The Road to Summer Slam makes it’s last stop. But Sting and Triple H can’t wait and meet tonight in a street fight. Also, can John Cena, Edge, and Chris Jericho put their differences aside when they face Wade Barrett, Michael Tarver, and Skip Sheffield?

RAW 8/9/10 Fan Script

1: Show opens: Pre-tape: Backstage: Triple H arriving at the arena and is attacked by Sting, who hits him in the stomach with the bat.

2: “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and John Morrison over The Miz and Zach Ryder-Daniels pins Ryder with the Angel’s Wings.

3: Backstage: Road agents are helping out Triple H, who insists he’s fine. He tells them to get out of his way.

Cut to commercial.

4: Triple H comes to the ring and grabs the microphone.

Triple H:

Sting, did you really think one shot with that little bat could put me away? Well I’m still standing. Sting, we have a non-title street fight tonight and you know what? I’m not waiting until later. I want you right now. And I’m not leaving this ring until you come out here and face me, mano y mano, so I suggest so this show can go on, you get out here sooner rather than later!

Triple H remains in the ring.

5: Santino Marella comes out for his match. Triple H pedigrees him.

6: William Regal comes to the ring to face Santino but is also Pedigreed by Triple H.

Triple H:

I’m waiting!

7: Backstage: The Nexus’s locker room: The Nexus watches what’s happening on a flat screen. Sting comes out in his wrestling gear, ready to confront Triple H. Wade Barrett tries to convince him not to, but Sting refuses, saying not confronting Triple H would be hypocritical of him. Sting leaves.

Cut to commercial.

8: Sting/Triple H brawl begins.

  • The brawl quickly spills outside the ring.
  • They brawl around the broadcast booth, in the crowd, and up the ramp.
  • The brawl goes backstage.

Cut to commercial.

9: Sting/Triple H brawl continues.

  • Brawl goes into and out of the Divas locker room. Triple H tosses make up powder into Sting’s eyes.
  • Michael Cole and The King inform the audience at home they will be sticking with the brawl throughout the night.

10: R-Truth w/Melina over Jey Uso w/Tamina-Truth pins him with the Lie Detector.

  • US Champion Ted DiBiase and Divas Champion Maryse interrupt the victory.


Melina, welcome back. Truth, good job. My girlfriend and I didn’t come down to fight, we’re saving that for Summer Slam. We came out to ask you two, how you could both be so stupid? Maryse and I have offered you numerous opportunities to work for us. To make more money than you’ve ever made in your life. And for some reason…


You want the truth, Junior? The truth is Melina and I have dignity something you can’t buy. So you can’t take your dollar bills and stick them…

The GM Email sound goes off.

Michael Cole:

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have just received a message from our General Manager. He says that your Mixed Tag Team match at Summer Slam has been changed. The losing team will work for the winning team for the span of one day per teammate. Should you refuse to honor this stipulation you will be suspended for thirty days. Now can you dig that?

11: Triple H and Sting are brawling in a stair well.

Cut to commercial.

12: Triple H and Sting’s brawl continues into the upper level concession stands. Security tries to push them away from the rafters.

13: Sheamus comes to the ring. Sheamus, upset about his loss last week, challenges anybody in the back to face him. Evan Bourne accepts.

14: Evan Bourne over Sheamus- Bourne catches Sheamus with a Moonsault for the upset.

Cut to commercial.

15: Sheamus is still steaming about his loss at ringside during the next match.

16: Kaval, Percy Watson, and Lucky Cannon over Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and Husky Harris- Kaval pins Harris with the Warrior’s Way.

  • Afterwards Sheamus attacks and levels all six of the rookies.

17: Backstage: John Cena tries to converse with Edge and Jericho.

18: Backstage: The Bella Twins head toward the ring.

19: Divas Beach Party Match: The Bella Twins over Divas Champion Maryse and Jillian, and Gail Kim and Eve.

20: Sting and Triple H spills over into the upper levels of the arena crowd. They brawl back toward the concession and merchandise stands.

21: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews David Otunga, who is surrounded by a SWAT Team.


David Otunga, tonight you make your in ring debut in singles competition but what’s with the SWAT Team?


I’m very glad you asked that, Todd. You see as you are aware I have a restraining order against Randy Orton, a man who has no respect for the law, so I’ve decided to get myself some legal protection. But, lets forget about Randy Orton, he’s been moved to the F list, lets talk about my opponent, Goldust. You see Goldust likes to play mind games, however he’s never tangled with a Harvard educated mind and tonight he’s going to learn that mind games don’t work on the enlightened.


What about the impending announcement of your Summer Slam opponent later tonight?


It doesn’t matter. In case you hadn’t heard my sweetheart Jennifer Hudson is going to be ringside. The whole world is going to see why I’m with an Oscar winning actress as I climb to the top of the A-List of the WWE.

They leave. Cut to commercial.

22: David Otunga over Goldust.

  • Afterwards the GM emails Michael Cole.


David Otunga, I’ve just received an email from the GM with your Summer Slam opponent. He says, “after looking over the rankings I have found that in order for David Otunga to advance in the WWE rankings he is going to have to defeat his opponent at Summer Slam. That opponent is Randy Orton. I am aware of the restraining order so Mr. Otunga, you do have the right to decline this match. However, should you do so, you will not move forward in the WWE rankings. Thank you.

  • Otunga is shocked by the predicament when a lone SWAT team member enters the ring.
  • The SWAT officer reveals himself as Randy Orton and RKO’s Otunga.
  • Orton is arrested.

Cut to commercial.

23: Wade Barrett, Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield over John Cena, Edge, and Christian-Barrett pins Cena.

24: Backstage: Sting and Triple H’s brawl is near the entrance.

Cut to commercial.

25: Sting over Triple H in a Street Fight

  • Sting uses the sledgehammer on Triple H’s left leg.
  • The Nexus attacks Triple H.
  • Cena, Edge, Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, Goldust, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, and Daniels chase off the Nexus.

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