Bryan attack the Miz.

  • After the match, Truth announces that Morrison, Bryan, and Jericho are a team at “Survivor Series” and they have one thing in common, they all hate The Miz.

Cut to commercial.

11: Backstage: Jericho confronts Morrison about volunteering him for R-Truth’s team at Survivor Series. Morrison says they’re a team and they should stick together.

12: Backstage: Ted DiBiase and Maryse tell the Miz they’ll join his team.

13: Wade Barrett over John Cena- Darren Young and Justin Gabriel attack Cena allowing Barrett to get the win.

  • After the match, Young and Gabriel help Cena up and shake his hands. Cena says, “Good job”
  • Barrett is irate he’s been duped.

14: Unified Champion Sting comes to the ring to make his announcement.


You know with Survivor Series coming up, I thought I would take a trip back in time. Not to last years show, when I made my debut in the WWE, but to twenty years ago. You see twenty years ago, in the middle of my first world title reign, a man debuted on Thanksgiving night. A man whose name became synonymous with this company, in many ways he is the soul of this company, through all the changes whether it be age of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Rock, or today there has been one constant in the WWE and that is the Undertaker.

Sting (cont.):

I have another story to tell you, this one also takes place on Thanksgiving, twenty- three years ago. The night of the very first Survivor Series, the night I made my Pay Per View debut. You see what a lot of you don’t know is that there was a Thanksgiving Day tradition before Survivor Series, it was called Starrcade and it was put on by the company that became WCW. In 1987 we were going to have our first PPV, but the powers that be in the WWE didn’t like that, so they scheduled the first Survivor Series right beside us. The cable companies were given a choice. They chose the WWE. I will never forget that night. Some said that was where the end really began for WCW. I have never forgotten what the WWE did to us and this past year, I have delivered my vengeance on this company by unifying it’s titles and destroying it’s Superstars with the help of this sports future, the Nexus. But, we made a mistake, one I intend to rectify.

Sting (cont.):

When the Nexus began their invasion, I told them we had to take out the icons of the WWE. We had to destroy its soul. And we had to do it before we made our first strike. A few months ago we got together and we left the Undertaker in a vegetative state. With all eyes turned toward one of the so-called “Superstars” no one considered a group of rookies capable of rendering the “Phenom” helpless. It’s always the person you least suspect. But, like a true Phenom, the Undertaker wouldn’t stay down. I expected nothing less from the man who retired Shawn Michaels at “Wrestlemania”, the man with the unbeaten streak. That’s why I’m here. The destruction of the WWE will be complete, with the destruction of the Undertaker. Which is why I’m issuing the challenge. Undertaker, at the PPV where you debuted 20 years ago, I am challenging you to face me for the Unified Heavyweight Championship! How about it Undertaker?

The lights go out and the bell tolls. The Undertaker makes his entrance to the ring. Sting doesn’t take his eyes off him. Taker enters the ring and he and Sting stare each other down, face to face for the first time.



At long last, you and I, face to face, the moment nobody thought they’d ever see. Do you know how long I’ve waited for this moment? Do you know how long people have been asking me about you? To tell the truth, I regret the attack on you earlier this year. I want to relish the moment of defeating you one on one. I want to be remembered as the man who slain the Phenom.


Enough! You called, I came. You tried to destroy me from the shadows, now you challenge me in the light. I’ve heard about you too. I’ve been asked about you for years as well. I thought you were a man of integrity but it turns out you aren’t. I accept your challenge, Sting and at Survivor Series, mark my words you and your Nexus will REST IN PEACE!

‘Taker goes to leave but Sting hits him with the bat. It has no affect on the Undertaker, who immediately grabs Sting for a chokeslam. The Nexus comes to Sting’s rescue but the Undertaker fights them off. The rest of the locker room comes out and chases the Nexus from ringside. The show ends with Sting and the Undertaker’s eyes locked on one another’s.


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