Since I had so much fun writing a fan script to RAW last week, I decided to do another one. The host is legendary wrestler Cowboy Bill Watts, and builds off my last script. Therefore, what happened on RAW this Monday has no bearing on what happens in this script. Enjoy…

WWE Raw 8/31/09 by Todd Matthy

  1. Recap of last week’s episode. Opening. Lillian Garcia in the ring.

Lillian: Please welcome your host, Cowboy Bill Watts.

Watts enters the ring and grabs the mic.

Bill Watts thanks Lillian and introduces himself. He goes on to say tonight’s       RAW is going to be different than any other RAW before it because he’s going to enforce some discipline. He states that people are going to earn their title shots tonight by instituting a tournament to determine a number one contender. He also says the main event will be for the WWE title and be champion vs. champion with WWE Champion John Cena against US Champion Jack Swagger. He also appoints Jim Ross as guest ring announcer.

  1. First Round of US title tournament.

Kofi Kingston over Chris Masters.

Backstage, Gail Kim accompanies Kelly Kelly for a “hoedown throwdown” match where the Divas are dressed like Cowgirls.

Cut to commercial.

  1. Hoedown Throwdown

Kelly Kelly over Rosa Mendes. Gail Kim gives Kelly a nod of approval.

4.    Legacy comes down and cuts promos on Cena and DX. The Hart Dynasty

join them and form an alliance with them to destroy DX and the McMahons.

Watts interrupts them.

Bill Watts: Enough! Y’all are making claims that you’re the future of this sport.

Well tonight you’re going to prove it. Randy Orton, you want a shot at the WWE

Title, you’re gonna earn it, cause you got a first round match against ECW

Champion Christian. As for you Hart Dynasty, you want DX you got them, David

Hart Smith you got Shawn Michaels. As for you two DiBiase and Rhodes,  I’ve worked with both your fathers and they are great men, something neither of you deserve to be called. You two aren’t gonna be able to interfere on your buddies behalf because you’re gonna be too tired from hooking it up tonight.

Cut to Commerical.

5. US Title Tournament Match.

The Miz over Evan Bourne. Cut to commercial.

6. Backstage, Santino and Chavo enter Bill Watts’ office. They are wondering                          why they were left out of the tournaments. Watts snaps and tells them they’re not worthy because Santino dresses up like a woman while Chavo is losing to a midget. He says in his day they would’ve been fired. He makes a match between the two of them, winner stays on RAW loser goes.

7. David Hart Smith over Shawn Michaels due Natalya’s interference.

8. Mark Henry and MVP over Jericho and Big Show in a non-title match. Jericho hits MVP in the face with the tag team title belt just as the ref turns around after scolding Henry. Watts comes out.

Watts (to the ref): Hold on! Hold on! Did you see that?

Referee: No, I didn’t.

Watts: Follow my finger. (He makes the ref follow his finger as he moves it around, the referee follows), you should’ve seen that, you’re fired! Get a new referee down here. Restart the match!

(Jericho and Big Show complain)

Watts: I don’t give a damn, you call yourself Tag Team Champions you’re gonna win like Champions. If you don’t like it, get the hell out of my ring and leave the belts here, cause I’ll strip you! Ring the bell!

Henry pins Jericho.


9. Backstage, the Hart Dynasty and Randy Orton attack DX.

10. WWE Title Tournament: Ted DiBiase over Cody Rhodes. Commercial.

11.  Santino Marella over Chavo Guerrero.

12. WWE Title Tournament: Randy Orton over Christian via DQ when Triple H attacks Orton with a sledgehammer.

13. Promos for both Swagger and Cena. Swagger talks about the new Varsity Club and introduces Miss Jackie as their trainer. Watts interrupts him and states he reminds him of Steve “Dr. Death” Williams and that if he wants to be like Williams he has to win on his own, so he bans Haas and Benjiman from ringside under penalty of all three getting fired.

14.  John Cena over Jack Swagger for the WWE title.

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