I decided that since the Royal Rumble is tonight, and I’ve been building matches for it, I might as well book the Rumble as well. Click below to see how the Royal Rumble plays out.

Royal Rumble Fan Script by Todd Matthy

  1. Show opens. Camera pans over the crowd. In the audience is Bret Hart.
  2. MVP over the Miz via DQ for the U.S. Title
  3. Sting over Randy Orton with the Scorpion Deathlock
  4. Backstage: Interviews with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and Rey Mysterio about their upcoming match.
  5. CM Punk over Rey Mysterio for World Heavyweight Championship.
  6. Backstage: Orton is irate that he’s lost his opportunity to enter the Rumble. He is destroying things in the backstage area. Legacy comes to calm him down.
  7. Mickie James over Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship.
  8. Interviews with Sheamus and Kofi Kingston.
  9. Ezekiel Jackson over Christian for the ECW Championship.
  10. Backstage: Vince McMahon arrives and is informed about Bret Hart’s presence. Sting is interviewed.

10. Sheamus over Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

11. Backstage: Last minute interviews with Rumble participants.

12.  Vince McMahon’s music hits. He comes to the ring and has security remove Bret Hart.

13.  Royal Rumble match.

Order of Entry

  1. Tyson Kidd
  2. David Hart Smith
  3. Chris Jericho
  4. Evan Bourne
  5. Yoshi Tatsu
  6. Shelton Benjaman
  7. Edge
  8. Kane
  9. Great Khali

10. Triple H

11. MVP

12. Carlito

13. Mark Henry

14. Cody Rhodes

15. Ted DiBiase is found backstage “knocked out” Randy Orton replaces him.

16. John Cena

17.  William Regal

18.  Shawn Michaels

19.  The Miz

20. Matt Hardy

21.  The Undertaker

22.  The Big Show

23.  Batista

24.  Sting

25.  John Morrison

26. Drew McIntyre

27.  Zack Ryder

28.  Chris Masters

29.  R Truth

30.  Jack Swagger.

Order of Elimination

  1. Tyson Kidd by Chris Jericho
  2. David Hart Smith by Chris Jericho
  3. Yoshi Tatsu by Jericho
  4. Evan Borne by Jericho
  5. Shelton Benjaman by Jericho
  6. Jericho by Edge
  7. Great Khali by Mark Henry
  8. Mark Henry by Kane
  9. Randy Orton by Everybody in the Rumble at the moment

10. Cody Rhodes by Triple H

11.  William Regal by Edge

12.  The Miz by MVP

13.  Shawn Michaels by the Undertaker

14.  Edge by the Big Show

15.  The Big Show by John Cena, Matt Hardy, Batista, MVP, and John Morrison

16.  Matt Hardy by Batista

17. Batista by Cena

18.  Drew McIntyre by Triple H

19.  Zack Ryder by Sting

20.  John Morrison by Undertaker

21.  Chris Masters by MVP

22.  MVP by Jack Swagger

23.  Jack Swagger by Cena

24.  Carlito by Sting

25.  R Truth by Undertaker

26.  John Morrison by Sting

27.  Triple H by Sting

28.  Cena by Triple H

29.  Triple H by Undertaker

30.  Undertaker by Sting

Winner: Sting

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