Darren Young faces justice…Nexus style.

RAW Fan Script 9/6/10

1: Recap of the Nexus’ attack on Steve Austin from last week.

2: Show opens. The Nexus are standing in the ring surrounding Darren Young. Unified Champion Sting is standing in the corner.

Wade Barrett:

Last week, the Nexus made their strongest statement ever! The final nail has been hammered into the coffin of the Attitude Era. Your hero, Stone Cold Steve Austin, fell before us, never to return again.

David Otunga:

Can you believe it? In only a few months we, the Nexus, have beaten seven of the top Superstars in WWE, destroyed WWE legends, and decimated the WWE’s biggest icons, and I, David Otunga, broke the foot of the ‘Viper’. Face the facts we are the A-List.

Wade Barrett:

However, if the most well oiled machine can be dented and last week Darren Young, you dented the unstoppable machine that is the Nexus by submitting to Daniel Bryan. You failed, and the Nexus does not tolerate failure. Therefore, right now it is up to us to pass judgment. Sting…

Sting takes the microphone.


Darren Young. They say a unit is as strong as it’s weakest member. To be the weakest member of the Nexus, you must be stronger then everyone else. A loss for one of us is a loss for all of us. That goes for me along with Wade, Skip, Heath, Dave, Justin, and Mike. Your submission to Daniel Bryan last week, made us look weak, and there is no room for weakness in the Nexus. Now, despite what you may think, you are not going to be exiled from the Nexus. However, you will be punished. Back in the day, a group of guys got together, called themselves the Four Horsemen, and when one member got out of line they taught him something called tough love. Tonight you’re going to learn the meaning of tough love. Just remember this hurts us more than it hurts you.

The Nexus members beat Darren Young in the middle of the ring.

Suddenly, John Cena’s music hits and he comes out with his leg still in a cast.


Bravo, bravo. You guys truly are the strongest unit in WWE history. Seven men beating up one, real tough, you guys get the real men of genius award. Now, my dance card’s full tonight with Paddy Tanninger, the Caddy Manager, but next week I want to extend to each of you an open invitation to face me, one on one, man to man, without the aid of your “support group”.

Darren Young (snatching Wade Barretts microphone):

Cena, you got your wish. Next week, you and me, man to man!

Cut to commercial.

3: US Champion Ted DiBiase and Maryse come to the ring.

  • DiBiase announces that another WWE Superstar has the opportunity to purchase a US title shot.
  • The Great Khali and Rahjin Singh come out and offer him 500,000 Indian Rupees for a shot. DiBiase rejects the offer saying he only takes US dollars.
  • R-Truth comes out with a bag full of US dollars telling Khali he left it in his locker.
  • The GM says the match is on.

Cut to commercial.

4: Ted DiBiase over Great Khali via Count Out to retain the US Title.

5: Backstage: The Nexus’s Locker room: Wade Barrett is preparing for his match.

Cut to commercial.

6: Triple H over Wade Barrett via DQ- Sheamus attacks Triple H.

7: Backstage: The Miz confronts Daniel Bryan.

Cut to commercial.

8: Daniel Bryan over William Regal- Bryan pins Regal with a cradle.

  • After the match, the Miz attacks Bryan.

Cut to commercial.

9: Backstage: Daniel Bryan is searching for the Miz backstage when he bumps into David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, and Michael Tarver. They offer to take care of Miz for him if he rejoins the Nexus. Bryan refuses.

10: Heath Slater stands in the ring with a stolen “Cutting Edge” set. He announces that the “Cutting Edge” has been replaced with his new show, “The Clean Slate.”

  • He introduces “Edge” as his first guest only a midget wearing an Edge mask comes out.
  • Slater pushes the Edge midget around for a little bit.
  • A cameraman busts a camera over Slater’s head.
  • The camera man is Edge.

Cut to commercial.

11: Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, and David Otunga over Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty, R-Truth, and John Morrison- Gabriel pins Tyson Kidd.

  • Afterwards, Randy Orton appears on the Titan Tron outside Jennifer Hudson’s rehearsal studio.
  • Orton tells Otunga that while he may be out with a broken leg, he can still torment him from afar and that he wants to Otunga to feel fear and anger so he can destroy him at his best.

Cut to commercial.

12: Sheamus over John Cena- Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick after Darren Young grabs Cena’s leg.

  • Sting watches from the rafters during the match.
  • Afterwards, the GM announces that next week Sheamus will defend the Number One Contender’s spot against Triple H.

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