The RAW production crew have had enough. In protest of the attacks on non-wrestlers by the Nexus, the entire RAW staff  walks off the show. Can GM Bret Hart salvage a show with a sound, light, or camera crew? How about referees and backstage interviewers? Read to find out…

RAW Fan Script 7/5/2010

1: Recap- The Nexus’ attack on Ricky Steamboat and the Legends, along with members of the RAW staff.

2: Show opens: All seven members of the Nexus are in the ring, including Wade Barrett.


As you can see, my visa problems have been solved and I’ve received word that for my troubles I shall be compensated by joining my Nexus partners in the Money in the Bank ladder match, making it seven on seven. As you see the seven of us are united. The WWE is shattered. We…

The microphone goes out.

Camera pans over to the soundboard. The sound guy leaves.

The lights go out except for the back ups.

Several cameras go out.

3: Backstage: Several stagehands, referees, and backstage interviewers are walking out of the building.

Cut to: The Production truck. The crew is leaving.

4: Outside the building: Bret Hart runs to meet up with Todd Grisham and the staff whose walking out.


Hey. Wait. What’s going on?


You want to know what’s going on, Bret? I’ll tell you why. Last week, we were attacked. The guest host was attacked. We were assaulted. By all rights the Nexus should be in jail. Their leader deported. Instead, they’re getting the opportunity to be WWE Superstars. Well as long as they are here this is an unsafe working environment, and as far as we are concerned, as long as they’re here we’re not. So find someone else to help you put on the show, because until we get some kind of protection, we’re on strike!

Cabs come and the staff gets in them. Cut to commercial.

5: Backstage, during the commercial break The Nexus are leaving the building for a limo that’s been waiting for them. They are bragging about how they’ve accomplished their mission. They get in their limo and leave.

6: Backstage: GM Bret Hart assembles the RAW roster.


Listen. I’ve assembled you here for a reason. As you can see most of our production staff has left the building. This is the longest running, uninterrupted, episodic show on television and I’ll be damned if under my watch a bunch of thugs are going to break that streak. So tonight I’m asking some of you. Any of you. Any one of you that has experience with lighting, camera work, sound, lend a hand because the people in that audience came to see a show, and nobody is going to leave tonight feeling ripped off. So, if you’re with me. Lets go out there and make this RAW, the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be.

Cut to commercial.

7: The Production truck: Bret Hart enters and flips a few switches.

8: Ringside: Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole’s microphones are back on.

A section of house lights turn on. Standing in the rafters behind them is Unified Champion Sting.

Sting walks over to another set of lights and turns them on. He does this for each section. Sting grabs a microphone and a briefcase lowers.


Thank you WWE Universe for bearing with us through these ‘technical difficulties’. I would like the following WWE Superstars to report to the ring: US Champion R-Truth, Miz, Ted DiBiase Jr., John Morrison, Evan Bourne, the Fallen Angel, Mark Henry, and William Regal.

They come to the ring with no entrance music.

Sting (cont.):

Tonight I’m giving you an opportunity. Tonight, we’re having a Money in the Bank match. And the winner will not only be the sixth man on Team Raw, but you’ll also receive, at any time you wish tonight only, a shot at my Unified Heavyweight Championship. And guess what, it’s show time!

Cut to commercial.

9: The Miz over US Champion R-Truth, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, Mark Henry, and William Regal in a Money in the Bank ladder match

  • Arn Anderson is brought out as the Guest Referee.
  • A new set of cameramen arrives with their faces obscured by hats.

10: On the stage: Brie Bella catches the victorious Miz.


Miz. Miz, a word? How does feel knowing you’ll not only be representing RAW in the “Money in the Bank” match but also…


Yeah. Yeah. Enough, I’ll take over from here. Tonight a change is coming to the WWE. Tonight a new era begins, for Stinger when I beat you tonight, I shall not only become the Unified Heavyweight Champion and once I lead Team RAW to victory in the “Money in the Bank” match, the main even will become the “Mizain” event and a brand new day will dawn for I am the Miz and I am awesome!!!!!!!

Cut to commercial.

11: John Cena comes out and introduces the Guest Pyroman for the night, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (who does his pose and fireworks go off). Guest DJ R-Truth. Guest Referee (or Enforcer) once again, Arn Anderson. Finally, there is the guest ring announcer, John Cena.

12: Santino Marella over Vladimir Kozlov w/ William Regal.

  • Afterwards Regal brutally attacks Santino.
  • Kozlov takes out Regal and shakes hands with Santino.
  • Santino announces the formation of the “Santorage”.

Cut to commercial.

13: On the stage: Nikki Bella interviews Unified Tag Team Champions the Hart Dynasty and Natalya.

  • Nikki asks the Hart Dynasty if they are ready for their match with the Usos at “Money in the Bank”
  • Nikki complements Natalya’s hair and asks about her match with Maryse coming up next.

14: Natalya vs. Divas Champion Maryse- No contest.

  • R-Truth replaces Maryse’s music with Doink the Clown’s.
  • Ted DiBiase attacks R-Truth. They brawl and Mark Henry comes out to drag DiBiase away.
  • Maryse runs after Ted.
  • Tamina attacks Natalya
  • Brawl between Usos and the Hart Dynasty

Cut to commercial.

15: John Cena in the ring.


Welcome back America. Hey Truth, you got something you wanna say?

Cut to US Champion R-Truth back in the sound booth.


As a matter of fact I do John. Ted DiBiase you go around flashing your money, your Million Dollar Belt, and your gold digger, thinking that’s all it’ll take to make me surrender my US title to you. Well you want the truth? Here’s the truth (he holds up a contract) you want my belt, come and get it at “Money in the Bank.” And that is what’s up!

Back to Cena.


Speaking of having something to say. I got something to say to Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Edge. Boy’s get down here!

Edge, Sheamus, and Randy Orton come to the ring.


I’m not going to lie. I don’t like you and you don’t like me, but like it or not…


We know Cena and we don’t care. And once more, who died and made you our leader? If anybody should lead this group, it should be me. Out of all of us, I’m the only one here who has won the Money in the Bank match. As I recall, I not only won Money in the Bank, but I cashed it in to win the WWE Championship against well…you.


Edge, shut up! You and me still have unfinished business. Business that was rudely interrupted last week by the Nexus. I do not take kindly to being chained to a cage, much less by a bunch of rookies who rely and hit and run tactics. As far as I’m concerned all of you are a means to an end, that end being me punting each and every member of the Nexus. Once “Money in the Bank” is done its open season on each and everyone of you.


Yeh know what I think? I don’ care about nun’yeh. I don’t care ‘bout the WWE. I don’t care ‘bout the Nexus. I’m only wit’ yeh ‘cause I want what’s mine, the WWE Unified Championship, and once I’m done making an example of the Nexus at “Money in the Bank” it’s open season on all’ya. I have no friends and no need for ‘em.

Cut to commercial.

16: During the commercial break: Pre-tape: Bret Hart working in the production truck.

17: Chris Jericho over Yoshi Tatsu- Jericho catches Tatsu with the Codebreaker.

  • Afterwards, Jericho derides both John Morrison and Evan Bourne for disrespecting him and challenges them to confront him next week.

Cut to commercial.

18: John Cena asks the crowd if they’re having fun. He gives an update on Ricky Steamboat’s condition then says he’s received a tweet that not only will next week’s Guest Host will be Florence Henderson, but that Vince McMahon is coming to conduct a “Performance Evaluation” of GM Bret Hart.

19: Unified Heavyweight Championship Match: Unified Champion Sting over the Miz via submission- Miz taps out to the Scorpion Deathlock.

  • Afterwards, the concealed cameramen reveal themselves to be the Nexus and attack Sting and Miz.
  • John Cena leads the rest of Team RAW.
  • Wild battle ensues.
  • “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels aids Team RAW.
  • Team RAW knocks the Nexus out of the ring.
  • The entire RAW roster attack and rout the Nexus.
  • The Nexus are chased up the Titan Tron and through the entrance by the RAW roster as the show ends.

Special thanks to Joel, the proprietor of  The Phoenix of Westchester comic book store for the premise of this script.


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