RAW 10/4/2010 Fan Script

1: Recap of “Hell In A Cell”

2: Unified Champion Sting calls out the Nexus.

  • Sting says he is very disappointed in their performances last night and according to Nexus by laws, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater will have the opportunity to make up for their losses tonight. But should they lose they will be out of the Nexus.
  • Sting says Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater will face each other. The winner stays in Nexus. And Wade Barrett will challenge John Cena where if Cena loses he joins the Nexus. If Wade loses it’s adios.
  • Finally, Sting challenges Kane to a Casket Match at “Bragging Rights”

John Cena’s music hits.


Hey Sting. Wade. I love how you made a match involving me that I did not agree to. Now, I’m not one to turn down a challenge but I’ll take the match. I’ll join Nexus if I lose, but you have to give me something. Should I beat Wade Barrett, I get a shot at you. So Sting, Wade do you accept?

They do.

Cut to commercial.

3: Daniel Bryan over Ted DiBiase to retain the US title.

  • Alberto Del Rio comes out in the middle of the match and gives Maryse a fur coat, distracting DiBiase.
  • Bryan rolls up DiBiase for a three count.

Cut to commercial.

4: Backstage: DiBiase is venting his frustrations to Maryse, who is too busy admiring her new coat. DiBiase gets angry and wants to get rid of it but she wants to keep. In the coat’s pocket is an invitation for Maryse to come to Friday’s SMACKDOWN.

5: Heath Slater over Justin Gabriel.

  • Post match-Justin Gabriel is beaten down by remaining members of the Nexus.

6: Backstage: John Morrison is doing his gymnastics warm up. Chris Jericho enters and calls him a show off.

7: The Miz over Edge- Jack Swagger throws Edge into the ring post allowing the Miz to gain victory.

Cut to commercial.

8: Sheamus comes to the ring and gloats about ending Triple H’s career once and for all. He challenges anybody in the WWE to face him- The Big Show comes out.

9: Big Show vs. Sheamus-No contest.

  • Afterword, Teddy Long appears on the Titan Tron and talks about how the SMACKDOWN crew accomplished what the RAW crew never could, and defeated Nexus. He challenges the RAW roster to face the SMACKDOWN roster at “Bragging Rights”.

Cut to commercial.

10: Chris Jericho and John Morrison over The Dude Busters.

11:Backstage: R-Truth and Cena discuss him possibly going to Nexus if he loses.

Cut to commercial.

12: Wade Barrett over John Cena

  • Husky Harris and Michael McGillcutty interfere on Barrett’s behalf.
  • After the match, Sting and the Nexus come out to welcome a dejected Cena.
  • The light’s go out and Kane appears in the ring.
  • Sting orders Cena to attack Kane. Cena obeys and is tombstoned as Nexus leaves.

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