If you know me you know I am a huge wrestling fan. Unfortunately for me, the current product on WWE television is a joke. They have no new stars, are predictable, and you can always count on Pay-Per-View’s being headlined by someone named either Cena, Orton, or Triple H. They need a shot in the arm…so I decided to give it to them.

Here is MY script for an upcoming episode of the WWE’s flagship program RAW. It is done in wrestling-script format. Please be aware that this is NOT an official script but a product of my imagination. However, please leave comments on what you thought…and even how my show compares to the actual show airing on Monday.

RAW: 8/24/09 by Todd Matthy

Opening: Highlights from Summer Slam to opening theme.

  1. Lillian Garcia in the ring.

Lillian: Please welcome your guest host, the Godfather!!!!

Godfather comes out with his hoes. Announces Main Event as rematch between new Champion John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title with Legacy barred from ringside. Legacy comes down and complains about the stipulation. The Godfather calls out Cena, DX, MVP, Evan Borne and Mark Henry. A wild brawl ensues, that continues backstage until Rhodes and DiBiase are evicted from the arena.

  1. Tag Team Titles.

Chris Jericho and Big Show over World Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjiman)

3. Backstage: The Godfather partying with the Divas. Santino barges in asking him for a night with one of his ‘escorts’. Godfather he has a surprise for him later. Cut to commercial break.

4. Divas Match: Rose Mendes and Beth Phoenix over Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim

Beth pins Kelly after Kim leaves Kelly in the middle of the ring. Kelly is dumbfounded.

Backstage: DX preparing.

  1. Backstage: Kelly confronts Gail.

Kelly: Gail! What the hell was that? Why did you leave me?

Gail: Kelly! Kelly! Stop talking for a minute. What was that display in the ring? You left yourself wide open for Beth….

Kelly: I did my best!

Gail: Your best isn’t good enough!

Kelly: But, I’m trying. I’m learning new things everyday…Maybe if you could help me….

Gail: Help you? You want me to help you?

Kelly: Well, yes.

Gail: (pausing for a moment.): All right, meet at my place tomorrow morning. Be ready.

Kelly (jumping giddily): Great.

Gail: You won’t be saying that tomorrow.

  1. DX. Shawn and Hunter enter, gloating about their defeat of Legacy last night and how they were evicted from the building.  Suddenly, the Hart Dynasty music hits and Natalya enters the ring. She grabs a mike.

Natalya: Remember me, Shawn? Remember me Hunter?

They smirk at each other.

Shawn: Why if it isn’t little Nattie Neidhardt, my you’ve gotten pretty, tell me do you still like finger painting? Hiding in under the benches of the locker room?

Hunter: Are you still afraid of the Headbangers?

Natalya: Sorry to say, I’m not. I’m here for business. Personal business. Do you remember my father?

Hunter: Who?

Shawn: What?

Hunter: No, it was who.

Shawn: Who is who?

Natalya: Let me refresh your memory. (On the Titantron, footage of DX beating up Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart from 1997 airs.) Remember that?

Shawn: Oh, yeah.

Hunter: I forgot about that.

Shawn: You did?

Hunter: Well I’m getting old…

Natalya: Maybe you forgot Hunter, but I haven’t. I remember watching you    jump my father, beating and humiliating him in front of all those people, mocking him and my family! And I tried to come to his aid only to be held back by Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter. Do you know what that’s like? To watch your father get beaten and being helpless to prevent it? (They stay silent. She turns to Shawn) I know you remember Montreal when you and (to Hunter) your father-in-law conspired to and screwed my Uncle Bret? And then having the nerve to lie to my Aunt Julie’s face about how you weren’t involved?

They remain silent.

Natalya: Well I haven’t. And neither has my family and while you were screwing the bosses daughter or becoming ‘born again’, my family’s been waiting. We’ve been training, getting ready for the day when our cold dish of vengeance will finally be served.

(Shawn and Hunter laugh while the Hart Dynasty emerges from the crowd.)

Natalya: Do you remember Hunter what my Aunt Julie said to you at Montreal? How ‘what goes around comes around’? Turn around.

(David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd attack Shawn and Hunter. They take out Hunter’s bad leg with a steel chair while Smith puts Shawn in the sharpshooter. Natalya goes to the top rope and does a flying atomic leg drop onto Shawn’s back. Suddenly X-Pac comes out to Shawn and Hunter’s aid who are carried out for medical attention.)

  1. Backstage: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas meet up with Jack Swagger. Swagger talks about how great they were as amateurs and how Benjamin used to beat him up at J. Robinson’s Wrestling Camp. He asks them to huddle right before his match coming up after the commercial break. Cut to commercials.
  2. US Title Match: Jack Swagger over Kofi Kingston. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin interfere so Swagger can make the pin. They then proceed to attack Kofi after the match, forming a modern Varsity Club (Miss Jackie will be added as a trainer). MVP and Evan Borne rush to the ring and make the save.

5.  Backstage an update on DX, meanwhile Randy Orton prepares for his match.

6.  MVP over the Miz. Goes backstage and is jumped by Swagger and the new Varsity Club.

7. Santino comes out for his date. The Godfather comes out with the hoe train. One by one the hoes dance for Santino then they form two lines and clap as a covered belly dancer dances with Santino. Santino removes her veil to reveal Big Dick Johnson.

8.  Backstage: Interview with John Cena. Update on DX. Cut to commercial.

9.  Backstage: Interview with Randy Orton and Legacy.

10.  Low-Ki debuts with a victory over Carlito.

11. Backstage: Cena and Orton prepare to make their entrances. Cut to final commercial break.

12. Announcement that next weeks host will be Cowboy Bill Watts. King and Cole get scared.

13. John Cena over Randy Orton via DQ when the Hart Dynasty intervenes on Orton’s behalf. Orton embraces them as they hold Cena down so Orton can punt him. Out of the back DX with X-Pac charge the ring to make the save. We’ll see you next week.

  1. wwestory says:

    great bro ……… i also have started writing WWE script of myself on my blog
    have a look !!

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