Note: On the debut of SMACKDOWN on SyFy: MVP, Kofi Kingston, Finlay, Cryme Time, and Kaval defeated the Nexus when Kaval pinned Justin Gabriel.

1: Pound For Pound Championship: Kaval over Justin Gabriel to win the Pound For Pound title- Kaval pins Gabriel with the Warrior’s Way.

2: Daniel Bryan over US Champion Ted DiBiase w/Maryse and the Miz for the US Title.

  • Bryan eliminates Miz first with the LaBell Lock.
  • Bryan defeats DiBiase with Cattle Mutilation.

3: Big Show over Luke Gallows- Big Show pins Gallows with the Choke Slam.

4: Tag Team Champions Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver over the Hart Dynasty- Sheffield pushes Kidd as he is about to hit the Hart Attack causing him to hit David Hart Smith instead.

5: Hell in a Cell: Sheamus over Triple H ending his Career.

  • Triple H waves goodbye to the crowd after the match

6: Unified Divas Champion Natalya over Gail Kim to retain the Divas Championship- Gail taps out to the Sharpshooter.

7: MVP over Jack Swagger.

8: Intercontinental Championship: IC Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels over CM Punk- Daniels reverses the “Go to Sleep” into a “Dragon Sleeper”.

9: Hell in a Cell: John Cena over Wade Barrett.

10: Hell in a Cell: Unified Champion Sting over Kane.

  • Sting blinds Kane with the Great Muta’s green mist, allowing him to hit the Scorpion Death Drop on top of a chair.
  • Afterword, a casket is rolled toward the Cell and Paul Bearer emerges with the urn.
  • Kane is revitalized and attacks Sting from behind.
  • Kane tries to put Sting in the casket but the Nexus makes the save.
  • Kane and Bearer disappear into the casket.

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