It’s RAW Roulette night.

RAW 9/13/10 Fan Script

1: Backstage: The RAW Roulette Wheel. John Cena and Darren Young are facing off. Eve spins the wheel it lands on a Cage Match.

2: Daniel Bryan over Alex Riley in a submission match.

  • Alicia Fox spins the wheel.

3: Backstage: Triple H is with the Bella Twins as they spin the wheel. His match with Sheamus is a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Cut to commercial.

4: R-Truth and Eve over US Champion Ted DiBiase and Maryse.

  • Eve pins Maryse.

5: Santino’s music hits and he comes out with his wallet.

  • Santino offers DiBiase 100 Euros for a shot at the US title.
  • DiBiase rejects the offer.
  • The GM says nobody else made a bid tonight so DiBiase has to defend the title.
  • The wheel lands on a Ladder Match.

6: Ted DiBiase over Santino Marella in a Ladder Match to retain the US Title- Maryse low blows Santino allowing DiBiase to climb and get the belt.

Cut to commercial.

7: John Cena over Darren Young in a Steel Cage match.

  • Afterwards the Nexus comes out to the Titan Tron stage to pass judgment on Darren Young.
  • Wade Barrett gives him a thumb’s down.
  • As the cage is lifted the Nexus gives Darren a beatdown.

Cut to commercial.

8: Backstage: John Morrison warming up.

9: Wade Barrett over John Morrison in a Tables Match.

  • Afterwards, Jericho attacks Barrett.
  • The Nexus comes to Slater’s rescue.

Cut to commercial.

10: Backstage: Morrison thanks Jericho for coming to his aid. Jericho slaps him for being weak and walks away.

11: Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty over The Usos.

  • Afterwards, Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver attempt to attack the Harts but the Harts jump through the ropes and take them out first.

Cut to commercial.

12: Triple H over Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match- Hunter Pedigree’s Sheamus on the Titan Tron stage.

  • Sting watches from the rafters.
  • Afterwards, the GM announces that he was so impressed by this series of matches that the Unified Championship match at “Night of Champions” will be a Six Pack Match featuring Sting, John Cena, the Miz, Triple H, Sheamus, and NXT winner Kaval.
  • The GM also announces that all winning Champions will participate in an elimination match to determine the “Champion of Champions”

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