RAW 9/27/10 Fan Script

1: Recap: Smackdown- Unified Champion Sting invades Smackdown. Kane lights Sting’s trench coat on fire.

2:Show opens. Sting’s entrance music hits and he comes to the ring.


Kane! You think you frighten me? You think your little parlor tricks have rattled my cage? It hasn’t. You see, I’m no stranger to mind games. I’ve played my fair share of them in my time. I seem to recall a certain ‘icon’ soiling his pants when I sent him his head back in 1997. Kane, you want to play mind games, you want to play tricks. Well I’ll be more than happy to oblige. If you’re here tonight, game on.

3: The Miz and Alex Riley over Daniel Bryan and Goldust- Miz hits the Skull crushing finale on Goldust.

  • During the match US Champion Ted DiBiase and Maryse watch from a V.I.P. lounge.
  • After the match, Miz tells DiBiase that he won the match and therefore is the rightful Number One contender.
  • DiBiase says his made a decision and will face both Miz and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Elimination match at “Hell In A Cell”.

Cut to commercial.

4: Backstage: DiBiase and Maryse’s posh dressing room. DiBiase reveals he took the Triple Threat match because because if Miz or Daniel Bryan are eliminated he gets Bryan’s contract or Miz’s money. If he wins he gets both their stipulations. So either way he wins.

5: Chris Jericho and John Morrison over Santino and Vladmir Kozlov- Morrison pins Kozlov with a Codebreaker. Jericho is impressed.

6: Backstage: The Divas get ready for their battle royal.

Cut to commercial.

7: Recap: NXT: Awesome Kong destroys the rookie Divas.

8: Gail Kim wins a Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the Divas Championship.

  • Divas Champion Natalya gives commentary. She mentions he has no idea who the “thing” (Awesome Kong) is.
  • After the match, Awesome Kong attacks Gail Kim. Natalya comes to her aid but is chokeslammed by Kong.

Cut to commercial.

9: Sheamus and Great Khali battle to a double count out- Sheamus Brogue Kicks Great Khali against the steel steps.

  • Sheamus calls out Triple H.

10: Backstage: Triple H watching from backstage.

Cut to commercial.

11: Triple H over Edge- Hunter pins Edge with the Pedigree.

  • Afterword, Heath Slater attacks Edge but Edge catches him with a spear.

12: The Nexus comes to Slater’s aid but Edge escapes. Wade Barrett cuts a promo on how he’s going to defeat John Cena and how they will be invading Smackdown.

  • Suddenly the Nexus is surrounded by Smackdown Superstars MVP, Kofi Kingston, Kaval, Finlay, and Cryme Time attack and clear the Nexus from the ring. MVP takes the microphone.


You guys say you’re coming to Smackdown? Guess what? Smackdown just came to you. Why don’t the six of you get in the ring with the six of us, Friday night on Syfy.


We accept.

Cut to commercial.

13: The Hart Dynasty over David Otunga and Heath Slater via DQ- Sheffield and Tarver attack the Harts.

Cut to commercial.

14: WWE Tag Team Champions Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver vs. Evan Bourne and Mark Henry doesn’t happen- The Harts jump Sheffield and Tarver. Security intercedes.

Cut to commercial.

15: Backstage: Security tries to keep the Harts, Sheffield and Tarver away from each other.

16: John Cena over Zack Ryder.

  • Afterword, Cena calls out Wade Barrett.
  • Barrett comes out and says Cena can avoid the inevitable by joining Nexus.
  • Cena tells him where to stick it.

Cut to commercial.

17: Kane arrives and calls out Sting.

  • “Sting” appears but it’s a fake.
  • The real Sting appears from behind and together the Stings attack with their bats.
  • Kane throws the fake Sting out of the ring and sets Sting’s bat on fire.
  • Kane tombstones Sting and growls “Welcome to Hell!”

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