The Cast of the A-Team guest hosts RAW and Mr. T isn’t happy. Will he crash the party? Of course. Also, it’s “Viewers Choice” so what will I do with your favorite wrestler?

RAW 6/7/2010 Fan Script

1: Show opens with SMACKDOWN GM Teddy Long and RAW GM Bret Hart in the ring. They announce that it’s Viewer’s Choice and that it’s time to kick things off by introducing the Guest Hosts, the cast of the A-Team.

2: Bradley Cooper comes out and announces the first Viewer’s Choice pick.

3: Viewers Choice: Pound For Pound Action: CM Punk vs. a) Yoshi Tatsu b) William Regal c) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

4:  “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and CM Punk go to a draw.

  • Afterwards Regal, Kozlov, and Jackson aid the Straight Edge Society in attacking Daniels.
  • Rey Mysterio, Yoshi Tatsu, and Evan Bourne save Daniels.

5: Backstage: Unified Champion Sting arrives and is confronted by Kane, who accuses him of attacking the Undertaker. Sting says he didn’t and he wasn’t even the building when ‘Taker was attacked. Cut to commercial.

6: Backstage: A-Team stars Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Sharto Copley are talking with the Bella Twins. Suddenly Mr. T bursts through the wall. Mr. T tells Rampage there is only one B.A. Baracus and it’s him. Rampage challenges him to a contest to be determined by the fans later that night.

7: Sheamus comes out to the ring. His opponent will be either a) Mark Henry or b) Great Khali.

8: Sheamus over the Great Khali.

9: Backstage, Unified Tag Team Champions the Hart Dynasty head toward the entrance ramp. Cut to commercial.

10: Unified Champions the Hart Dynasty and Natalya are in the ring awaiting either a) the Usos b) the Dude Busters c) Vladmir Kozlov and William Regal.

11: Unified Champions the Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya over the Dude Busters

  • Afterwards, the Usos attack and are routed by the Hart Dynasty. Cut to commercial.

12:  Divas Champion Maryse wins the Diva Battle Royal.

13: Backstage: John Cena watches Maryse celebrate her victory on TV. Todd Grisham comes in and asks Cena whom he’d rather the fans pick for him to fight, Virgil or IRS.  Cena says he doesn’t care he just wants DiBiase Jr.

14: US Champion the Miz and Chris Jericho over R-Truth and John Morrison- Jericho pins Morrison with the Code Breaker. Cut to commercial.

15: SMACKDOWN Rebound: Rey Mysterio/CM Punk feud. The Undertaker in a vegetative state, and Kane going on a rampage.

16: Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger over Kane via DQ.

  • Swagger gets on the mic and makes a comment about the Undertaker having a glass jaw.
  • Kane comes out angry.
  • Kane uses ‘excessive force’ on Swagger to get disqualified.

17: Evan Bourne over Zach Ryder.

18: Backstage: Todd Grisham is standing by with Mr. T and Rampage Jackson. The options for their upcoming contest are displayed: a) arm wrestling match b) board breaking contest or c) Hornswaggle toss.  Cut to commercial.

20: Drew McIntyre comes to the ring. His opponent will be either a) mystery man b) Goldust or c) Cody Rhodes.

21: Mystery man wins and is revealed to be Matt Hardy.

22: Matt Hardy over Drew McIntyre- Hardy pins McIntyre with the Twist of Fate. Cut to commercial.

23: Edge comes out and is upset he wasn’t given a Viewer’s Choice match. Bret Hart comes out and gives him a match with an injured Randy Orton where both wrestlers hands are tied behind their backs.

24: One Arm Tied Behind the Back Match: Randy Orton over Edge via DQ- Edge frees his arm and pommels Orton.

25: Ted DiBiase Jr. is sitting with Maryse on his lap, talking to I.R.S. and Virgil. He tells them to soften up Cena. Cut to commercial.

26: John Cena comes to ring. His opponent choices are displayed a) I.R.S. or b) Virgil. The winner is I.R.S.

27: John Cena over I.R.S with the STF.

  • DiBiase, Virgil, and Maryse attack Cena afterward.
  • Maryse tries to slap Cena but he ducks and she hits Virgil.
  • Cena bangs DiBiase and Virgil’s heads together.

Cut to commercial.

28: Mr. T and Rampage Jackson come out for their contest.

  • The winning contest is the “Hornswoggle Throw”
  • Hornswoggle comes out wearing a midget toss contraption.
  • Rampage tosses first, then T. Before the results are tallied, the ‘Rocky’ theme plays and Santino comes out dressed as Rocky Balboa.


Adrian. I think I’ve been hit in the head too many times, I’m seeing two Club Sandwich Langs.

(Mr. T and Rampage look at each other awkwardly then knock Santino out together)

Mr T & Rampage:

We pity the fool that mess with the A-Team!

Cut to commercial.

29: Unified Champion Sting comes out to learn his opponent. Both men are involved in the Fatal Four Way main event at the upcoming PPV. The choices are a) Big Show b) Christian. Winner is Christian.

30: Unified Champion Sting vs. Christian- No Contest due to NXT Rookies interference.

  • NXT wrestlers attack Sting and Christian.
  • Daniel Bryan knocks out Sting with a kick.
  • The NXT Rookies destroy the ringside area.
  • Cena tries to make a save but gets laid and choked out by Daniel Bryan
  • The rookies pommel Sting, Cena, and Christian.
  • Security comes. Sting, Cena, and Christian are carried out on stretchers.

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