Vince McMahon calls out the Nexus and makes them an offer they can’t refuse. Plus Rob Zombie introduces a Superstar of his own to the WWE Universe!

RAW 6/28/10 Fan Script

1: Recap of the NXT Seven’s Siege of Titan Tower.

2: Show opens. Vince McMahon’s music hits and he does the “Vince walk” to the ring. He’s carrying a briefcase and is surrounded by a SWAT team.


Thank you. Thank you very much people. I’ve come to Philadelphia to address the issue pertaining to this group calling themselves, the Nexus. Last week, they crossed the line. It’s one thing to attack my roster, one thing to attack me, but to attack my office! To threaten my home and my family, you have crossed the line and there is no turning back! Which is why I have invited the Nexus to the building. So, if they would please come out, here they are the NXT Seven, now known as Nexus.

The Nexus Seven: Darren Young, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield, and Michael Tarver step out to the ramp. Conspicuously absent is Wade Barrett.

Vince (cont.):

Wait did I say seven? I’m sorry I mean six. Yeah. I understand you’re spokesman, and NXT winner, Wade Barrett is having some problems with the state department. Visa problems, they say. Wonder who tipped them off, huh?

David Otunga:

Can you get to the point?


Don’t you interrupt me! Don’t you dare interrupt me! You are lucky to be here tonight. You are lucky I let you within one hundred feet of this building. You’re all lucky you’re not sharing a jail cell for your callous and cowardly attack on my building! You’re lucky I haven’t ordered every single Superstar on my roster to beat you within an inch of your life! But, no, I’m a forgiving person. I don’t hold a grudge. As a matter of fact, I have something for all of you. (Vince holds up the briefcase) I hold in this briefcase right now, WWE Contracts for all of you. Contracts guaranteeing each and every one of you one year in the WWE, along with a significant signing bonus, your own, spacious, luxurious dressing room, for the duration of a year. That’s what you wanted am I right? Well, it’s in here. I’m giving into your demands. You’ve broken Vince McMahon, I’m giving you everything you want…or am I? You didn’t really think it would be that easy did you? Oh no, you see you have to earn these contracts and to do that, one of you is going to have to climb to the top of a ladder and grab this briefcase. Oh…and did I mention that in order to climb that ladder you are going to have to go through six of my top Superstars! And one more thing, should you lose…you’re fired!

Cut to commercial.

3: Backstage: GM Bret Hart is conversing with Vince McMahon. McMahon gloats about how he’s made a great decision. Bret disagrees.

4: Randy Orton comes to the ring and calls out Edge. He says he’s better and is ready to punt him out of the WWE, tonight. Guest Host Rob Zombie comes out and announces the Main Event will be Randy Orton and Edge in a steel cage. Edge appears on the Titan Tron and tells Randy tonight the game begins. Edge tells Rob that he remembers calling him to tell him he quit using his entrance music. Rob responds by telling him

Cut to commercial.

5: Backstage: Ted DiBiase conversing with Divas Champion Maryse, who is holding a black goth dress.


I can’t believe they’re making me wear this disgusting…ugh! Teddy, you’ll do something about it right?


Not a problem baby, not a problem.

There’s a knock on his locker room door.

DiBiase (cont.):

Hold on he’s here. Come in.

Vladimir Kozlov enters.


You said you have competition.


Yes, and much more. Once you beat R-Truth for the US title, all you have to do is give me a match, take a nap for three seconds and hand the belt over to me, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Kozlov glances toward Maryse who dismisses him.


I break Truth and get her?


No. (He pulls out a wad of $100 bills) This.




So you know what you have to do?


Yes. I must break the Truth.



6:  Jimmy Uso w/ Tamina and Jey over David Hart Smith w/ Natalya and Tyson Kidd-Jimmy pins David with a handful of tights.

Cut to commercial.

7: Mark Henry over Zach Ryder.

8: Backstage: Rob Zombie meets with GM Bret Hart. Rob says he knows a wrestler whose dying to make his WWE debut and asks Bret if he’ll give him a match. Chris Jericho interrupts them and makes derogatory comments toward Rob. Bret decides Rob Zombie’s rookie will face Jericho later in the night.

9: Sheamus comes to the ring. He claims he was robbed in his match against Unified Champion Sting last week and demands a rematch.

  • Sting answers, telling Sheamus he had his shot and lost. Sting says it’s time for someone else to enter the Championship scene.
  • The Miz’s music hits and he enters the ring. The Miz tells Sting he agrees with him, it’s time for someone new to enter the Unified Championship picture, and that person should be none other than “the Greatest US Champion of all time” the Miz.
  • John Cena enters and reminds the Miz that they have unfinished business from last week.
  • Rob Zombie comes out with a memo from GM Bret Hart saying that the four of them will be in a tag team match later tonight.

10: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews the Nexus Six. David Otunga becomes the spokes person and says they are looking for whoever ratted out Wade Barrett to the feds. During the interview Skip Sheffield accuses a cameraman of being the snitch and knocks him out. Cut to commercial.

11: Rob Zombie introduces the Divas Side Show match.

  • The first participants, Eve and Gail Kim enter dressed in Goth dresses.
  • Rob introduces the next participants, Maryse and Alicia Fox. Only Alicia Fox enters.
  • Ted DiBiase, Divas Champion Maryse, and Virgil enter. DiBiase says his girlfriend doesn’t want to participate so they’ve hired a replacement, Jillian Hall. DiBiase and Maryse take a seat at a V.I.P. booth set up on the entrance ramp. Virgil acts as bouncer.
  • Jillian sings a horrible rendition of “Dragula” to which Rob replies “I thought my movies were scary”
  • Eve and Gail Kim over Alicia Fox and Jillian-Gail pins Jillian when she finishes singing.
  • As the winners exit, Maryse mocks Eve.

Cut to commercial.

12: US Champion R-Truth over Vladimir Kozlov- Truth pins Kozlov with the Lie Detector.

  • DiBiase and Maryse are still at the V.I.P Lounge.
  • After the match, Truth knocks out Virgil and destroys the V.I.P. area as DiBiase and Maryse make their getaway.

13: Jerry Lawler introduces Arn Anderson, Mike Rotundo (I.R.S.), and Michael Hayes as they come out to praise Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat on his new DVD.

  • The Nexus attacks, only pausing to ask, “Who is the snitch?”
  • The legends are carried out on stretchers.

Cut to commercial.

14: Recap- The Legends being taken to the hospital.

15: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews US Champion R-Truth.

  • Truth calls the Nexus cowards and announces he has an open contract available for Ted DiBiase should he want to face him man to man at “Money in the Bank”.
  • David Otunga and Nexus blindside Truth and accuse him of being the snitch.

16: Unified Champion Sting and John Cena over Sheamus and the Miz- Sting makes Miz tap out with the Scorpion Death Lock.

17: Backstage: Rob Zombie is checking to see if his rookie was ready.

Cut to commercial.

18: Chris Jericho makes his entrance.

19: Rob Zombie introduces his rookie, El Phantasmo. El Phantasmo is a masked wrestler, wearing a mask designed by Rob Zombie himself. He is accompanied by the Bella Twins, wearing black dresses with skull bows in their hair.

20: El Phantasmo over Chris Jericho- Phantasmo pins Jericho with a Shooting Star Press.

  • El Phantasmo removes his mask, revealing himself to be Evan Bourne. Jericho throws a tantrum.
  • The Nexus attacks both Borne and Rob Zombie.

Cut to commercial.

21: Evan Bourne and Rob Zombie being attended to by medics.

22: Steel Cage Match: Randy Orton vs. Edge-No Contest.

  • Nexus interferes and handcuff both Orton and Edge to the cage.
  • Sting repels into the cage from the rafters and attacks the Nexus with his bat. He starts to get overwhelmed.
  • John Cena and Sheamus get in the cage and unlock Edge and Orton.
  • The cage is raised and Nexus escapes.
  • Cena gets on the mic and addresses Sting, Sheamus, Edge, and Orton.


Listen. I not all of us get along. I know that some in this very ring right now downright hate each other’s guts. But we all share one thing in common, and that’s our hatred for those Nexus clowns. They want contracts they have to get through six of the best Superstars in the WWE! Guess what? I’m standing in the ring with five of the best the WWE has to offer. So let’s put aside the nonsense for one night and at “Money in the Bank” show those cowards what the Superstars of the WWE are made of!

  • Reluctantly they shake hands and an alliance is formed…for now. Show ends.

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