John Cena joins Nexus while Wade Barrett challenges both RAW and SMACKDOWN to old classic at “Bragging Rights”. War Games.

RAW 10/11/10 Fan Script

1: Show opens- Nexus comes to the ring and introduces their newest member John Cena.

  • Unified Champion Sting gives Wade Barrett the microphone.
  • Wade welcomes Cena to the Nexus and he looks forward to their partnership.
  • They make Cena make a statement chewing out his fans.
  • Wade announces that Nexus could sit out “Bragging Rights” but decided that would be cowardly. Instead he challenges whichever side wins the most matches to “War Games” at “Bragging Rights”.
  • Sting gets and microphone and says that Nexus will win “War Games” because they have a coach with experience. He says tonight Cena will prove his loyalty to the Nexus by helping Wade Barrett defeat Kane.

Cut to commercial.

2: Backstage: Ted DiBiase enters Maryse’s locker room and takes away Alberto Del Rio’s fur coat. He replaces it with a mink.

3: Sheamus over Chris Masters- Sheamus Brogue Kick’s Masters. After the match Sheamus knees him in the head repeatedly.  Masters is taken out on stretcher.

4: Backstage: Josh Matthews interviews John Cena about his feelings on joining Nexus.

  • John says he is a man of his word and will do whatever Wade Barrett or Sting tells him to do.
  • Cena catches Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty and chases them into Nexus’s locker room.
  • Nexus confronts him and says not only can’t he touch them, he has to get them coffee.

Cut to commercial.

5: R-Truth w/ Eve over Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse- Alberto Del Rio offers Maryse a ride in his convertible, distracting DiBiase and allowing Truth to hit the lie detector and pin him.

  • After the match, DiBiase and Del Rio brawl.

6: Backstage: The Miz prepares Alex Riley for his match with Daniel Bryan.

Cut to commercial.

7: Chris Jericho and John Morrison over Cryme Tyme- Morrison hits Starship Pain on JTG.

  • Afterword, both Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre attack Jericho and Morrison.

8: Backstage: US Champion Daniel Bryan warming up.

Cut to commercial.

9: US Champion Daniel Bryan over Alex Riley w/ via Submission with the LaBelle Lock.

  • After, the Miz attacks Bryan.
  • The lights go out, when they’re back on Intercontinental Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels is in the ring. He and Bryan rout Riley and Miz.
  • Daniels points to Bryan then to himself, challenging him to a match at “Bragging Rights”.
  • Bryan nods in acceptance.

Cut to commercial.

10: Divas Champion Natalya verbally spars with LayCool. The RAW Divas attack LayCool.

11: Backstage: Wade Barrett tells Cena he’s ready.

Cut to commercial.

12: Wade Barrett w/ John Cena over Kane via DQ- Barrett orders Cena to attack Kane and instead he attacks Barrett.

  • The GM chimes in and tells Cena that if he doesn’t listen to Barrett he will be fired.
  • The GM announces he accepts Nexus’ War Games challenge.

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