Sting in WWE Special: The Hitman Cometh-1/4/09

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If you’re a wrestling fan, January 4th is a big night. TNA is making it’s big move on Spike TV by broadcasting a three hour edition of iMPACT side by side with WWE’s Monday Night RAW. WWE has countered with the perhaps the biggest return in wrestling history, Bret “The Hitman” Hart. As a fan script writer I’ve outlined a year long program answering the question of “What if Sting finally came to the WWE?” but the return of Bret is just too big for me to ignore. So, here’s what will happen on January 4th if Sting was part of the WWE roster. Enjoy…

This can be skipped but for those of you who don’t know, here’s a video from my favorite documentary “Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows” (check it out here) of what happened between Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, and Shawn Michaels in what came to be known as “The Montreal Screwjob.” It’s not an essential but a helpful…

Now, on with the show…

RAW January 4th by Todd Matthy

  1. Show opens. Announcer welcomes guest host, Bret “Hitman” Hart


Wow. I can’t believe it. If you asked me a few years ago whether this day would come, I would’ve said no. If you asked me ten years ago under similar circumstances if I would be here, I would’ve said hell no. But I’m here and it’s been a long time coming and tonight’s RAW is going to be the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be. And I’m going to start things off by doing something I’ve wanted to do for years. Vince get out here!

Vince McMahon’s music plays and he swaggers to the ring.


Bret, Bret, now I called you tonight not because I wanted to, but because these fans wanted me too. As far as I’m concerned you’re here as a guest for the night. Now, I hoped we could finally write the ending of our unfinished storyline by shaking hands, letting bygones be bygones, and moving forward with our lives.


Vince, I agree. We do have unfinished business and while I’ve started moving forward with my life, you screwed me. You embarrassed me in front of my friends, but what really stung the most was you didn’t’ trust me. However, I realized I can’t go back in time and change things. I wish I could, who knows what could’ve happened had Montreal played out differently? What I can do is secure my future. Now as guest host, I’m in charge for the night?


That is correct.


And as guest host, I can make decisions that affect the future of the WWE?


Yes, I believe you can.


So, I can hire or fire anyone I please?


Now Bret let’s not get ahead of ourselves here….


No Vince, don’t worry. Firing you would be too easy and quite frankly anti-climactic. However, the fact of the matter remains, you screwed me in Montreal, so I’ve decided to screw you back…


What did you do?


I have hired myself as the Permanent General Manager of RAW! (Vince gets hot.) That means, not only do I have the authority to make matches but I also get to choose guest hosts. And I’ve got some in mind Vince and to tell the truth…you’re not going to like a few of them. But, I’m going to save that for later. There’s something else I need to take care of. Shawn, Hunter…it’s time.

DX’s music plays. Shawn Michaels and Triple H come to the ring.


Bret, I believe I speak for Hunter and mostly myself when I acknowledge that in the past we’ve had our differences. However, I really want to emphasize to you that I really am a changed man and as a changed man I want to apologize for anything I might’ve done in the past that offended you and I am hoping that we can put the past behind us and look toward the future.


Shawn, it’s easy for you to tell me that you’ve changed. But I haven’t seen it. If you and Hunter want to convince me that you’ve changed your going to have to prove it to me starting tonight. I’ve decided to change the card. Since you two want to be a tag team so much you’re going to have to prove to me your dedication to team work. Therefore tonight you will not be facing Jericho and the Big Show for the Tag Team titles it will be my Nephew, David Hart Smith and his partner Tyson Kidd, the Hart Dynasty.  Hunter, you’re going to be challenging Sheamus for the WWE Championship. As for you Shawn, I know you want a rematch with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. But tonight, since we have some competition, I’ve decided to match you up against someone you’ve never faced before. You’ve done some talk show with him he goes by the name of Sting!

2. American Dragon (Bryan Danielson) over Jack Swagger with a Triangle Choke.

3. Backstage: Santino talks to Bret and he puts him in a tag team match with Chavo and introduces them to their new manager, Hornswaggle. Next, Natalya enters. She tells Bret she deserves a shot at the Divas championship. Bret tells her she has to earn the shot, just like he and her father did the Tag Team championship. He decides not to give her the title shot, but to set her on the path to one. Her first opponent, Gail Kim. Next JeriShow enters. They thank Bret for giving them the night off against DX. Bret tells them he doesn’t consider it a night off and that he believes the Hart Dynasty will beat them tonight for the titles. Cut to commercial.

4. Natalya over Gail Kim

5. Backstage: Vince is going irate in his office and summons DX.

Vince (trying to attack Shawn but being held back by Hunter):

You! Do you have any idea what you’ve done?


What? I didn’t do anything?

Vince (impersonating Shawn):

“Bring Bret Back. Nothing bad can come from bringing back Bret Hart?” Nothing bad? Do you have any idea how much money in Pay Per View revenue he’s cost me tonight? Do you have any idea how much money I stood to make putting you and Sting together on PPV? Do you?


Vince, Vince calm down. Remember you’re blood pressure. (They give him a seat) Look at you you’re sweating like a pig. Why don’t we relieve that with this DX Sweatband (they put it over his head) available at


You know, you guys have been great pitchmen, so I’ve gotten you a present close your eyes.

Shawn (boyishly):

Oh boy a present.

(Vince puts Bret Hart Sunglasses on the both of them. They open their eyes, disappointed.)


These are back. Now sell me some of those.

He exits and Shawn and Hunter stand dumbfounded.

6. Natalya is celebrating her victory with the Hart Dynasty. Bret enters with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and tells the Hart Dynasty their up next. He says Anvil has some advice for them. He tells them to “Get Hungry and forget their manners. MWHAHAHAA!”

7. The Hart Dynasty and JeriShow fight to a draw.  Cut to a commercial

8. Backstage: Bret is walking back stage and bumps into Sting


Bret. Hey.

(They shake hands)


Sting. It’s been awhile.


Yeah, I know. I was wondering, are you okay?


Yeah, I am. Things have been up down but over all I’m good.


I’m sorry. I’m just getting this vibe that something’s bothering you. Or that something’s still bothering you.


It’s not. I’ve made peace with it.


Good. It’s great to have you back.


It’s great to be back.

(Bret starts to leave)


Hey Bret…

Bret (turning around):



Just remember, “those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves”. You can still take the high road.


I will.

9. WWE Champion Sheamus over Triple H via count out when Chris Jericho interferes. Cut to commercial.

10. MVP and Mark Henry over The Odd Couple (Chavo Guerrero and Santino)

11.  Sting vs. Shawn Michaels- No Contest due to interference from Jericho and Big Show. Bret comes out, breaks up Big Show and Sting, but is hesitant when it comes to Jericho and Michaels. Triple H saves Shawn, who looks up at Bret like he didn’t care what happened to him. Bret stares back while Sting looks suspicious. Show ends.

Did you like what you read? Let me know what you think.

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