With Summer Slam around the corner the card begins to take shape as Triple H, Sheamus, and Randy Orton battle to determine who face Sting for the Unified Championship. Plus, the Nexus seeks to make a name for themselves at Summer Slam.

RAW 8/2/10 Fan Script

1: Show Opens- Wade Barrett comes to the ring and demands John Cena acknowledge his pin fall over him last week.

  • Suddenly Chris Jericho’s music plays. He challenges Barrett to a match right there. Barrett accepts.

2: Wade Barrett over Chris Jericho

  • Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield attack Jericho.
  • Edge comes to Jericho’s aid.
  • In the chaos John Cena sneaks up on Wade Barrett and gives him the Attitude Adjustment.

Cut to commercial.

3: Backstage: Edge and Jericho talking with one another. They mention they didn’t need Cena helping them out. Suddenly, Zach Ryder enters and suggests they team up. Jericho orders him to leave.

4: Darren Young, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel over Evan Bourne, Santino Marella, and Vladimir Kozlov- Slater pins Santino.

5: Backstage: Melina is getting ready with the Bella Twins when Divas Champion Maryse enters. Maryse tells Melina that she can get out of their match by doing a few chores for her. Melina slaps Maryse.

6: The Miz over Goldust- Miz pins Goldust with the Skull Crushing Finale.

  • The Miz takes the mic and starts cutting a promo on “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.
  • Suddenly the lights go out and silohettes of Daniels start appearing in the ring and all over the arena.
  • The lights finally come on and the Miz is alone in the ring.
  • The lights go out again and Daniels is in front of the Miz and delivers the Angel’s Wings.

7: Backstage: Randy Orton is warming up for his match later in the evening.

Cut to commercial.

8: Divas Champion Maryse w/ US Champion Ted DiBiase over Melina.

  • DiBiase pulls Melina’s leg out from under her, allowing Maryse to pin her.
  • R-Truth comes to Melina’s aid and chases off DiBiase.

9: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews John Cena.

  • Cena says he’ll acknowledge Wade Barrett in two weeks at Summer Slam.

10: R-Truth vs. Zach Ryder- No contest.

  • DiBiase and Maryse attack Truth with the US and Divas title belts.
  • Melina comes to his aid.
  • RAW GM announces a Mix-Tag Team match for Summer Slam.

11: Backstage: Sheamus pacing backstage.

Cut to commercial.

12: John Cena over Skip Sheffield via DQ

  • Wade Barrett and Michael Tarver attack Cena.
  • Edge and Jericho make the save.
  • Edge spears Cena.
  • The RAW GM announces that Edge and Jericho will team to face Tarver and Sheffield at Summer Slam and that next week Edge and Jericho will team with Cena to face Barrett, Tarver, and Sheffield.

13: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews Triple H.

Cut to commercial.

14:  Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One contender for the Unified Championship.

  • David Otunga comes to the broadcast table.
  • Triple H and Sheamus come out.
  • Randy Orton makes his entrance but security stops him.
  • Orton is informed that there is a Restraining Order filed against him by David Otunga and he can only wrestle if Otunga leaves.
  • Otunga, posturing like a Roman Emperor, puts his thumb down and the Police forcibly remove Orton.

Cut to commercial.

15: Triple H over Sheamus- Hunter catches a cocky Sheamus with the Pedigree.

  • After the match, Sting attacks Triple H with the bat.
  • Triple H gets the sledgehammer from under the ring and the two freeze in the ring.
  • The GM announces that next week Triple H and Sting will confront each other in a non-title street fight.

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