RAW is Punk’d Fan Script

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Celebrity, Fan Scripts, Professional Wrestling, Sports, Sting in WWE, TV, WWE
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Edge has to defeat Christian to earn a slot in the Fatal Four Way match. Bret Hart reveals the guest judges for the R-Truth/Miz US Title Match. And Ted DiBiase Jr. decides to pull one of Dad’s old tricks…

RAW 5/31/10 Fan Script

1: Pre-tape: SMACKDOWN- Christian defeats IC Champion Jack Swagger to gain entry into the Fatal Four Way for the Unified Title. Afterwards he is speared by Edge.

2: Show begins: Edge is in the ring. Edge proclaims that he should be in the Fatal Four Way for the Unified Championship.

GM Bret Hart’s music hits and he comes to the ring and tells Edge, he’s heard his complaints and will put him in the Fatal Four Way. All he has to do is defeat Christian for the spot later tonight.

3: Backstage: Todd Grisham interviews William Regal, who I with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson.


Mr. Regal, Mr. Regal.




Everyone’s been wondering, why you and your associates have been attacking the Fallen Angel?


Why? Let me break it down. The Fallen Angel is a simpleton. A simpleton with thinks ghastly theatrics will make him a star in the WWE. I’ve simply had enough. This is the WWE not ballet class, and it is my duty to bring a modicum of class and sportsmanship to this organization, and if that means running off some of the more colorful characters…then so be it.

Regal, Kozlov, and Jackson head toward the entrance ramp. Cut to commercial.

4: The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, Yoshi Tatsu, and Goldust over William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov, and Ezekiel Jackson- Daniels pins Kozlov.

  • After the match, Regal lays Daniels out with a loaded glove.

5: Backstage: Guest Host Ashton Kutcher is hanging out with Eve. He talks about how Zack Ryder is tormenting him on Twitter, so he puts a bounty out on Ryder.

6: Backstage: GM Bret Hart’s office. The Hart Dynasty arrives. Bret tells them he’s discovered the identities of the men who attacked them. They are the Usos and that it is up to them to settle the score, not him.

7: R-Truth over Primo

  • Afterwards, US Champion the Miz attacks Truth by clobbering him with the US title belt. Miz finishes him off by giving him the Skull Crushing Finale on top of the belt.  Cut to commercial.

8: Backstage: R-Truth being helped by medical technicians.

9: GM Bret Hart comes to the ring.

  • He announces that next week’s RAW will feature Superstars from RAW and SMACKDOWN and be a Viewer’s Choice show.
  • He calls out the Miz.
  • The Miz arrives and Bret names the Guest Judges for his title match with R-Truth at “Fatal Four Way”- Freddie Prinze Jr., Burt Sugar, and DANIEL BRYAN.
  • He tells Miz he has a non-title match, right now against Mark Henry.

10: Mark Henry over US Champion the Miz via Count Out. Cut to commercial.

11: The Uso Brothers are in the ring and introduce themselves. The Hart Dynasty attacks but are laid out.

12: Backstage: Zack Ryder arrives with Rosa Mendes, on guard for anyone trying to cash in Ashton Kutcher’s bounty.

13: Backstage: Unified Champion Sting is talking with Christian when he is knocked out by Sheamus with a pipe.

14: Recap of Chris Jericho hosting “The Golden Gods” awards on VH1 Classic. He is offended when he spots John Morrison in the audience.

15: Chris Jericho comes to the ring and goes on a diatribe about John Morrison disrespecting him by showing up at “The Golden Gods” awards. Morrison responds by challenging Jericho to a match.

16: John Morrison over Chris Jericho via Count Out- Jericho leaves in the middle of the match. Cut to commercial.

17: Ted DiBiase Jr. is in the ring with Divas Champion Maryse and Virgil.


Last week, I told my girlfriend Maryse that I had plans to acquire her more gold. And a plan I do. You see everyone knows that in this world money equals power. Well I got money, and I’m going to exercise some power by pulling a trick out of Dad’s book. The goal of every superstar is to be Unified Heavyweight Champion.  It was the same in Dad’s day, it is the same today, and everyone wants to get there the quickest way possible, so I’m reusing one of Dad’s old tricks. I am going to buy the Unified Heavyweight Championship. But unlike Dad, I’m not going to purchase it directly, I am going to pay the Champion to give me a shot and maybe take a “fingerpoke of doom”, I’m open to discussion. Sting…

Suddenly John Cena’s music hits and he comes to the ring. He tells DiBiase he’ll never be a true Champion by taking short cuts. Virgil attacks him from behind and stomps him with DiBiase. DiBiase strips off Cena’s jersey and spits on it. Cut to commercial.

18: Zack Ryder comes to the ring and dares everyone backstage to try to collect the bounty.

  • Santino and Great Khali come out.
  • Ashton Kutcher appears on the Titan Tron and reveals there was no bounty and that Ryder has been “punk’d.” Cut to commercial.

19: Christian over Edge

  • Orton gives Edge an RKO when the referee isn’t looking but kicks out of Christian’s pin attempt.
  • Christian pins Edge with the Killswitch.


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