The Lost Prince: Chapter 6-The Black Knight Comes To Gard

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In which the Black Knight makes it’s presence know to the sleeping village of Gard

The Black Knight Comes to Gard

The day after the wedding was relatively calm (considering everyone in town was still recovering from the night before). By the afternoon a good number of citizens were going about their regular business. Michael was trimming the hedges of a neighbors yard for his father while Biff sunbathed in the yard. Michael looked over and would made a comment about how lucky Biff was that he didn’t have to do such miserable labor. And miserable it was, the leaves at the edge of the hedges were needles and would pricked him if he touched it with his bare hands. Also his shirt was covered with pine needles and his hands were sticky. He wiped his hand onto his pants hoping to get the sap off when suddenly a pair of little arms hugged him from behind.

“Hello Brooke” he greeted the child without looking back.

“How’d you know t’was me?” She asked him innocently.

“Because only your hands are that tiny” he turned to her looking straight the wide blue eyes of her freckled baby face. Brooke laughed clearly flattered by the compliment.

“So how’s my favorite flower girl doing?” he asked her.

“I never got two dance wit’ you at the wedding.” She told him “Mommy made me go to bed.”

“Then I guess you owe me a dance” he smiled then patted her on the head.

“Oh Thesswey wants you to have this.” She gave him a white flower and then looked up at Thessaly, dressed in a turquoise dress. Brooke playfully hid behind Michael but Thessaly caught her.

“There you are” she teased Brooke “I can’t take my eye off you ever.”

“Careful, you know what happens when you come between a man and his girl” he winked at Brooke.  Brooke went over to Biff and rubbed his belly while Michael talked to Thessaly.

“Your parents awake yet?” he asked Thessaly

“Surprisingly they are. Father had to help farmer Janson sharpen his sickle. I wouldn’t want to be him today, daddy was ranting about how he even I knew how to sharpen a sickle.”

“Do you?” Michael asked.

“Surprisingly I do. Why? You think that because I’m a girl that I can’t handle a sickle?” she chided.

“Course not” Michael answered her “You just don’t know how to not burn a cake.”

Thessaly would’ve smacked his shoulder had a giant clump of dirt not hit him in his head. Thessaly laughed along with Brooke, who was jumping up and down with joy at a job well done.

“Brookie” Thessaly scolded playfully “that was not very nice” she mouthed Good job to the girl.  Even Biff wagged his tail in approval at the little girls sense of aim.

“Traitor” he joking scolded Biff.

“Michael. Thesswy.” Brooke curiously asked, pointing toward the town square “who is that?” Biff stopped wagging his tail and growled while the two saw a mysterious figure riding in.

“I don’t know. Lets find out.” Michael answered. Thessaly picked up Brooke and followed Michael to the square. It seemed like the whole town had woken up once the stranger in black rode into town. People wondered who it was? Where it came from? What does it want? Christopher and his father Horus the mayor came out of their house too, even Dougie paused in wonder at the mysterious figure that stood before them.

“People of Gard” the stranger began “I have traveled many lands, visited many villages, and have heard tales of the honor and courage of the young men of this land. I have come to see this for myself. I am issuing a challenge to the young men of Gard. I challenge them to a duel. One young man a day until one defeats me. If you do you shall join me on a great quest which will bring you fame and riches you couldn’t dream of. Should you fail then you’re life will continue as is. Should you not take this challenge you will only reinforce my opinion of you that you are a village of cowards and not worthy of the words spoken of you. So my next question for you is do you except?”

The town stood silent for what seemed like an eternity until finally someone spoke up; unfortunately it was Christopher.

“Sir knight. As the son of the mayor of this great village let me be the first to tell you…”

“Very well you shall be first!” The knight answered Christopher who was speechless. “Tomorrow night, sun down at the top of Dover Hill. Be there lest you are a coward and you shame your town.” The knight then galloped off into the woods on its black stallion leaving the townsfolk and Christopher speechless.

Copyright ã 2008 Todd Matthy

Yes, the image is Marvel’s Black Knight

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