Well, at long it’s here, Sting in WWE. This is the first part of an angle that would not only generate huge money for World Wrestling Entertainment, due to the abundance of dream matches, which will take place, over the course the year that Sting is signed but will also push talent to the next level, as you will see.

Now, before we get to the fan script, it should be noted that for this storyline to take place the signing of Sting MUST remain a secret. That means nobody outside of the McMahon inner circle, not even the writing staff or wrestlers, know he is coming. Sting will not sign the contract until the night of his first appearance.

Well Sting fans…its showtime, click below.

Sting in WWE Chapter One: November 2009 by Todd Matthy


WWE Champion-John Cena

United States Heavyweight Champion- The Miz (he wins it in a three way)

Unified Tag Team Champions- Chris Jericho and the Big Show

World Heavyweight Champion- C.M. Punk

Intercontinental Champion-John Morrison

Survivor Series 2009- 11/22

Main Event:

Right before the match, the lights suddenly go out in the arena. A lone spotlight shines. Standing silently and stoically in the rafters is Sting, no music, just watching. The lights go out and come back on again, and Sting is gone.


  • The show begins with highlights from Survivor Series, concluding with the appearance of Sting. The show opens with the announcer about to announce the guest host when Vince McMahon’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring and takes the mic.

Vince: I’m sorry this will only take a moment. As many of you saw at the top of the program, there was an uninvited guest at Survivor Series last night. A man who calls himself Sting. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been trying to get Sting to come to the WWE for almost twenty years. And every time he’s turned me down. Instead he preferred to work with that ‘rasslin’ company who tried to put me out of business. When I bought that ‘rasslin’ organization, he decided to join a theme park attraction, run by people who quite frankly, I had no use for. And now, Sting, you’ve finally decided to come to me. Finally decided to make the WWE your home. And I’m more than happy to have you. I hold in my hand a one-year contract. My signature’s already affixed Sting. All you have to do is check what brand you want to join sign, and you’re a WWE Superstar. But wait…no, no that’s not enough, Sting. It’s not enough. I mean what kind of example would I be setting if I let a guy who turned me down for twenty years just walk in and sign with the WWE. A man who was the hero of a company who tried to put me out of business. A man who has criticized me for bringing sports entertainment to families all over America and the world! No, Sting before you join the WWE you’re going to have to do something for me. Stings, congratulations, to get into my company you have to go through an initiation. You’re going to join a very elite organization, a club if you will…That’s all you have to do Sting, join the club and fulfill the dreams of all those Little Stingers who cling to you like wax paper. Do you really want to disappoint them Sting? Do you really want to shatter their dreams? The contract is here Sting; I eagerly await your decision.


  • Teddy Long comes out with an open message for Sting, pleading with him to join Smackdown.


  • Recap of last weeks RAW. The host is welcomed. Vince interrupts.

Vince (red with anger): This is what I get for being kind. This is what I get for showing compassion, I, after being turned down for twenty years, offered you a contract Sting! I offered you a contract when I should’ve had you arrested and prosecuted for trespassing at Survivor Series. But, I didn’t and offered you an opportunity to make more money than you’ve ever made in your life. And what do you do? Nothing. You didn’t give me the courtesy of a phone call or to even show up on my show. By all rights, I should take back the offer, and let you deal with the tears of the Little Stingers. But, I’m not. Instead I’m giving you an ultimatum. If you do not show up and join my club by the end of RAW, you will never set foot in a WWE ring! The choice is yours, as a matter of fact, let’s get a countdown started. (A clock starts counting down on the Titan Tron) If you do not show by the time that clock reaches zero, your career is over. I know you’ll make the right choice…

  • Vince McMahon returns to the ring, the clock on the Titan Tron reads 5:00 and is counting down.

Vince: Well, the clocks just about done ticking. I got the contract ready and I burritos for dinner. And while I was looking forward to having Sting join my elite club, it looks like the pleasure won’t be mine. We’ve got roughly four minutes left on the clock and no sign of Sting. I know I know I too was looking forward to Sting humbling himself before me. Watching Sting finally come to the big league. I’m sorry to say that it looks like Sting has abandoned you…

The lights go out and the countdown speeds up to 0. The Titan Tron goes blank and a giant scorpion flashes. Strobe effects and smoke erupt as the old “Man Called Sting” music plays.

The smokes ends and Sting appears on the platform. He calls to the crowd and walks toward the ring. Vince smirks, relishing the moment to come. Sting enters the ring and grabs a microphone.

Vince and Sting stare each other down.

Sting: I guess this has been a long time coming. I guess your all wonder why I finally chose to step into a WWE ring. Why I finally decided to come work for you, Vince McMahon. You see a couple of weeks ago I wrestled what I believed to be my last match. I’m not the Stinger I used to be, I’m getting up there in age, my children are about to start college, and I’ve had a wonderful career. I was content. Yes Vince I have turned you down over the years and I suppose you and the WWE Universe deserve to know why. You see Vince I’ve been watching you over the years. I’ve watched how you’ve disrespected where I worked. Calling them second rate and acting condescending towards our fans, my fans. I watched as you buried my friends because they worked for WCW and you couldn’t stand the idea that we ran with you neck and neck and for a time had you! And yeah Vince, in the end you got us. You got us by bringing smut and profanity into this sport! Yeah Vince, you got us, but you didn’t get me. The reason I never came to the WWE was not because of the schedule, not because I was afraid of your Superstars, it was you Vince because quite frankly, you repulse me. So why am I here now? It’s not because you’ve changed your ways, because quite frankly I don’t believe it. It’s not for the money. I’ve got enough to live a nice comfortable life with my family. I came here to prove a point. I came to prove a point to not only myself, but also all my little Stingers.

For years the little Stingers have asked me, “Sting when are you going to the WWE?” Do you know how many people in and out of the business have told me, “Stinger, you’ve climbed every mountain in this business, but when are you going to climb the biggest mountain of all? When will we see you on the marquee for Wrestlemania? When will you cement your legacy by conquering the world of sports-entertainment?’ I told them it didn’t matter. I’ve had a great career, I can retire happy and devote myself to my family and my faith. But then my son asked me, “Dad. Are you really going to retire? Are you really going to retire without going to the WWE? Are you really going to live the rest of your life wondering, what could’ve been had you gone?’ And started thinking, ‘Am I going to live the rest of my life wondering what might’ve been?’ And I decided, Stinger it’s time to swallow your pride. It’s time to realize that if you’re call yourself the best you have to prove you’re the best. That’s why I’m here, Vince! I’m not here to please you! I’m not here to please your stockholders! I’m here to prove to myself, to the WWE Universe, and all the little Stingers, that I’m the best there is! And Vince, if that means humbling myself to you then…so be it.

(Sting gets down on one knee. Vince turns around preening to the crowd, and unfastening his belt. Sting looks to the crowd and winks. He stands up, grabs Vince, and gives him the Scorpion Death Drop. He calls to the crowd, picks up the contract, make three checks and signs)

Sting: You wanted me! You got me! I’m not part of RAW, I’m not part of ECW, I’m not part of Smackdown. You won’t know when I’m coming, but you’ll know I’m there! WWE Universe, it’s Showtime!

(Fade out)


  • (Show opens) Teddy Long’s music hits and he enters the ring. He is excited because Sting will be joining them live via satellite to answer fans burning questions later in the program.
  • Backstage: The Divas are excited about Sting’s announcement, wondering what he’s going to say.
  • Backstage: Dolph Ziggler, Batista, and the Hart Dynasty are wondering what the implications of Sting joining WWE. CM Punk enters and says he wants a piece of Sting.
  • Backstage: Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, and R-Truth are discussing Sting. Rey tells them some of his memories of working with Sting back in WCW.
  • Backstage: Jericho arrives. Todd Grisham asks him what he thinks about Sting joining WWE. He walks off in silence.
  • Sting’s announcement: He tells the crowd he’s looking forward to wrestling in the WWE, how the business has changed during his career, how he has changed throughout his career, names names as to who he wants to wrestle, and finally his ambition to regain the World Heavyweight Championship and finally win the WWE Championship.

RAW-Dec. 7

  • Introduction of guest host Conan O’Brien. Conan comes out and does his “Fake Celebrity Interviews” with Vince McMahon. DX comes out and makes some requests to Conan for matches that night.
  • Backstage: Sting arrives at RAW in his street clothes. There to greet him are Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. They tell Sting he was one of their idols. He thanks them.
  • Backstage: Sting is talking to Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat when John Cena enters.

Cena: The Stinger is here!!!!!!!!!! (extending his hand to Sting)  As WWE Champion, it is my privilege to welcome you to Monday Night RAW.

Sting (accepting the handshake): Nice to meet you John.

Cena: By the way, I heard what you said about wanting the WWE championship, and let me say it would be an honor to defend it against you.

Sting: Thank you. I look forward to the day.

  • Backstage: The Divas are hanging out with Conan when Sting enters and they flock to him. Meanwhile Santino confronts Conan dressed as a barbarian believing Conan to be Conan the Barbarian. Conan invites Santino to be his Andy Richter.
  • Backstage: Sting is talking to the Divas when DX enters. They trade banter about Faith, Triple H as Terra Ryzing in WCW, Sting Scorpion Death Dropping Vince, etc. DX plugs their book and DVD then Sting plugs his movie and book, “Sting: Moment of Truth”. Hornswaggle interrupts the plug fest dressed as Sting. DX tells him to get a lawyer for copyright infringement.
  • The Titan Tron stage, where a “Tonight Show” set has been erected. Conan is sitting at the table while Santino sits in Andy Richter’s seat.

Conan: And welcome to The RAW Show. Tonight we have a very special guest. He is widely regarded as the greatest wrestler to never set foot in a WWE ring, but not anymore. Fans, this is Sting!

Sting: (enters and shakes Conan’s hand)

Conan: Welcome to the show, Stinger.

Sting: Good to be here.

(Sting and Conan take their seats)

Conan: So, how are you enjoying your first night on Monday Night RAW?

Sting: It’s been pretty cool actually. Saw some old friends, new faces, people I’ve heard of but never had the pleasure to meet. It’s been interesting. Fun.

Conan: Over the years you’ve faced almost a who’s who in sports-entertainment. Who, do you consider your greatest opponent?

Sting: Definitely Ric Flair. We’ve been going at it, him and me, for years. He’s gotten me a couple times, I admit it, but then again I beat him for my first World Heavyweight Championship, so I haven’t done bad against him either.

Conan: In all your years in this business, what do you consider your most embarrassing moment?

Sting (pauses): I’ve had several actually…there was that ‘movie’ trailer for a Pay-Per-View where I was ‘blown up’ with Davey Boy Smith. No, I’ve got it. I had to wrestle this guy who called himself The Black Scorpion. He would get on the loud speaker and in a distorted voice talk about how he knew me back in Venice Beach and how he was going to kill me.

Conan: Kill you?

Sting: Yeah, he actually said that.

Conan: Did you call the police?

Sting: No, no, nothing like that, we settled it man to man in the ring and turned out to be a plot by my old rival Ric Flair to psyche me out. It was a good effort but when you actually look at footage, available on WWE.com, you’ll see I’m doing my best not to laugh.

Conan: From creepy stalkers…I’m sure everyone is wondering what are your plans now that you’re in the WWE?

Sting: Well to either win the WWE Championship or get another run with the World Heavyweight title first and foremost.

Conan: What about both?

Sting: Not a bad idea. But seriously there are a lot of people I’m looking forward to matches with. I’d love to lock up with my one time tag team partner Big Show. Randy Orton could certainly use a lesson in respect. C.M. Punk, Triple H,  Shawn, John Cena, the Undertaker…

(From behind Sting bludgeoned by the Black Scorpion with a baseball bat. Sting tries to get up but gets stomped by the Scorpion, and thrown into “The RAW Show”. Conan and Santino scatter. The Black Scorpion picks Sting up and tosses him off the Titan Tron stage. Paramedics rush to Sting’s aid. The Black Scorpion removes his mask…Chris Jericho)

  • Backstage: Sting behind loaded into an ambulance.


  • Show opens with highlights of Jericho’s attack on Sting from RAW. Jericho’s music hits and he comes to the ring, accompanied by the Big Show, to the Highlight Reel Set. He takes the mic.

Jericho: You reprobates make me sick. You sick, simpleton, swamp-sows, both out here and backstage who get on your knees and worship the biggest sycophant to slither into the WWE. I’m talking about you, Sting. The definition of a sell-out hypocrite, Sting, that is what you are. All those years where you said you’d never come to the cesspool that is the WWE. All those years of touting your high and mighty morality over everyone when in real life you’re just as low as the rest of these hypocrites. You sold out your principles for money Sting. You sold your soul.  You sunk to the level of these urchins, doing anything you can to make a buck. But, it’s all right Sting, because anyone of these simpletons would’ve done the same thing. But you’re different Sting, you’re supposed to be higher than them, you’re supposed to be hero to these parasites. But, it turns out your just like them, and when the mighty fall they fall hard.

(The footage of Jericho tossing Sting off the Titan Tron is played, followed by Sting being wheeled out in a stretcher.)

Jericho cont.: See what happens? Do you ingrates see what happens to those who sell out their principals? I did you all a favor I exposed your hero for the fraud he is. Do not be disappointed, do not be saddened, the truth has set you free your hero’s a fake. It’s better for you, it’s better for the WWE, and now that the false one has fallen it is time for you to acknowledge the real heroes in this world, the unified Tag Team Champions, the Big Show and myself, your savior, Chris Jericho.

  • Main Event: Jeri-Show over John Morrison and R-Truth with a package. Everyone’s attention is turned toward the rafters, Sting is there, he rappels into the ring, brandishes he bat, and clears the ring. Sting takes the mic.

Sting: What’s the matter Chris? Got nothing to say? It’s pretty easy to talk big when someone’s down. But guess what Chris? I’m not down. As a matter of fact, I think I found my first opponent…Chris I’ll see you at TLC!


  • Opening. Jericho and Big Show come to the ring. Jericho challenges Sting to a match that night. He says he knows he’s in the building and will be waiting in the ring later in the evening for Sting’s answer.
  • Chris Jericho over “Sting”

Jericho comes to the ring and calls out Sting again. “Sting” answers but it’s a fake Sting. Jericho beats him with a “fingerpoke of doom”. The light goes out and Sting’s Scorpion Symbol flashes on the Titan Tron. The lights come back on and Sting is behind Jericho, with the bat. He points at Jericho who throws “Sting” into Sting, who drops him with the Scorpion Death Drop.


  • Jericho comes out and berates Sting. Suddenly, music hits and down the ramp comes Lex Luger. Luger told Jericho that he’s heard enough of him putting down his best friend. Jericho berates Luger. He talks about how he’s a has-been who’s burned bridges, how he lost all his money, how he “leeched” off his pastor. Luger admits to his mistakes and tells Jericho he looks forward to watching Sting make him tap and only wishes he could put him in the Torture Rack. Jericho sucker punches Luger and puts him in the Scorpion Death Lock to mock Sting. Sting hits the ring to aid Lex and Jericho retreats.
  • Backstage: Sting gets Luger to the doctor, then takes a mic and tells Jericho, to count his blessings because on Sunday, it’s “showtime!”

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Pay-Per-View-12/20

  • Sting over Chris Jericho via submission with the Scorpion Death Lock.

RAW- Slammy Awards with Dennis Miller-12/21

  • Sting’s arrival at Survivor Series wins the “OH MY GOD” Award.
  • Sting and John Cena over Jeri-Show

(Sting stinger splashes Jericho then Cena pins him with the Attitude adjustment)


  • Sting over Big Show

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