Tonight, the fallout from the fight between the Hart Dynasty and the Colons while Sting and Randy Orton have their first face to face encounter.

RAW-January 18th Fan Script by Todd Matthy

  1. Recap of last week’s episode. Show opens. The guest hosts Jon Heder and Don Johnson are introduced. They announce the main event for the evening will be John Cena, Kofi Kingston, and Sting against Randy Orton and Legacy.
  2. Divas Match: Eve over Alicia Fox.
  3. Backstage: Bret Hart arrives. Shawn Michaels confronts him. Shawn tells Bret that Vince is on his way. Bret answers “good” because he has a few things to say to Vince about last week. But first he wants to speak to the Colons. Shawn says he wants to talk with him privately. Bret tells him they’ll talk afterwards.
  4. WWE Champion Sheamus comes to the ring. He tells Kofi Kingston that he’s looking forward to taking him out at the Royal Rumble, and as a preview of the match he challenges anyone from the back to face him in a non-title match for a title shot on the night after the Rumble. Chris Masters accepts. Cut to Commercial.
  5. Back to Commercial. Non-Title Number One Contenders Match- WWE Champion Sheamus over Chris Masters.
  6. Backstage: Bret finds Carlito and throws him against the wall. He asks Carlito if Vince put him up to what happened last week with the Hart Dynasty. Security breaks them up.
  7. Divas Match: Maryse over Kelly Kelly.
  8. Backstage: Vince McMahon gets out of his limo and enters the arena. Cut to Commercial.
  9. Vince McMahon’s music plays. Vince struts to the ring and grabs the microphone.


First of all, I just want to once again apologize to all of you for the events of last week but it seems in the Hart family, the apple does not fall far from the tree. 12 years after Bret Hart sucker punches me at the Survivor Series, today his family members sucker punch members of my roster! Here in the WWE we have a gentlemen’s agreement, we have a Code of Conduct. A Code of Conduct that dictates what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior for our superstars when they are in this ring. Last week, the Hart Dynasty broke that code. Last week the Hart Dynasty brought chaos to my show. Do you people have any idea what could happen to me if a guest host got caught in the crossfire of that fight? Some of who have cancelled their appearances, calling RAW an unsafe work environment, an UNSAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT! Do you have any idea what that says about me to my stockholders? So, I’ve decided to remedy the problem. From this day forward, the Hart Dynasty is banned for life from Monday Night RAW. You will never see them on this program again! But, I’m not going to fire them…oh no Hart Dynasty. I’ve got big plans for you. Plans that will begin this Friday on Smackdown. Plans that I’m sure your Uncle Bret…

Bret Hart’s music hits. He enters the ring, picks up a mic, and confronts Vince.


Hold on a minute here Vince! Since you can’t screw with me anymore, you’ve decided to screw with my family. Yes, Vince you’re right, there is a Code that all WWE Superstars abide by and yes, last week it was broken but not broken by my family, it was broken by a couple of your stooges. What was in those envelopes you gave the Colons last week Vince? Did you look at the footage? Who struck first? Answer me Vince, because I’m sure as hell not going to let you screw my family like you screwed me.


It doesn’t matter who struck first Bret. What matters is that your family escalated the situation. A situation that could have easily been remedied and, now that you mentioned it, you’re correct. I’m not going to screw your family like you screwed yourself. Your family will have a chance to make their mistakes up by doing a few…favors for me on Smackdown and you won’t be able to do a thing about it. You see Bret I know you think that because you’re RAW General Manager that your untouchable. The fact is I still own the show. The fact is I still make the rules as to what a General Manager can and cannot do and one thing the General Manager cannot do is leave in the middle of the show. Last week Bret, you left the show and leaving in the middle of the show means you left your post. Leaving your post Bret is a fire able offence. So Bret, it is with great pleasure that I say to you, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!! Now get the hell out of my building!

Vince motions for security guards who grab and begin escorting Bret out of the ring area. In the ring Vince gloats.


Hey Bret. Don’t forget to tune in Friday, I’m going to LOVE screwing with your family and knowing you can’t do a damn thing about it. Because you aren’t just fired, you are forbidden from setting foot on ANY WWE event, FOREVER!!!!!!!

Bret mouths “You son of a bitch” and starts fighting his way back toward the ring. Security holds him back as we go to a commercial.

10. Bret is escorted out by security. Sting and Shawn Michaels attempt to intervene but are held back by security. Shawn mentions to Sting that this has gone to far, Sting agrees. Shawn walks off as Randy Orton enters to confront Sting.


Well, well, well. If it isn’t the ‘legend’ who cost me my shot at the WWE title. The legend I will be facing at the Royal Rumble. The legend that stands in the way between me and the Rumble.

(He stands face to face with Sting)

I know you’ve been around for a while, but I also know that you’re new here. And in case you don’t know, I have a thing for killing legends. It gives me…pleasure. And I especially enjoy killing legends that stand in the way of me and what I want. And I like even better, killing legends about to cement their legacy in the WWE. And you know what? I’m looking at one now.

Sting walks away defiantly.

11. The Colons over Santino and Chavo.

12.  Main Event: Legacy and Randy Orton make their entrances. Cut to commercial.

13.  Kofi Kingston, John Cena and Sting make their entrances. Cut to commercial.

14.  Sting, John Cena, and Kofi Kingston over Legacy and Randy Orton- Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Orton allowing Cena to give Orton the Attitude Adjustment and pin him.


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