RAW Fan Script: Guess Who’s Back?

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Fan Scripts, Professional Wrestling, Sports, Sting in WWE, TNA, TV, WWE
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Triple H is back and he’s got the Nexus and Unified Championship in his cross hairs.

RAW 7/26/10 Fan Script

1: Show Opens- Recap of Last Week.

2: The Nexus, led by Unified Champion Sting, come to the ring.


Last week, we had some unexpected company…

Sting is interrupted by Triple H’s entrance music. The Game appears and makes his way to the ring. Triple H takes a microphone. Sting orders the Nexus back.

Triple H:

Well, well, well. What have we here? An amateur version of the N.W.O.? Forgive me Sting, but I thought you were more creative then that. But, then again, I can see why you’ve gone off the deep end, I mean, after all it’s everyday you go from ten years of performing in front of a couple hundred people in a soundstage to headlining the biggest arena’s in the world. I mean, that type of pressure would make anyone crack.


And it’s not everyday someone who walked out in a temper tantrum decides to put his boots back on. So, lets cut to the chase Hunter. I got what you want, but I’m sorry to say you can’t have it. The days of you going to “daddy” for a title shot are over. This is the era of the Unified Championship. This is the era of the Nexus. People like you are the reason these men behind me have had their careers held back. People like you make a mockery of our sport. People like you are the reason what we do are looked down upon by society at large! I’m here to restore honor and integrity to this sport. I’m here…

Triple H:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Honor, integrity, all that junk, I’ve got a question for you Sting, are you running for office? Because let me tell you, these people certainly aren’t going to vote for you. And you are correct; I did walk out a couple of months ago. I walked out because I went soft. But then I saw what you and your seven…dwarves were doing and decided they, and you, still have a lot of lessons to learn. And only I can teach them. And yes Sting, I want the Unified Championship and will do anything to get it, but for now I’ll be just as satisfied with a fight!

The Nexus circles Triple H and Sting. Suddenly an email is received.

Michael Cole:

Ladies and Gentlemen, our anonymous General Manager has just informed me that tonight Triple H and Unified Champion Sting will be in action against each other in a tag match. Sting, your partner will be Wade Barrett and Triple H your partner is John Cena! Thank you.

Cut to commercial.

2: Sheamus over Randy Orton

  • David Otunga comes out with a lawyer in tow.
  • The lawyer calls out for Orton’s attention throughout the match.
  • Orton is distracted allowing Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick and pin him.
  • Afterwards, the lawyer informs Orton he’s just been served.

Cut to commercial.

3: Backstage: Randy Orton is irate. He finds the lawyer and RKO’s him. In the background Triple H is slow clapping. They stare each other down.

Triple H:

You realize. There is still unfinished business between us.

Triple H walks away.

4: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel over Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu- Gabriel pins Goldust with the Shooting Star Press.

Cut to Commercial.

5: Brie Bella over Jillian.

6: Backstage: Zack Ryder is pestering Chris Jericho about how he handled John Morrison last week. Jericho tells him to pin Morrison in a match to see if he’s really worthy of being Jericho’s protégé.

7: Michael Tarver over Edge

  • Skip Sheffield clothlines Edge with a lariat allowing Tarver to pin him.
  • Jericho attacks Sheffield.
  • Tarver assists Sheffield in beating down Jericho

Cut to commercial.

8: Backstage: Edge and Jericho are arguing with each other.

9: US Champion Ted DiBiase w/ Divas Champion Maryse over R-Truth- Maryse pulls out and holds down Truth’s leg so DiBiase can get the win.

  • Immediately as the match ends, Melena comes out of the crowd and attacks Maryse.
  • DiBiase pulls Melina off Maryse, causing Truth to attack him.

10: Backstage: David Otunga is at the building’s entrance letting in the Police.

Cut to Commercial.

11: Backstage: Police officers are arresting Randy Orton for Assault on a Public Official. Otunga sneers as they take him away.

12: John Morrison and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels over the Miz and Zach Ryder-Morrison pins Ryder with Starship Pain.

13: Backstage: Triple H is lacing up his boots when Sheamus enters.


Heya fella, long time no see. Well, since I made yeh quit. No matter, I just came here to warn yeh, if yeh get in the way of me getting the Unified Championship, yeh won’t be quitting, yeh’ll be buried.

14: David Otunga comes to the ring.


I warned him but he wouldn’t listen. Now he’s reaping the consequences. That’s right, I, David Otunga, Harvard Law Graduate, have had Randy Orton arrested. And I did it to not only teach him, but each and everyone of you a lesson. And that lesson is that nobody is above the law, certainly not you Randy Orton. I hope after your night in jail you’ll learn your lesson but then again, you didn’t go to Harvard. But don’t worry, should you not, I have plenty more lessons to teach.

Cut to Commercial.

15: Wade Barrett and Unified Champion Sting over John Cena and Triple H.

  • Sheamus Brogue Kick’s both Triple H and Cena.
  • Barrett pins Cena.
  • The anonymous GM announces a number one contenders match for next week featuring Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Triple H.

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