Fatal Four Way Fan Script

1: Show Opens- Fireworks etc.

Pan: The audience. Seated in the front row is the NXT Seven.

Bret Hart’s music hits and Bret hits the ring.


First of all I want to welcome most of you to the show. I promise you’ll see some great action. But first, I’ve got some business to take care of because you see in the front row there are seven people that are not welcome tonight. So, can I get some security? Kindly escort them out!

Security escorts out the NXT Seven. Wade Barrett manages to utter that what happens next is on Bret’s head.


Now, that that’s over with lets start the show!

2: The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels over William Regal- Daniels pins Regal with the Best Moonsault Ever.

3: Divas Championship Match: Divas Champion Maryse over Eve, Gail Kim, and Alicia Fox.

4: John Morrison over Chris Jericho- Morrison catches Jericho with Starship Pain.

5: Announcer introduces the judges for the US Title match: Freddy Prinze Jr., Burt Sugar, and…JIM ROSS.

6: US Championship Match: R-Truth over US Champion the Miz-Truth uses the Lie Detector to pin Miz.

7: Mixed Six-Person Tag Match: The Usos and Tamina over Unified Tag Team Champions the Hart Dynasty- Tamina pins Natalya.

8: Intercontinental Championship Match: IC Champion Jack Swagger over Kofi Kingston- Swagger pins Kingston after a Jack Knife Powerbomb.

9: Pound For Pound Championship Match: Pound For Pound Champion: Rey Mysterio over CM Punk w/the Straight Edge Society.

10: Edge over Randy Orton- Referee stops the match due to Orton’s injured arm. Orton RKO’s the referee.

11: John Cena over Ted DiBiase Jr. w/ Virgil and Maryse- Cena makes DiBiase submit.

12: Fatal Four Way for the Unified Championship: Unified Champion Sting over Big Show, Sheamus, and Christian- Sting pins Christian with a cross body from the top rope.


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