We are one week away from Wrestlemania in the Fan Scripts. And the card has been made. Find out what happens tonight as Shawn Michaels completes his journey to learn the secrets of the Undertaker. And what will happen when Sting finds himself between his opponents, CM Punk and John Cena as a Special Guest Referee. All that plus Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, and Pete Rose on the run from Kane.

RAW Fan Script-3/22/10

  • Pre-tape: Shawn Michaels inside of the coffin.


Hello? Is anybody there? Hello?

(A creak is heard and the coffin lid opens. Shawn gets out and finds himself in a dark underground cavern surrounded by torch bearing druids.)

Shawn (cont.):

Thank you. It was cramped in there. Where am I?

(The druids point forward. Shawn shrugs his shoulders and walks. He bumps into Paul Bearer)

Shawn (cont.):

There you are. What in the name of all that’s holy was that?


The first stage. Trek the path. Cross the pool. Face your fear.



(Shawn walks forward and suddenly darts back, followed by a swarm of bats)

Shawn (cont.):

You didn’t tell me there would be bats involved!


If you want the secrets of the Undertaker you must proceed.


Very well.

(Shawn closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and proceeds)

  • Show opens- Pete Rose is introduced as Guest Host. He is carrying a bat and says he’s ready for any Kane attacks. Kane’s music hits and he chases Pete backstage.
  • Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Kofi Kingston over Vladimir Kozlov
  • Backstage: Pete Rose is running from Kane and bumps into Sting. Sting sarcastically tells Pete, “nice bat”. Cut to Commercial.
  • Batista w/ Vince McMahon over David Hart Smith w/Bret Hart, Natalya, and Tyson Kidd. Afterwards Bret and Vince have words with one another.
  • Backstage: The Varsity Club bragging about all three of them being in the Money in the Bank match. Cut to Commercial.
  • Evan Bourne, MVP, and Chavo w/ Santino over The Varsity Club w/ Coach Jackie.
  • Legacy and Sheamus over Triple H and Randy Orton-Sheamus pins Triple H.
  • Backstage: Pete Rose is still on the run from Kane. He bumps into the Bella Twins dressed as Cincinatti Red’s cheerleaders. Pete calls them stupid because there are no cheerleaders in Baseball. He leaves. A few moments later Kane arrives, the Bella Twins point him in Pete’s direction. Cut to Commercial.
  • Pre-tape. Shawn Michaels continuing his journey with Paul Bearer. He comes across a dark pit.

Shawn (stopping):



Ooooh yesss.


But it’s empty.

(Paul hangs up his torch lighting the pit. It is filled with snakes.)


The secret is on the other side.


Snakes. Why did have to be snakes?

(Shawn enters the snake pit)

  • Unified Tag Team Champions JeriShow over Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu. JeriShow calls out Edge and Christian and they brawl. Cut to commercial.
  • Pete Rose returns to the ring area followed by Kane. He pleads with Kane. Kane tombstones him. Vince McMahon comes out with Batista and says this is the fate that awaits Bret Hart and the Hart Dynasty. Bret Harts comes out and the Hart Dynasty jump Kane and Batista from behind. A wild brawl ensues and Bret tosses Vince into Kane and Batista. Cut to Commercial.
  • Smackdown Rebound: Rey Mysterio challenges Drew McIntyre to an IC title match at Wrestlemania, R-Truth qualifies for Money in the Bank, the Undertaker pins Drew McIntyre, and the Straight Edge Society calls out Sting.
  • Pre-Tape: Shawn finishes crossing the pit of snakes. Paul Bearer follows.


Is this the end?


Oooh yess.


No more snakes or burial rituals?


Ooohhh noo.


So, what do I do now?


Take it.

(Paul points forward as the camera zooms out revealing the Urn atop an altar. Shawn goes up to the urn and takes it.)


Open it. Open it.

(Shawn opens the urn. The camera goes blank.)

  • Backstage: Sting in his referee gear. Cut to Commercial.
  • WWE Champion John Cena vs. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk w/ Sting as Guest Referee-No contest when Straight Edge Society interferes. Sting dispatches them with the bat but accidentally hits Cena. Show ends.

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