Florence Henderson guest hosts RAW as Vince McMahon comes to conduct a performance evaluation of GM Bret Hart, the final member of Team RAW is revealed and the Nexus starts revealing the full scale of their plan.

RAW 7/12/2010

1: Backstage: Pre-Tape: Vince McMahon, surrounded by private security, enters the building and meets GM Bret Hart.


So. Are we doing this now or later?


In a minute I have an announcement to make.

2: Show opens: Vince McMahon does the “McMahon Walk” to the ring.


Thank you. I, on behalf of the WWE Universe, would like to say thank you to Bret Hart and the RAW roster for their handling of what’s come to be known as the “Raw strike” last week. And while I am a little bit disappointed in my staff for walking out, I understand their concern. They are not performers and the attacks on them by the Nexus are quite frankly rotten and despicable. This week I was asked by members of the production staff to cancel the “Money in the Bank” match next Sunday, and not give the Nexus an opportunity at all to become WWE Superstars. And in truth, I want to, but that would be too easy. So, I’ve made a decision. If any members of the Nexus put their hands on any WWE superstar, any cameraman, any referee, anyone in the production truck, any announcer, or any member of the sound crew, the entire Nexus will lose their opportunity at “Money in the Bank” and the match will be between the RAW Seven for the Unified Championship. On the contrary if any WWE Superstar puts their hands on a member of the Nexus, they will be suspended for thirty days.

Suddenly the Nexus’s music hits and the Nexus Seven come to the entrance ramp. Wade Barrett grabs a microphone.


Mr. McMahon, you can bloviate all you want but we know that you and General Manager Bret Hart have lost control and are powerless to regain any semblance of it. And you know what? You never will. You see while the Nexus is united, Team RAW is well…you don’t even have a full team. The disunity of the WWE is why we’ve been able to carry out Phase One of our plan. You see Mr. McMahon, our plan began much earlier then you realize. And it reaches farther than the expansion that made you who you are. We still have a couple of trump cards we intend to play and “Money in the Bank” is only the beginning.

Suddenly GM Bret Hart appears on the Titan Tron.


Great speech Wade, so you’ve got a couple of trump cards to play, guess what? So do I. Allow me to introduce the seventh member of Team RAW, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels!

Daniels enters.


Team RAW is complete. We’ll see you Sunday.

Cut to commercial

3: Backstage: GM Bret Hart is meeting with Guest Host Florence Henderson.  They are in the middle of a conversation.


A granddaughter. Congratulations.


Thank you. She’s beautiful. You know sometimes I wonder what’s harder; raising a family or running this show?


I don’t know. But I do know one thing I’d do if I were in your position. Give those Nexus boys a time out.


Not a bad idea.

Vince McMahon barges in.


What are you doing?


Saying hello to our host Florence Henderson.




Did I tell you to name a seventh member of Team RAW?


I’m General Manager I can appoint anybody I want.


I may have praised how you handled last week, but it was your inability to provide proper security led to last weeks walk out.


Yeah, about that Vince I was going over the budget and it seems much of the security budget was spent to provide extra security to…you.




Gentlemen, gentlemen, if there’s one thing I learned from all of my years on the Brady Bunch, it’s that the best way to solve problems is not by fighting each other but together as a family. Now turn those frowns upside down, give each other a hug, and start working together.

Vince and Bret turn away awkwardly. Florence looks to the camera and shrugs her shoulders.

4: Ted DiBiase w/ Divas Champion Maryse and Virgil over Yoshi Tatsu- DiBiase catches Virgil with Dream Street.

  • Afterwards, DiBiase announces that he’s signed the open contract for a US title match with R-Truth. He tells Maryse that the penthouse in Vegas is ready for the victory party following his match.
  • US Champion R-Truth comes out and announces that GM Bret Hart has given him a match with Virgil for later in the evening and that DiBiase and Maryse are barred from ringside.

5: Backstage: GM Bret Hart’s office: Bret makes Sting the referee of the four way between Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge, and Sheamus later in the evening.

Cut to commercial.

6: “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels is walking backstage when he bumps into David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, and Darren Young.


Fallen Angel, just the man I want to see. Don’t worry I know I can’t touch you. I only want to ask you a question. Why are you throwing in with Team RAW? What has WWE management done for you? Gave you an opportunity? What opportunity? You’ve haven’t even moved up to mid-card. You know and I know you can do better. I’ve seen what you can do and our teacher…

The Miz interrupts him.


Really? You guys have a teacher. Is he like my protégé Daniel Bryan and jobless? However, I do agree with you, Otunga, on one thing, what is some strong-silent type wannabe like you Fallen Angel doing on my team?

Daniels gets in his face, snarls then walks away. Miz turns his attention to the Nexus.

Miz (cont.):

So Nexus, I hear you’re not allowed to touch any member of the RAW roster tonight or my “Money in the Bank” match turns into a ladder match for the Unified Championship. That’s just great because I’ve got a couple of things I want to say to each and everyone of you. Like you Justin Gabriel, guess what? Justin Bieber called and he wants his haircut back. Speaking of bad hair, are you blind Darren Young? Because only a blind man could have that hair do. Speaking of blindness, Michael Tarver, you’re so ugly, child services forces you to wear a mask because looking at your face gave your kids temporary blindness. Then there’s you, David Otunga, the big “Harvard lawyer” looking to make a name to impress his big shot Oscar winning fiancée Jennifer Hudson. Too bad you’ll never escape her shadow because she’s so big when she walks in front of the sun astronomers think it’s a solar eclipse.

Otunga goes to swing at Miz but is held back by the other Nexus members. They tell him Miz is baiting him and the consequences aren’t worth it.


Remember, we have to stick to the plan.

Silently Otunga stands down and the Nexus leaves. Miz smiles with glee.


I like this rule.

7: John Morrison and Evan Bourne over William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson -Morrison pins Regal with Starship Pain.

  • Afterwards, Chris Jericho comes out to the ramp. He tells John Morrison and Evan Bourne he is sick of the lack of respect they show him.
  • He goes on to say he is proud of the Nexus and that he taught his protégé, Wade Barrett well. His only regret is that the Nexus isn’t disposing of “troglodytes” like Morrison and Bourne. He challenges them to a three way at Money in the Bank.
  • Morrison and Bourne accept.
  • Suddenly, Zach Ryder comes to the ramp.
  • Ryder too is upset by the lack of respect he is shown by the RAW roster.
  • He asks Jericho to teach him like he taught Wade Barrett.
  • Jericho agrees and a tag team match is made.

8: Backstage: John Cena walking through the hall. Cut to commercial.

9: The Santino Bunch starring The Bella Twins, Gail Kim, Florence Henderson, Santino Marella, Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Hornswaggle, and Mae Young. (All the men have unibrows and please bear with me for this one.)

“It’s the story of lovely lady

Who is managing three very lovely girls,

None of them have hair of gold

But she’s not their mother

And none of them have curls.

It’s story of Santino

Who was busy with an entourage of his own,

They were three and a half men, traveling all together

And had unibrows.

Then the one day when the lady met this fellow

And they knew that it was much than a hunch

That this group must somehow form a family

That’s the reason for this skit, Santino’s Bunch

Santino’s Bunch

Santino’s Bunch

That’s the way we became Santino’s Bunch!”

Scene: Backstage: An area is made too look like the Brady’s living room. In the center is infamous Horse Statue. Gail Kim is talking to Florence Henderson.


Wow Flo, is that really the horse from the Brady Bunch?


Indeed it is Gail. I’m hoping it brings a lot of money at the charity auction. Any money we can raise for Women’s Health Awareness is a good thing. You can never have too many healthy women.

Enter the Bella Twins.

Nikki and Brie Bella (in unison):

Hi Flo.


Hi girls.


Guess what? I got two dates to the charity auction.


Nikki always gets the boys. Nikki, Nikki, Nikki!

Cue: Laugh track.


But Brie, one of them is for you.




Of course.


You’re the best twin ever.

The Bellas hug.

Cue: “Awwww” track.

Enter: Santino with Hornswaggle, Great Khali, and Rajin Singh. Khali is carrying a sitar, while Singh has a tambourine.


Honey, I’m home!

Cue: Clap and cheer tracks.


Hello, Santino. How was your day?


Perfect. The boys make me so proud. Khali’s band got accepted into the talent show. Show him you’re skills Khali.

Khali (attempting to play):

Clowns never laugh before,

Beanstalks never grew

Birds never sang before

Until I met you.

Cue: Clap track.



Enter: Vladimir Kozlov and Mae Young (dressed as Alice).

Mae Young:

Dinner’s ready!


What’s on the menu tonight?


Pork chop und Apple Sauce.



  • Suddenly, the Hart Dynasty and Natalya, who dash through the set brandishing bats and chairs, interrupt them.
  • The camera follows the Hart’s as they run toward the arena’s backstage entrance where the Nexus is assaulting Bret.
  • Skip Sheffield DDT’s Bret onto the concrete ground.
  • David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya attack the Nexus with chairs and bats.
  • The Nexus flees without fighting back.
  • Natalya and the Harts go to Bret. Other members of the RAW roster surround them.


Get away from him! Medic! Medic!

Cut to commercial.

10: Backstage: Medics arrive to help Bret Hart.

11: At the Announcer’s table. Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole are shocked.


I don’t believe this. This…this is just going to far.

Michael Cole:

I know. I know. For those of you just joining us. A few moments ago, members of the Nexus assaulted General Manager Bret Hart. Medical technicians are currently attending to Bret we have no word on his condition but we’ll keep you posted. This attack is horrifying beyond belief and…


Michael, Michael let me handle this. Fans, I want to take a moment to be frank because I’m shooting here. This attack upon the General Manager is criminal and I hope Vince McMahon is on the phone right now with the Police and files every charge in the book against the Nexus. This has gone too far. For those of you who don’t know a decade ago Bret Hart was forced to retire from wrestling after suffering a massive condition from a kick to the back of the head during a match. Approximately two years later, Bret suffered a stroke after a hitting his head in a bicycle accident. For a while he was paralyzed on the left side of his body. His miraculous recovery is a testament to his willpower and hard work. A blow to the head could cause that paralysis to return or much worse. This is very serious. We are not playing around here. Head trauma is very serious and can have permanent affects on its victims. It is no joke. Never mess around with someone’s head.


King, I’m receiving an update apparently an ambulance has arrived.

12: Backstage: The ambulance arrives as medics start placing Bret on a stretcher.

13: Backstage: Guest Host Florence Henderson is leaving the building. Todd Grisham stops her.


Ms. Henderson. Ms. Henderson, where are you going?


Todd, I’m sorry, it was wonderful meeting everybody tonight and for a while I was having a wonderful time but after what I just witnessed, I cannot in good conscience remain here. I’m disgusted, I don’t feel safe, and I’m appalled that this company could be so lax to let something like that happen. I’m sorry. I wish Bret the best and hope he has a speedy recovery.

She gets in a cab and leaves. Cut to commercial.

14: SMACKDOWN Rebound

  • Kane attacks the Straight Edge Society, blaming them for leaving the Undertaker in a vegetative state. A brawl with Luke Gallows ensues.
  • CM Punk asks the Masked Member of the Straight Edge Society to take his place in the Pound For Pound title Tornado match at “Money in the Bank”
  • Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger attacks Big Show.
  • Team LayCool jumps Kelly Kelly.

15: Backstage: Bret is loaded into the ambulance. Natalya and the Hart Dynasty go with him. The ambulance leaves.

16: The Usos w/ Tamina over Cryme Tyme.

  • Beforehand the Usos make a joke about what happened to Bret.

17: Backstage: Vince McMahon’s office: Vince is yelling at his lawyer over the phone.


What do you mean I can’t do anything? What do you mean I never specifically said they couldn’t attack a General Manager, I said if they so much as laid a finger on any member of my crew. What do you mean Bret isn’t a member of the crew?

Suddenly an irate John Cena bursts into the office.

Vince (cont.):

I have to go.


What are you going to do about this? Huh? What are you going to do?


I can’t do anything!


What do you mean?


I was just on the phone with my lawyer. I was trying to file charges but apparently I have no case. I never specifically said they couldn’t assault a General Manager.




So, they go free.



Cena punches a hole in the wall.

Cena (cont.):

Well you better do something. Because if you don’t, that entire locker room is going to have your head.

Cena exits. Cut to commercial.

18: Vince McMahon comes to the ring. No “Vince Walk” this time.


Thank you. I’ve come out here to inform you that Bret Hart is currently resting at the hospital and that I’ve received word that he has not suffered any severe head trauma. While Bret and I may not see eye to eye, I, like you, found what the Nexus did to Bret deplorable. Unfortunately, my lawyer informed me that due to my choice of words earlier this evening, filing charges against the Nexus members is not feasible. However, I can do something. You see, here in the WWE, we have a Code of Conduct. This code states that you don’t injure your opponent to the point where they can no longer work. You don’t injure a member of the staff to the point where they can no longer provide for their family. Tonight, the Nexus has broken the Code of Conduct. Hell, they’ve been breaking the Code since this fiasco began. So I’ve decided if the Nexus wants to break the Code, they don’t deserve the protection of the Code. Parents, you may want to tuck your kids in early if you order the Pay Per View this Sunday, because the “Money in the Bank” match is Code suspended! That means anything Team RAW does to the Nexus, be it bruising them, injuring them, anything is nice and legal. And I fore one hope, Nexus, that my roster puts each and everyone of out of Sports-Entertainment forever!

Vince leaves.

19: Eve over Alicia Fox.

Cut to commercial.

20: US Champion R-Truth over Virgil- Truth pins Virgil with the Lie Detector.

  • DiBiase and Maryse come out to a VIP section before hand.
  • After the match Truth destroys the VIP section trying to get to DiBiase.

Cut to commercial.

21:Randy Orton over Sheamus, Edge, and John Cena w/ Sting as Guest Referee- Orton pins Edge with the RKO.

  • Cena gets on the microphone.


We done? Are we done? Do we have our hatred of one another out of our system? Because if any of you don’t lets ring the bell and go another couple of rounds until we do. As a matter of fact, ‘Angel! Miz! Get out here!

The Miz and Daniels come to ringside.

Cena (cont.):

Do you have a problem with anybody in this ring? Do any of you in this ring have a problem with them? No? No takers? Because as much as I hate to say it, Wade Barrett was right about one thing, we can only do this as a united front, so one last time if any of you has a problem with me or another member of our team that they can’t put aside for one night only, speak now or forever hold your peace. (No one answers) Good! Because Nexus, we’ve got a message for you. You know that limo you rode in last week I’d take the money you spent on limos and invest them in body bags, because this Sunday, you’re going to need them!

Show ends.


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