Stand up for WWE…by reading this fan script.

RAW 10/18/2010 Fan Script

1: Show opens. SMACKDOWN GM Teddy Long’s music plays and he comes to the ring. He takes the RAW GM’s computer and announces SMACKDOWN is in charge and wants to show the RAW Superstars what awaits them at “Bragging Rights.”

2: Teddy Long introduces the SMACKDOWN roster. A few moments later the RAW roster comes out and surrounds the ring. They argue and Teddy Long announces tonight there will be a SMACKDOWN vs. RAW Battle Royal. The Nexus’ music hits. The Nexus and John Cena appear on the Titan Tron entrance platform.

Wade Barrett:

This is great. This is just great. You know, the Nexus and I have been placing bets over which team we will be facing in the War Games at “Bragging Rights”. And in the end we’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t care. We have our coach in War Games veteran and Unified Champion Sting who has prepared a strategy that guarantees victory. Also your Superstar, John Cena, is Nexus and he will be fulfilling his duties not only in a match, but as part of the War Games. And we there would be nothing better than for John here to strike the final blow in the War Games. Therefore, the Nexus has decided to take a break tonight, lay back, and watch you beat the crap out of each other because to us it doesn’t matter whether we face RAW or SMACKDOWN, either way we will be victorious.

Cut to commercial.

3: Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse over Primo- DiBiase pins him with Dream Street.

  • During the match Alberto Del Rio steals the Million Dollar Belt.

4: Backstage: Sting meets the Nexus in their locker room. Cena brings Wade Barrett a glass of water, which he promptly spits back in his face. Barrett tells Cena he needs to cool off because he’ll be facing Kane tonight.

5: US Champion Daniel Bryan over Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero- Ziggler submits to the LaBelle Lock.

  • Intercontinental Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels looks on from the Titan Tron.

Cut to commercial.

6: Divas Champion Natalya over Alicia Fox- Fox submits to the Sharpshooter.

  • After the match LayCool comes out and start making fun of Natalya and the Hart Family.
  • Michelle McCool says she’ll regain the Divas Championship because her besty, Layla will be in her corner.
  • Natalya announces someone will be in her corner at “Bragging Rights”.
  • Natalya says, “Come on out Uncle Bret” and Bret Hart appears to announce he’ll not only be in Natalya’s corner, he’ll coach whatever team faces the Nexus in War Games.

7: Pre-tape: Chris Masters in his hospital bed, recovering from the concussion he suffered from Sheamus’ knees to the head.

  • Santino and Vladimir Kozlov come to Masters side to raise his spirits with a clown.
  • Santino turns on the TV. He-Man is on. Masters utters the words, “He…Man”

8: Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring.


Excuse me! I said excuse me! As Vice President of SMACKDOWN and girlfriend of Dolph, I did not appreciate your (the fans) treatment of my boyfriend. Therefore I demand a…

Lights go out. Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring and confronts Vickie. Vickie is angry. Kong choke slams Vickie.

9: Backstage: Heath Slater is warming up for his match.

Cut to commercial.

10: Rey Mysterio over Heath Slater via DQ- Wade Barrett comes out and forces Cena to attack Mysterio.

11: SMACKDOWN Rebound:

  • Cena challenges Mysterio.
  • Miz challenges Kofi Kingston.

12: John Morrison w/Chris Jericho over Drew McIntyre w/ Cody Rhodes

Cut to commercial.

13: The Miz wins the RAW vs. SMACKDOWN Battle Royal.

14: Backstage: Sting talks to Cena. He says that although they’ve had their differences recently he’s glad Cena’s going to help him by softening up Kane.

Cut to commercial.

15: Kane over John Cena via DQ

  • Sting attacks Kane.
  • The Nexus comes out.
  • Kane throws Sting into the Nexus knocking them over.

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