It’s the 900th episode of Monday Night RAW and a lot is happening as Superstars from RAW and Smackdown gather to celebrate.  John Cena challenges the Miz to be Number One Contender for the Unified Championship. Dolph Ziggler defends the Pound for Pound title against Evan Bourne. And The Nexus make a powerful statement… RAW 900th Episode Fan Script

1: Pre-tape: Montage of great moments from RAW. Bret Hart returns with the Hart Dynasty to address the crowd. He thanks them for their support over the past few months and says he feels honored to be on the 900th episode, especially considering he was on the first episode of RAW. He announces the next match.

2: Pound For Pound Championship Match: Evan Bourne over Pound For Pound Champion Dolph Ziggler- Bourne wins the title with Airbourne.

Cut to commercial- RAW Moment: Bobby Heenan trying to get into the first episode.

3: Backstage: Josh Matthews interviewing Melina about her Divas title match.

4: Smackdown Rebound

  • Layla regains Women’s Championship from Kelly Kelly
  • “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Big Show over Straight Edge Society
  • Alberto Del Rio debuting and defeating Rey Mysterio

5: Melina over Maryse to win the Divas Title.

  • LayCool attacks Melina
  • The GM announces that at “Night of Champions” ALL the Divas will participate in a battle royal with the final two having a match to unify the Divas and Women’s titles.

Cut to commercial- RAW Moment: Chris Jericho interrupts the Rock.

6: Backstage: US Champion Ted DiBiase is trying to calm down Maryse, who is furious about losing her Divas Championship. DiBiase said he’s taking her shopping later because he’s found a way to make a lot of money.

Cut to commercial: RAW moment: Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels shake hands.

7: US Champion Ted DiBiase comes out with Maryse and takes the mic.


Last week, Maryse and I endured public humiliation being forced to work for Virgil by R-Truth and Melina. And while you people may be laughing. While you Melina maybe laughing at my girlfriend’s pain from losing the Divas title. And you Truth are laughing at me working for my former chauffeur I assure you, he who laughs last laughs hardest and at “Night of Champions” I will laugh last. However Truth, last week, making me sign autographs for fat, out of shape, acne faced men, I realized something. I realized something…I realized how much money could be made from selling autographs. I realized how much money is made from selling memorabilia at an auction. And as Dad used to tell me, I’m going to turn a negative into a positive, I have found a way to make more money than I already have. I am going to sell, to anybody backstage, the opportunity to take the US title from me. C’mon for the right price, you get a shot at the United States Heavyweight Championship.

Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and he comes out driving a corvette. Del Rio says after taking out Rey Mysterio, he feels he deserves a title match and offers $500,000. DiBiase accepts as long he gets the money up front. Del Rio gives him a WWE Tote Bag filled with $100 bills.

8: US Champion Ted DiBiase over Alberto Del Rio to retain the US Championship- DiBiase uses Dream Street for the fall.

9: Backstage: The Nexus is discussing the Daniel Bryan issue. Wade Barrett tells Darren Young it is imperative that he not only wins his match but DESTROY Daniel Bryan so he can’t reveal their secret. He agrees. Sting enters and asks the group if they are ready to make a statement

Cut to commercial- Footage of Stone Cold stunning Vince McMahon.

10: CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society come to the ring.

CM Punk:

Well, well, well. What have we here? A tribute to 900 episodes of Monday Night Raw, impressive. It’s impressive that a show that promotes terrible family values can last so long, especially after Katie Vick. Go on YouTube. It’ll drive most of you weak-minded sheep to drink. But don’t worry I am here to save you by listing the most atrocious acts committed on Monday Night RAW; first Property Damage (Triple H invading Randy Orton’s home), Reckless Behavior (Cena throwing Edge into the river), Trespassing (DX invading WCW Monday Nitro), and glorification of Alcohol abuse (Steve Austin dousing the McMahons with beer along with varying images of him drinking beer). That’s your role model? A drunk, degenerate, like Steve Austin, who is so embarrassed by his actions that he doesn’t have the guts to come out here and apologize to the world for his destructive behavior.

Steve Austin’s music hits and a Budweiser truck drives down the ramp. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin gets out and comes to the ring.


First things first son, you don’t call “Stone Cold” Steve Austin out on national television and not expect a response. Secondly, I’ve been listening to your yapping backstage and haven’t more crap comin’ out of someone’s mouth since Vince McMahon. So you don’t like downin’ Steveweiser’s, I don’t give a damn one way or another. What I do give a damn about is you talkin’ trash about each and every one of these people. Now, I could go on and on about how I should open up a can of whoop ass and stop a mud hole so far up your ass you’ll be my boot, but I’m not. The fact is I got a truck full of beer to drink and I’d like to drink one with you but seein’ as how you don’t like beer, I’m gonna respect that and offer you an alternative.

Austin leaves the ring and goes into the truck while Punk rants.

CM Punk:

No. No, Steve. I don’t think you understand. I don’t want to share ANY kind of drink with someone like you. I don’t want to enjoy a nice non-alcoholic Pepsi with a bloated, washed up, drunk like you. No, I’m Straight Edge to the end…

Austin hoses the Straight Edge Society down with beer. They leave and Austin comes into the ring to celebrate. Suddenly, the Nexus’ music hits and they come out accompanied by Sting.

  • The Nexus swarms Austin.
  • Each member delivers his finisher to Austin.
  • Sting chokes Austin with the bat and whispers in his ear “This is for your blasphemy” before face planting him.

Cut to commercial- RAW Moment: DX impersonating the Nation.

11: Backstage: Medics assisting Austin while Darren Young waits in the ring.

12: Daniel Bryan over Darren Young- Young submits to Cattle Mutilation.

Cut to commercial- RAW Moment: Austin shoves Mike Tyson.

13: Backstage: Nexus’ locker room they are all upset with Darren Young for losing. Otunga says he’ll make up for the loss.

14: David Otunga over R-Truth- DiBiase uses either on Truth.

  • Afterwards, Otunga challenges Randy Orton to come out and face him man to man.
  • Orton comes out with a cast on his foot.
  • Orton takes a swing at Otunga, who attacks his broken foot.
  • Otunga tortures Orton with the spinning toe hold on his broken foot.
  • WWE officials break it up.

Cut to commercial- RAW Moment: Shane McMahon announces he bought WCW

15: The Cutting Edge Set is up.

  • Edge comes out and announces his guests, the Three NXT finalists; Kaval, Alex Riley, and Michael McGillicutty.
  • Heath Slater interrupts and attacks Edge, throwing him into the set.
  • The NXT finalists come to Edge’s aid and challenge Heath Slater and two partners of his choice to a match at that moment.
  • Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield come out.

Cut to commercial-RAW Moment: “Triple H returns in 2002”

16: Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, and Heath Slater over Kaval, Alex Riley, and Michael McGillicutty- Slater pins McGillicutty.

17: Backstage: Josh Matthews interviews MVP. MVP says he has a score to settle with Triple H and he’ll settle it tonight.

18: Triple H over MVP- Triple H pins MVP with the Pedigree.

Cut to commercial- RAW moment: The Nexus takes out John Cena and Sting.

19: Sheamus over Matt Hardy

20: Backstage: Josh Matthews talks to John Cena about his match with the Miz.

Cut to commercial- RAW Moment: Montage of the Guest Hosts.

21: Daniel Bryan’s music hits. He comes to the commentary booth, puts on a headset and takes a seat next to Michael Cole.

  • Cole and Bryan trade banter with one another about how Bryan can’t talk and Cole knows nothing about wrestling.

22: John Cena over the Miz- Miz submits to the STF.

  • Unified Champion Sting watches from the rafters.
  • Bryan and Cole continue to banter.
  • Afterwards the GM announces that next week Cena will defend the number one contenders position against Sheamus.

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