It’s RAW vs. SMACKDOWN with the winner challenging the Nexus in “The Match Beyond” otherwise known as “War Games”.

Bragging Rights 2010 Fan Script


Set up: Two rings: One RAW One SMACKDOWN. Separate entrances for each show.


1: Chris Jericho and John Morrison over Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre- Morrison pins Rhodes.


2: IC Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels over US Champion Daniel Bryan in a non-title match.


3: Backstage: The Nexus jumps and injures Chris Jericho.


4: MVP over R-Truth


5: Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse over Alberto Del Rio

  • Maryse feigns attraction to Del Rio before hitting him with the Million Dollar Belt.
  • DiBiase hits Dream Street and pins Del Rio.
  • After the match Maryse tells Del Rio she’s too good for him but is going to keep his gifts.  She hands Ted the Million Dollar Belt.


6: Edge over Jack Swagger- Edge pins Swagger with the spear.


7: Backstage: The Nexus jumps Daniel Bryan.


8: Kofi Kingston over the Miz w/Alex Riley.

  • Alex Riley pulls Kofi’s leg out from under.
  • The referee catches this and sends Riley back to the dressing room.
  • While the Miz complains, Kofi surprises him with “Trouble In Paradise”.


9: Sheamus over the Big Show.


10: Backstage: The Nexus brags about how all submission specialists have been neutralized. Unified Champion Sting comes in and tells them they’re doing well. They help Sting get ready for his casket match with Kane.


11: John Cena over Rey Mysterio- Cena catches Mysterio and hits the Attitude Adjustment.


12: Casket Match for the Unified Heavyweight Championship- Unifed Champion Sting over Kane w/ Paul Bearer.

  • Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty
  • The Nexus and John Cena join in and attack Kane.
  • Wade Barrett orders Cena to give Paul Bearer the Attitude Adjustment while Sting bludgeons Kane with the bat.
  • Barrett orders Cena to Attitude Adjust Kane on top of the urn. He does but whispers “I’m sorry”
  • Sting puts Kane in the casket.


13: Backstage: The doctors won’t clear Jericho or Bryan for War Games.


14: Divas Champion Natalya w/ Bret Hart over Michelle McCool w/ Layla- Michelle submits to the Sharpshooter.

  • Bret carries Layla backstage when she interferes too much.


15: Howard Finkel announces that RAW defeated SMACKDOWN with a score of 7-3. Team RAW will challenge Nexus in War Games. The cage is lowered.


16: Backstage: Team RAW assembles it is Sheamus, John Morrison, Edge, Ted DiBiase, and The Miz. They are down one team member so Bret Hart volunteers to replace Jericho. The team agrees.


17: Team RAW (Morrison, Sheamus, Miz, Edge, DiBiase, and Bret Hart) over the Nexus (Barrett, Sheffield, Tarver, Otunga, Slater, and Cena) w/ Sting in a War Games Match when Cena makes Wade Barrett submit to the STF.

  • Nexus wins the coin toss.
  • Order of Entry: Heath Slater and John Morrison start. Followed by; Michael Tarver, The Miz, David Otunga, Edge, Skip Sheffield, Ted DiBiase, John Cena, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and finally Bret Hart.
  • Barrett immediately knocks the wind out of Bret.
  • Barrett orders Cena to STF the helpless Hart. Cena instead puts Wade Barrett into the STF.
  • Barrett taps.
  • Nexus goes into shock at what happened.
  • Sting enters.
  • The Nexus attacks Cena,
  • Team WWE attacks Nexus to save Cena.
  • The lights go out.
  • Paul Bearer wheels out Kane’s casket.
  • Bearer opens the casket, nothing’s inside.
  • The light’s come on and the Undertaker is behind Sting.
  • Undertaker choke slams Sting.
  • All hell breaks loose as the cage is raised.
  • The Nexus without Cena escapes as the show ends.




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