Vince McMahon addresses last week’s heinous attack by the NXT rookies, but do they care? Meanwhile, John Cena, Unified Champion Sting, and GM Bret Hart have some choice words for the NXT Rookies.

RAW 6.14.10 Fan Script

1: Pre-tape: Titan Tower: Vince McMahon’s office. Vince is sitting at his desk.


Good evening. Last week a heinous attack was perpetrated upon members of the WWE staff, including three of our top performers. These actions, committed by the Season One NXT rookies, are reprehensible and, on behalf of the WWE, I apologize to any members of our audience that were offended or disturbed by the recent events.  Disciplinary action has been taken and, in addition to the termination of one of the perpetrators, I am issuing an executive order barring all NXT Season One rookies from WWE events. To all WWE Superstars, members of our production crew, and of course you the audience, should you see any of these renegades at a WWE event do not attempt to engage and inform the nearest Security or Law Enforcement official and they will handle matter. I would like to emphasize that actions perpetrated by a few under contract is not representative of the WWE nor condoned. Once more, I apologize to any offended parties. Thank you very much for your time and enjoy tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

2: Show Opens: Big Show’s music hits. The Big Show comes to the ring and introduces the Guest Host, Mark Feuerstein, star of Royal Pains.


Hello WWE Universe! Thank you very much for making “Royal Pains” the hit of last summer. This year is going to be even better. And, I’ve got big news for my big friend (pointing toward Big Show). Tonight the Big Show will step into the ring with the Celtic Warrior Sheamus!

3: Backstage: John Cena arrives and bumps into Eve. They exchange pleasantries and she asks if he’s all right. He says yes. Cut to commercial.

4: Jimmy Oso w/ Jey and Tamina over Tyson Kidd w/Natalya and David Hart Smith.

  • Afterwards, a brawl between both teams ensues.
  • Bret Hart’s music hits. He announces a Six Person Match between both teams for “Fatal Four Way.” Cut to commercial.

5: Backstage: GM Bret Hart is handing photos of the NXT Season One cast out to security and explaining that if they appear to arrest on sight for trespassing. Todd Grisham catches up to Bret.


Bret. Bret! A word?




Bret, obviously you heard Mr. McMahon’s edict. What are you doing to make sure the NXT Superstars don’t get into the building?


Well, I’ve informed security and the police to be on the lookout for any members of the NXT crew. Should they decide to enter this building mark my words they will be physically removed.


We saw John Cena arrive earlier, any word on the status of Unified Champion Sting?


I spoke to Sting earlier today and though he’s not here tonight, he will be at the “Fatal Four Way” to defend his Unified Championship.


What about Daniel Bryan’s replacement as a judge for the US Title match?


I have a replacement that I will announce at the PPV.

Bret exits.


Thank you. King, Cole, back to you.

6: US Champion the Miz’s music hits and he comes to the ring. He takes a seat beside Michael Cole and the King for color commentary.

7: R-Truth over Zack Ryder- R-Truth pins Ryder with the Lie Detector.

  • Afterwards, the Miz and Truth taunt each other.

8: Backstage: Mark Feuerstein has finished giving the Bella Twins a “check up” when Ted DiBiase, Virgil, and Divas Champion Maryse enter.

Ted DiBiase:

Doctor, Maryse has need of your services.


Well I’m not…


I want to hire you to help my friend Eve. Can you perform some kind of plastic surgery? Her nose is blah and those thighs can sure use some reduction…

(As she’s talking Eve enters behind and taps Maryse on the shoulder. Maryse turns around and Eve attacks her. Virgil grabs Eve and holds her as Maryse slaps her and shoves a $100 bill in her mouth. Virgil releases her, and he DiBiase, and Maryse, exit. Cena enters.)

Cena (helping up Eve):

Hey! Eve, you all right?

(Eve nods)


Don’t worry. I got a plan.

Cut to commercial.

9: John Cena’s music hits and he comes to the ring and grabs a mic.


I like to start out by saying thank you to each and every one of you for your concern. You truly are the greatest fans in the world. I was told I have the night off by Bret Hart, I was told to take the night off by my doctor, and to be honest I thought about it. But then I realized, to stay home would’ve shown weakness. To have stayed home would mean those Radicals win. I will not retreat from those cowards! They jumped me! They jumped Christian! They jumped the Unified Champion Sting! They think they can get away with that? No! They can’t and they won’t! It’s why I’ve decided not to press charges because in a way I respect what they did. I mean, I remember eight years ago when I was a rookie and I decided to make a statement, by challenging an Olympic Gold Medalist. However, I do have a message, if any of you NXT rookies want to take a shot at me one-on-one, man-to-man, name a place and I’ll be there! Now, to get down to business, it seems some spoiled punk is throwing around his father’s money and obeying the whims of his gold-digger. Well I talked to GM Bret Hart and he’s agreed to give a special partner and I a match with Ted DiBiase and Maryse. Eve, come on out.

(Eve comes to the ring and joins Cena. She makes a comment about pulling out Maryse’s hair extensions)

10:Backstage: Chris Jericho meets up with US Champion the Miz and they go to the entrance ramp.

11: John Morrison and Evan Bourne over Chris Jericho and US Champion the Miz- Bourne pins Jericho with Air Bourne. Jericho goes into shock. Cut to commercial.

12: William Regal is standing in the ring with a random performer. He says he’s going to show the Fallen Angel how to really wrestle.

  • Regal attacks the performer with a serious of arm drags and hooks.
  • Suddenly the Fallen Angel’s music hits and Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels comes to the ring.
  • Regal berates him then Daniels hits him with the Angel’s Wings. Regal leaves the ring.

13: Backstage: Randy Orton heads toward the entrance ramp. Todd Grisham corners him and asks him his opinion on last week’s attack. Orton says it was gutsy but stupid at the same time. He says they should be punished with pain. He goes to his match.

14: Randy Orton over the Fallen Angel via DQ- Edge spears Orton in the middle of the match. Cut to commercial.

15: Backstage: Todd Grisham talks to Edge, who is promptly attacked by Orton. Security breaks it up.

16: Ted DiBiase and Divas Champion Maryse w/Virgil over John Cena and Eve- Virgil hits Cena with the Million Dollar Belt allowing DiBiase to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

17: Sheamus over the Big Show-Sheamus pins Big Show with a bicycle kick.

18: GM Bret Hart’s music hits and he comes out. He tells Sheamus and Big Show to return to the ring then calls the entire RAW roster to the ring. They join Bret, Sheamus, and Big Show in the ring


Ladies and Gentlemen: your Unified Champion Sting.

Sting appears from his home on the Titan Tron.


Hello WWE Universe, Monday Night RAW. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there tonight but I promise you I’ll be at the “Fatal Four Way” this Sunday so Sheamus, Big Show, and though he’s not there, Christian, be ready because it’s show time! Now, onto the 800 pound gorilla in the room…the NXT radicals. Like my friends John Cena and Christian, I’m not going to file charges. We’re wrestlers! We don’t settle things in a courtroom we settle things in that ring! One-on-one! Man-to-man! Face-to-face! And if any of you cowards has the guts…

Suddenly the feed cuts out and lights go blank.

Cut to: Exterior of the arena: Skip Sheffield is dragging a cameraman.

Pan to: WWE Production truck. We follow Sheffield inside.

Int. Shot: WWE Production Truck, the NXT rookies are attacking the production crew. Wade Barrett is holding Kevin Dunn by the throat and orders him to patch him into the Titan Tron’s feed.

Cut to: Interior Shot: Inside the arena. Wade Barrett and the rest of the NXT cast appear on the Titan Tron Screen.


Good evening WWE Universe. Good evening RAW roster. We may be banned from the building, but nobody said anything about the production truck. Now, I suppose you’re all wondering why we did what we did last week and as the winner of NXT, with a title shot at any Pay Per View I want, I believe I can speak for us all. I suppose you WWE Superstars thought it was funny. You thought it was funny when you made us perform ridiculous skits and tasks for your amusement. You though it was funny when you made us change in a closet. You thought it was funny treating us like animals! Well guess what, you mess with the tiger eventually you get bit, and that’s what you got last week. You could’ve left well enough alone. You could’ve let us prove ourselves to you by doing what we do best; wrestling each other and the winner advances. But no you had to make it amusing.  You had to make us feel powerless. Well, were not powerless anymore, as you saw last week. Now, we have a list of demands that you will meet by the PPV on Sunday. David read ’em.

Enter: David Otunga.


First, we want our own dressing rooms. Second, we all want full WWE contracts. Third…


You know what, I’m not going to listen to your demands, because your not going to get them! First of all, I’ve got security surrounding you. Secondly, you think you had it tough? You think changing in a closet was the worst thing to happen to you? You think doing skits was humiliating? How about being stretched until the blood vessels in your eyes pop? How about having to change outside the building in zero degree weather? How about sacrificing your body and receiving only twenty dollars for your effort? You guys don’t know the meaning of being treated like animals! If any of you stepped into the dungeon, you’d be crying for your Mommies! So don’t come to me, don’t come to this roster with your sob stories, because we don’t care. Wade Barrett, as far your title shot is considered, consider it revoked because, under approval from Vince McMahon, am proud to tell you, you’re fired! As for the rest of you, you are trespassing on WWE property and as I mentioned before, Charlotte’s finest are waiting right outside the production truck for you, so I suggest you surrender to the authorities sooner rather than later!


A bold statement Bret, a bold statement, and despite your words we’re not intimidated. We’ll take the misdemeanor charge, because it’s not going to stop us. You have until Sunday to acquiesce to our demands, because we will be at the PPV on Sunday. We have our ways of getting in. We’ve got a friend inside the WWE. Who it is? You may never know. But know this, we will see you Sunday and we expect those contracts or else there will be consequences.

Suddenly the Police burst through the door and arrest the cast of NXT Season One. Show ends.

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