The Lost Prince: Act 2 Chapters 1 and 2

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I hope you liked the first act of my story, The Lost Prince. Now as promised the Second Act…

In which Michael begins his long journey in the legendary kingdom of Duros and Ariana is reunited with a figure from her past. 

The Morning Sunrise

It was brisk and cool morning when Jonathan Theodred, Prince of Duros, finished his shift as night watchman on the western front. He was a tall and handsome man of about two ten’s and four years with brown hair and deep brown eyes. Most of the Durosian army hated the night watch (or the graveyard shift as it was more popularly known). Even Jonathan hated it. The western front faced Gard and the neutral lands long Duros’ strongest allies. If an attack were imminent it would come from the eastern front, the black lands of Malice, home to Geldar, the Black Wizard.

For centuries the Black Wizard had his sights set on conquering the horsemen of Duros and using it as a beachhead to conquer Mid-Land. Being a guard on the eastern front motivated the soldiers because it reminded them what they were fighting for. If Kalidor was the crowning jewel of Mid-Land, Duros was the crown on which the jewel sat. The Durosian’s knew they were on the front line protecting that crown from being melted down in the fires of Malice.

When King Michael was defeated and Talia established her power in Kalidor, King Bernard found his people and himself right in the middle of two great and hostile enemies decided to start guarding the western front as well. While the black horizon of Malice brought intimidation and motivation into the hearts of the soldiers guarding the west, the east brought boredom and apathy for an attack that never came. Ultimately the soldiers just stared at the hills. A position for privates in the mind of Jonathan and of course his father Bernard, the King of Duros, had him take the shift to learn humility, imparting to his son, “in order for a king to inspire his subjects he must understand his subjects; from the wealthiest nobleman to lowest beggar, a king must relate to them all.”

And the nightshift helps me relate to my subjects?” he would ask his father.

“Of course my son” Bernard would always answer “As a member of the Royal family you are in a position higher then a general. A general has to earn his rank. You are given your rank for the army serves you. But, just because the army serves you does not mean you know the army like they do. You must do the tasks of the lowest in order to earn respect as the highest. The last thing people want to do is lay their lives on the line for someone they don’t respect”

Little did the King realize his son would wind up enjoying the job of night watchman. He enjoyed watching the pink lips of dawn kiss the Goran Plains. It gave him a feeling of peace and calm he couldn’t find anywhere else. “I wish I had a canvas.” He thought to himself, hypnotized by the sunrise whose beauty touched the heart of the artist within.

“All quiet on the front sire?” a red haired soldier asked the Prince.

“It was quiet before you showed up” Jonathan jested, “The west is as quiet as a sleeping infant. How goes the east?”

“You mean other then the fire that spews from the Vulcan plains of Malice I’d say things are good. Captain Frederick says Malice has been quiet for too long.”

“Captain Frederick is right Sir Marshall. Malice has been quiet for far too long and it worries both my father and myself.” The prince told his friend.

“If it makes you feel any better sire I think we all are worried. The last thing we need is Malice to attack us now what with Kalidor…” Sir Marshall paused “I’m…I’m sorry sir I forgot…”

“Its okay.” Jonathan told his friend “I know its no secret how my father feels about the fall of Kalidor…” Jonathan’s attention turned to a blinding white light shining in the distance. “…I think the rookies finally got their wish. Come on lets ride” And the two rode off toward the white light shining in the distance.

Childhood Friends Reunited

Geldolf signaled the watchmen with light from his staff.  Ariana, Michael, and of course Biff, rode in tow, all haggard from the events of the day before. Especially Michael.

In the span of one day Michael had lost his entire life. The only thing that remained from his old life was his best friend, Biff, who was put off by his master’s silence. It worried Biff because Michael always confided in him and he always gave him a friendly ear to vent. But today Michael wasn’t venting. He let his silence speak for itself.

Ariana rode beside him, looking out for him like an older sister always does. The cold shoulder she received was so icy it sent actually shivers down her spine, something she wasn’t used to. There was so much she wanted to say to him. She wished she could catch up with him. She wondered about basic things his first words, his first kiss, his favorite food, his favorite birthday present, what he enjoyed more the cracking of snow beneath his feet in winter or the first flower of spring? All those brother-sister questions and brother-sister moments she dreamt about since they were separated. Instead of those moments she got a traumatized and angry boy who didn’t want to know her. Who was experiencing the same trauma as she at age six. A part of her felt sorry for him and wanted to give him comfort. To reassure him that everything would be okay, but he would not give a passing glance. He wouldn’t acknowledge she was alive and it hurt her. She never so alone for a very long time and she remembered just how painful being alone truly was. It made her angry and more determined to overthrow the witch. Then she became jealous, for unlike her he has the opportunity to avenge the ones he loved and lost. She banished compassion. Only her mission mattered.

Geldolf, on the other hand, was too focused on guiding his companions through the proper trail to focus on the emotional roller coaster of his companions. Its not that he didn’t care about them, he did very much, it was the nature of being an ageless wizard that forced him to let go of his emotional attachments. For him friends and allies came and went as often as the seasons changed.

“Ahoy there!” Jonathan greeted Geldolf and his companions “what tidings bring a boy, a maiden, a mutt, and the White Wizard to Durnhelm?”

“Ill tidings I’m afraid Jonathan Theodred, son of Bernard Theodred, and Prince of Duros. And I would also show some respect to your fellow royals, the children of Michael and Elena Stormrider of Kalidor, Prince Michael and…”

“Ari?” the Prince gasped upon noticing Ariana. “Princess Ariana is it really you?”

“Ariana, Jonathan.” she answered coldly “I stopped being a princess a long time ago.” Her cold blue eyes met Jonathan’s chestnut browns. This cold young woman was certainly not the bashful, blushing, and happy young playmate he always looked forward to visiting. He would’ve reflected on her more had their silence not been broken by a low-pitched grr.

“Oh my I almost forgot this is Biff, Michael’s best friend.” Geldolf explained.

“A pleasure to meet you” the Prince greeted, patting the dog on the head who wagged his tail with approval. “Come follow me, we ride to my father in the Golden Hall.”

Copyright ã 2008 Todd Matthy

Painting by Jenny Dolfen

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