A quick note about this fan script. I have been focusing on RAW mostly with these and will continue to. However, since the Road to Wrestlemania is beginning, I’m going to be start putting in a Smackdown rebound when necessary. The main thing you need to know about Smackdown is the Undertaker is not the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is.

Raw Fan Script-1/25/10

  1. Show Opens. Vince McMahon’s music hits and he struts to the ring. Vince brags about how his company is no longer suffering from “Hart” problems. He tells the crowd that the Hart Dynasty have new roles on Smackdown.

Footage plays of the Hart Dynasty now being forced to wrestle in pink polkadots and getting disqualified against Cryme Time for doing absolutely nothing.

Vince rants about how no one screws with him and gets away with it. Suddenly the lights go out and bells ring. The Undertaker makes his entrance.

The Undertaker talks about how he remembers Vince screwing Bret and how he’s been screwing him for the past couple of months. Vince exits while the Undertaker addresses Shawn Michaels’ challenge. Shawn enters.

The Undertaker tells Shawn that if he wants him at Wrestlemania then he needs to eliminate him from the Royal Rumble. Undertaker leaves. Commercial.

2. The Guest Hosts from Psych are introduced and announce Sting vs. Cody Rhodes and Cena and Kofi vs Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr.

3. Backstage: Cody Rhodes has a match later with Sting. He’s discussing it with Ted DiBiase Jr. when Randy Orton interrupts. He tells Cody to do “the right thing” tonight and soften up Sting before the Royal Rumble. Cut to commercial.

4. Divas Match: Eve over Maryse. Cut to commercial.

5. Smackdown Rebound- World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk saves a woman. The Hart Dynasty being humiliated. CM Punk attacks Rey Mysterio and tries to remove his mask.

6. Backstage: Triple H is trying to calm Shawn down. He says he still has an opportunity to get the Undertaker in the Rumble. Triple H elaborates that this will allow him to win the Rumble, due to Shawn’s goal not being a title shot. They start to have a comedic disagreement since they both want to win.

7. Jack Swagger squash.

8. John Cena and Kofi Kingston over Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase with Cena pinning DiBiase. Afterwards, Orton leaves DiBiase in disgust.

9. Backstage: Sting preparing for his match later in the evening.

10. DX over the Odd Couple- Santino and Chavo. Triple H throws Shawn over the top rope to prove he can and send a message about the Rumble. Commercial.

11. Backstage. Triple H and Shawn argument.

12. Miz and MVP Rumble hype segment.

13. WWE Champion Sheamus squash.

14.. Sting over Cody Rhodes via DQ. Legacy interferes and attacks Sting’s bad leg. Sting can barely stand. Orton tries to punt Sting but the Stinger rolls out. Orton attacks him outside the ring. Security breaks it up. Show ends.


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