Sting in WWE: RAW is Springer

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Entertainment, Fan Scripts, Professional Wrestling, Sports, Sting in WWE, WWE
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Jerry Springer hosts RAW as Bret Hart throws down a challenge and Legacy searches for Sting.


  1. Show Opens. The Announcer is in the ring.


Please welcome tonight’s Guest Host, Jerry Springer!

Jerry comes out accompanied by the Bella Twins and takes the microphone.


Thank you. Thank you very much and welcome to Monday Night RAW. My first guest has a beef with a man named Sting. Please welcome Randy Orton and the Legacy.

Randy Orton and Legacy come out and enter the ring.


So Randy, tell us your problem.


Shut up Jerry, this isn’t an episode of your show. Sting! Sting where the hell are you? I know you’re here. I know you’re here! You think you can cost me my shot at the WWE title? You think you can cost me my shot at the Elimination Chamber and not face the consequences? I order you to get down here, NOW!


Sounds like you got some major beef.


Jerry, I’m looking to hurt someone and if I can’t get my hands on Sting, I’m gonna pick the closest person to me.


I understand. I understand.


Sting, I can wait all night. So get down here and get your beating over with, because I can wait in this ring all night.


Well Randy, I have some good news for you. Sting is here and he tells you to look up.

Orton and Legacy look up and see Sting in the rafters. Sting cracks his knuckles.


Sting! Sting you get down here right now. Get down here right now! If you don’t get down here I swear…

Sting picks up his bat and points at Orton


Your funeral.

Orton and Legacy leave the ring and head backstage to look for Sting. Up in the rafters Sting walks away. Cut to commercial.

2. Backstage: Shawn Michaels is staring into space when Triple H enters. Hunter wonders why Shawn is so out of it. Shawn answers that even if he wins the title in the Elimination Chamber, one or another he will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

3. Carlito over Trent Barretta- During the match Randy Orton and Legacy are walking through the rafters looking for Sting.

4. Backstage: Bret Hart arrives at the arena. When Bret enters he is stopped by Vince’s security guards until John Cena arrives with Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust, Mark Henry, MVP, and Chavo Guerrero arrive. Cena tells the security guards to let Bret in. They do. Cut to Commericial.

5. Backstage: Orton and Legacy are angry Sting wasn’t in the rafters so they decide to split up.

7.MVP and Mark Henry over the Miz and Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendas.

8. Backstage: Bret Hart talking with various WWE Superstars.

9. Ted DiBiase forfeits to Big Show- Footage airs on the Titan Tron of Ted DiBiase knocked out. Cut to commercial.

10. Backstage: Orton with Cody Rhodes screaming at DiBiase. He calls him a failure and says he and Cody will continue the search for Sting.

11. Jerry Springer is in the ring and brings out Bret Hart. Bret takes the mic and talks about how he came back to the WWE to make amends and mentor his family. Bret says Vince McMahon is a big man when sitting behind a desk or behind his bodyguards, but would never confront him man to man. Bret challenges Vince to come out. Vince does. Bret challenges Vince to a match at Wrestlemania. Vince comes to the ring and accepts Bret’s challenge. Vince then spits in Bret’s face. Bret decks him. Suddenly Batista attacks Bret. Batista puts Bret’s leg between a steel chair and stomps on it repeatedly. Vince gets up and helps. Vince tells Bret there will be no match at Wrestlemania because Bret deserves to be screwed. John Cena hits the ring and Batista and Vince retreat. Cena calls for a medic. Cut to commercial.

12.  Backstage: Bret is being wheeled out in an ambulance.

13.  Backstage: Cody Rhodes is searching for Sting, who is right behind him.

14.  Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly over Maryse and Alicia Fox.

15.  Backstage: Randy Orton standing over a knocked out Cody Rhodes.

16.  Jerry Springer is in the ring again and welcomes the Varsity Club (Swagger, Coach Jackie, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas) as his guests. Santino and Chavo interrupt and “Send in the clowns.” A group of clowns surround the ring and spray the Varsity Club down with seltzer. Cut to commercial.

17.  WWE Champion Sheamus over Shawn Michaels via count out.

18.  Backstage: Orton is tearing up the place looking for Sting. Sting appears and cracks Orton with the baseball bat. He stands over Orton, presses the bat to Randy’s throat, and tells him he’ll see him at the Elimination Chamber.

19.  John Cena comes to the ring. He takes the mic and calls out Batista. Batista refuses to come out. Cena challenges him to a match next week. Batista says he’ll be at RAW next week but will only accept if Cena wins the WWE title. Triple H’s music hits.

20.  John Cena vs. Triple H- No contest due to Sheamus attacking both men. Show ends.  


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