RAW Fan Script 7/19/10- Why Sting Why?

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The Nexus have revealed their mentor, and it is Sting. Why did Sting betray the WWE? And what is Phase Two of the Nexus’ plans?

RAW 7/18/10 Fan Script

1: Recap of Sting’s betrayal at “Money In The Bank”

2: Show opens. Balloons fall bearing the Nexus’ “N”. The Nexus come to the ring. David Otunga is wearing a neck brace. Wade Barrett takes the microphone.


We have finally done it. At long last, the Nexus has achieved their primary objective, we are all fully contracted members on Monday Night Raw. Phase One is complete; Phase Two begins tonight, but first. On behalf of every member of the Nexus, I would like the man who it all possible to join us. The man who took us aside and taught us everything he knew when we were forced to carry kegs on our shoulders. The one who taught us to make our opportunities, not wait for them, a man that is the definition of a champion both inside and outside the ring. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Unified Heavyweight Champion. I present you Sting.

WWE Unified Heavyweight Champion Sting comes to the ring. The Nexus claps and embraces him before he takes the microphone.


I suppose you’re expecting an explanation for my actions last night. I guess the reason why I did what I did began about nine years ago with the closing of an organization called WCW. You see WWE Universe, you don’t know anything about WCW, you only know about the blunders like the Shockmaster, the Black Scorpion, David Arquette as World Heavyweight Champion. And you know this because that is all the WWE presents to you. They don’t want you to think about the Four Horsemen. They don’t want you to remember the War Games matches.  They don’t want you to remember how we fought and bled, week in week out, night in and night out beating this company and making Vince McMahon wonder if he’s next home was going to be a cardboard box. No, because we were “dubya cee dubya” we were “rasslin’” not “Sports-Entertainment” and we were beating Vince McMahon at his own game. Until, the higher ups at Turner Broadcasting decided they didn’t want us and through bad management cut our legs out from under us.

Sting (cont.):

In 2001, I watched the WWE swallow WCW. I watched the company whose banner I carried into battle, sold to Vince McMahon. I watched friends and enemies get humiliated on WWE Television. People who could have carried this sport to heights never before seen, I watched their careers reduced to such that people would rather pay money to see Mickey Mouse, than watch them. I sat at home and I watched, powerless to do anything. Years went by, I returned to the ring and all I heard was “Stinger when are you going to do it? When are you going to the WWE?” And I finally did, and I’ve beaten each and every Superstar I’ve stepped into this ring with, and I hate myself for it. I sold out. I sold out my principles and I sold out my dignity. Then one night it all changed. I was backstage and I bumped into these seven men. The seven men behind me told me how they were all “little Stingers”, how I inspired them to get into the business and how excited they were they got the opportunity to not only appear on WWE TV but to be trained by WWE Superstars. Then I saw their training. Carrying kegs? Selling mustaches? You call that wrestling training? I saw the next generation being humiliated like my comrades from WCW, but unlike then, this time I could do something about it. I pulled these seven men aside and told them “listen, if you want to make something of yourselves in this business you have to not just make a statement, you have to have the right tools and if you’re willing I’ll teach you the tools. They agreed and I held up my end of the bargain by training them not to be Sports-Entertainers but WRESTLERS. And now that their training is complete, the Nexus and the Stinger are going to show the WWE…

The Hart Dynasty’s music hits and they, along with Natalya, come to the entrance ramp.


You Sting? You? Sting, I used to idolize you growing up. When my father and uncle were in WCW, I remember going up to you and wishing you luck before your matches. I remember you going up to my father and telling him he had a good match whether he won or lost. You were a man of honor, a man of class, and you’re associating yourself with these thugs? Well, after what they did to our Uncle Bret. If you want to throw in with them, well, we’re sorry….

The Hart Dynasty makes their way toward the ring as security intercepts them.


Hold on. Hold on Sting. I’ll handle this. Hart Dynasty, you’re not going to do anything to us. You see as a Harvard educated lawyer I realized something that you didn’t. You see last week the rules were if any of us touched a WWE Superstar or member of the production crew, we would’ve lost our opportunity at “Money in the Bank”. They never said anything about General Managers. However, if any WWE Superstars touched us they would be suspended for thirty days. You touched us, we didn’t fight back, technically, and you are suspended!

The Harts try to fight their way through security as an email click is heard. Michael Cole goes to a podium beside the announcer’s table.


Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the attack on former GM Bret Hart, Mr. McMahon has appointed an anonymous GM who will relay his orders through email. The anonymous GM’s orders is for violating Mr. McMahon’s moratorium on attacking members of the Nexus, Unified Tag Team Champions the Hart Dynasty and Natalya are suspended for 30 days. Thank you.

Security escorts the Hart Dynasty out of the building.


Now that that’s settled there’s another matter to deal with. Last night, in an act of unnecessary aggression Randy Orton punted me off the Titan Tron stage, injuring my neck and forcing me to wear this contraption. Randy Orton committed an act of aggression that was unnecessary in the context of a wrestling match. Therefore, if Randy Orton does not come out here tonight and make a formal apology to me, I will not only sue him, I will also sue the WWE for negligence because no WWE officials attempted to stop him. Thank you.


Thank you David. WWE Universe, a new age begins tonight. And for everyone in the back, the Nexus is here, they are ready, and starting tonight it’s show time!

Cut to commercial.

2: R-Truth over Primo- Truth hits the Lie Detector

  • Afterwards, the new US Champion Ted DiBiase and Divas Champion Maryse appear on the Titan Tron. They are together in a Jacuzzi and drinking wine, with their belts behind them.
  • DiBiase brags about his victory.
  • Truth invokes his rematch clause.
  • The anonymous GM announces R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase for the US title next week.

3: Backstage: The Nexus’ locker room: The group is giving Darren Young a pep talk.

Cut to commercial.

4: Darren Young over Yoshi Tatsu.

5: Backstage: Randy Orton arrives backstage and is watching David Otunga’s speech about him. He smirks.

6: Sheamus over Mark Henry- Sheamus hits Henry with the Brogue Kick.

Cut to commercial.

7: Heath Slater over John Morrison-Zack Ryder hits a Rough Ryder as the referees back is turned.

8: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews a newly arrived John Cena. Cena says anything he has to say he’s going to say to Sting face to face later in the night.

Cut to commercial.

9: Randy Orton comes to the ring.


So, it seems Team RAW last night was not as united as we thought, wasn’t it Sting? Now, I’m not going to go into my feelings about you Sting, all I have to say is I have punt ready for you and my reputation precedes me. Now onto…

David Otunga’s music plays and he comes to the ring.


Go on Randy. Something about your reputation preceding you? Something about…


Actually David, I was just getting to you. Yes, last night I did put you off the ramp and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Hell, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t again.


No remorse, more evidence for my case.


Your case?


You heard me earlier. I want an apology for your actions last night and if you don’t I promise you, you won’t like the consequences.


And what consequences would that be? You’re going to sue me, over something that happened in a wrestling match? First of all, I may not have gone to Harvard, but I do recall signing a contract when I first came to WWE, that said any injury I sustained in a WWE ring, was not the company or anyone affiliated with the companies fault. Secondly, do you know who I am? Do you know what I’ve done? I’m the guy that’s killed legends. I’m the guy that punted the boss, his son, and the son-in-law. I’m the guy who DDT’d the bosses daughter and I’ve never apologized to them. What makes you think I’ll apologize to you?


Which is what makes this all the more satisfying. First of all, you punting me didn’t happen in a WWE ring, it happened on the outside.


Wait? Did you just say the reason you can sue me is because I punted you outside of a WWE ring?




So, you can’t sue me if I do something like…this!

Randy Orton hits David Otunga with the mic, knocking him to the ground. He gets ready to punt him again when the Nexus intervenes, chasing Orton from ringside. David Otunga mutters Orton, “does not know who he’s messing with.”

Cut to commercial.

10: Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver over Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella.

11: Backstage: Zack Ryder is bragging to Jericho about what he did to John Morrison. Jericho dismisses him.

12: “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels over William Regal via DQ

  • Miz interferes on Regal’s behalf.
  • Miz puts the Fallen Angel through a chair with the Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Miz cuts a promo mocking the Fallen Angel.

13: Backstage: The Nexus is aiding David Otunga. Sting talks to Wade Barrett and gives him words of encouragement for his match next.

Cut to commercial.

14:  Wade Barrett over the Great Khali.

15: Eve over Jillian.

Cut to commercial.

16: Chris Jericho vs. Edge- No contest.

  • Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver attack both men in the middle of the match.
  • Security breaks it up.

17: Backstage: John Cena getting ready to come to the ring.

Cut to commercial.

18: Backstage: Edge and Jericho refusing aid and deciding they have to talk.

19: John Cena comes to the ring and grabs the mic.


I’m not going to waste time with speeches. Sting! Get out here, now! I said get out here Sting! You owe me an explanation, you owe the boys in the back an explanation, and you owe these fans an explanation! If you have any shred left of dignity left in you, you’ll man up, come down here, and confront me, like the man I thought you were.

Sting’s music hits and he comes to the ring. He takes a mic.


John, I know your upset. But you have to understand…


Cut the crap! Why?


Why? You know why, John. I did what I did to save this sport. I’m tired of seeing the same guys in the Main Event! I’m tired of watching the spotlight shine on feuds from ten years ago. And most importantly I’m tired of the glass ceiling preventing the new generation of Superstars from getting a break! The Nexus is young, the Nexus is wrong, and as you saw last night, the Nexus is ready to climb their way to the top. It’s time for some new Superstars to grab the spotlight. It’s time for a new generation to take over. And if I as a veteran have to guide them as they usher it in so be it, because by the time I’m done with the Nexus, I will be proud if one them takes the Unified Heavyweight Championship from me. One of them, John not you, your time is done.


My time is now Sting! (He removes his shirt) And if anyone’s going to take that Unified title off you it’s going to be me! But tonight, I think I’ll settle for your ass!

  • Sting and Cena start brawling.
  • Wade Barrett comes out and clips Cena’s legs.
  • The rest of the Nexus comes to Sting’s aid and beat down Cena.
  • Sting gets the bat and the Nexus prop up Cena, so Sting can hit him.
  • Sting has second thoughts.
  • Suddenly Triple H’s music hits and he comes out. The Game is back!
  • Triple H comes into the ring. The Nexus releases Cena and Sting points the bat at Triple H.
  • Triple H pulls out the sledgehammer and attacks the swarming Nexus with it.
  • The Nexus and Sting scatter.
  • Cena is shocked that Triple H saved him.

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