Here’s how I would’ve booked Mike Tyson hosting Monday Night RAW. It’s very similar except for the presence of Sting and an EXTREMELY different take on the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon situation.

January 11th 2010

  1. 1. Show Opens. Mike Tyson is introduced as Guest Host. WWE Champion Sheamus comes out and challenges Tyson. The two get into a shoving match that ends when Tyson clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus, seething, is about to re enter the ring when Randy Orton’s music hits. Orton comes down the ramp, briefly stares down Sheamus, enters the ring, and challenges Sheamus to a match for the title at the “Royal Rumble.” Sheamus is about to accept when Cena’s music hits, who talks about never giving up because it took him 100 tries to knock out Mike Tyson in “Punch Out”.  Tyson books Orton, Cena, and a surprise contestant Kofi Kingston into a Number One Contender Match.  Why he does this? To mix it up.

2. Backstage: Bret Hart finishes talking to the Hart Dynasty when Carlito and Primo Colon confront him.  They want to know why he’s putting them together in a tag team match against the Hart Dynasty.  Bret answers that he is no stranger to Vince McMahon stirring up trouble between family members and simply believes that only by working together can they overcome their differences and be a family again. Sting enters and says he agrees with Bret. The Colons storm off in anger. Todd Grisham bumps into the Colons and tells them Mike Tyson wants to see them.

3. Backstage: Mike Tyson summons Carlito and Primo to his office. At first the Colon brothers fight until Tyson yells at them. He tells them he has something for them directly from Vince McMahon and hands them two envelopes. They open them, read a piece of paper, look into the envelope again and smile. Carlito turns to his brother and says he thinks he can work with him. Primo agrees. Carlito answers, “That’s cool.”

4. The Hart Dynasty vs. The Colons- Stoppage. David Hart Smith and Carlito start off. Carlito is eating his trademark apple and spits it into David’s face. The ref holds David back. Once David is calm the referee rings the bell. David and Carlito lock up and Carlito is not co-operating. Because nothing is happening the referee splits them up. Suddenly Carlito sucker punches David in the eye. David holds his eye in pain and snaps. He shoves the referee aside, tackles Carlito and the two roll around throwing wild punches.  Tyson Kidd and Primo enter the ring to try to break it up along with Natalia, Bret, and security. Cut to commercial.

5. In the ring is Alicia Fox waiting for her opponent in the Diva title tournament.

6. Cut to backstage. Chaos. The Hart Dynasty is being confined to a separate locker room by security. Natalya, Bret, and several WWE superstars are trying to calm them down.  One of the road agents works his way through the crowd to tell Natalya that her match is now. She tells him to wait.

7. In the ring. The referee announces that if Natalya is not in the ring by the count of ten, she will forfeit the match. The count begins…it is faster than normal.

8. Natalya is finally convinced to go to her match. She hits the entrance ramp but half way through the ref fast counts to ten and declares the match a forfeit. Alicia celebrates while Natalya is irate. An agent escorts Natalya backstage.

9. Backstage: Vince McMahon arrives and goes to the production to view what happened. Cut to commercial.

10. Vince McMahon enters to chaos backstage as his Superstars are literally forming a barrier to keep the Harts and Colons apart. Vince makes his way to the Hart’s locker room. The Harts voice their complaints but Vince cuts them off and tells them to get the hell out of his building. Bret objects and Vince tells him they are officially Smackdown Superstars brought onto RAW as guests. Security escorts the Harts out. Bret follows.

11.  Kofi Kingston over John Cena and Randy Orton to be Number One Contender for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble- Sting prevents Legacy from interfering allowing Kofi to get the small package and win.

12.  Backstage: Mike Tyson’s office. Vince McMahon and Iron Mike.


Mr. Tyson, I just want to apologize to you for what happened this evening. It seems some members of my roster are a bit…rowdier than others. I promise the situation will be dealt with.


Hey, hey no worry, we all lose out tempers once in awhile, I know I have.


Thank you for understanding.

Vince exits.

13. Outside, Sting is waiting for Vince. He tells him he knows what he did to the Harts and thinks it’s the most petty and unprofessional thing he’s seen in his life. Vince smiles and swaggers off.

14. Back in Tyson’s office. DX enters. Shawn forgives Tyson for knocking him out at Wrestlemania XIV. Tyson says he liked doing it and has a match in mind. JeriShow enters and Tyson announces that he will team up with JeriShow to battle DX and a partner of their choice later in the evening.  Cut to Commerical.

15. Vince McMahon is about to get into his limo when Randy Orton confronts him. Orton first yells at Vince about how he was robbed of a shot at the WWE title thanks to Sting. He asks Vince if he’d like him to punt Bret Hart in the skull next week for what happened earlier tonight. Vince answers,


First of all, what makes you think I have any sympathy towards you after the hell you’ve put my family through. Secondly, what makes you think I need you to deal with Bret “the Hitman” Hart and his family. I can do that on my own and will do that on my own next week. The only thing I agree with you about is Sting. I haven’t forgotten how he Scorpion Death dropped me this past December. So, I don’t want him near a WWE title either. So…you what I need something for the Royal Rumble. How about you and Sting one on one and the loser is out of the Rumble. Yes, I like that. Now get out of my face!

He slams his limo door in Orton’s face and drives off.

16. JeriShow and Tyson hit the ring followed by DX who reveal their mystery partner, Sting!

17.  Sting and DX over JeriShow and Tyson when Mike Tyson punches out Chris Jericho.

18. Show Ends.


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